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  1. Kojiro_S

    Switch My son is stuck can anybody help? There is no reliable way to find one, as they appear in random places. Your best bet is to find the sword altars that generate near the surface, as they give themselves away by really tiny air funnels that almost reach the surface. However, worlds...
  2. Kojiro_S

    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    I suppose Text Statue Generator plugin converts plain text into character statues arranged in the same way, but what does World Randomizer do? Does it perhaps change all of an existing world's data like where its sealevel is or what kind of trees it has? Or is some sort of bizarre worldgen like...
  3. Kojiro_S

    Switch Crimson mimic in corrupt world

    IMO the best place to create an artificial crimson biome from scratch (assuming you have enough tainted blocks) is in the underworld. You can create a 4-screen, 4-tiles deep bridge with tainted blocks which will allow you to farm for ichor, souls of night and crimson mimics. Of course, a water...
  4. Kojiro_S

    Resolved [Xbox One] Item auto pickup not working

    You wouldn't happen to have an encumbering stone on your inventory, right?
  5. Kojiro_S

    Survival Which of these drunk worlds should I start my playthrough on?

    All drunk worlds are like that, so there's not much you can do other than to kite the bosses upwards (or make one huge crater).
  6. Kojiro_S

    Survival Which of these drunk worlds should I start my playthrough on?

    If you don't care much about the desert, you could cheese it so the hallow goes to the jungle side. But even if the corruption is touching the jungle, you can isolate the touching areas with the mushroom solution, since mushroom grass is immune to evil biomes. You will never be safe if you break...
  7. Kojiro_S

    Survival Which of these drunk worlds should I start my playthrough on?

    First and third are at risk of having the underground desert almost entirely eaten by the spirits of light/darkness after killing WoF. Same with fourth, but with the entire ice biome. So I'd probably go with the second one.
  8. Kojiro_S

    tModLoader Antiaris

    No idea. I haven't been following on the modding community lately, but according to a post on this same page, Antiaris may or may not receive a compatibility update once 1.4 tml officially drops.
  9. Kojiro_S

    tModLoader Antiaris

    It was announced that the mod was discontinued several months ago.
  10. Kojiro_S

    Resolved Can someone change my world difficulty to expert mode but i don't know how.

    There. I added as a bonus xmas and halloween mode for a day, and a little surprise, huhuhu.
  11. Kojiro_S

    PC i need help to fight skeletron

    If you are having difficulty escaping from him, try building a long ice platform in the air above the dungeon (as long as possible) and you can use a grappling hook to gain momentum and slide while attacking him.
  12. Kojiro_S

    Can someone make a hoodie

    Aren't there a couple vanities that can work as hoodies already? Unless you want something very specific.
  13. Kojiro_S

    What's your favorite event enemy?

    Long live the Clown. 🤡🤡🤡 Clowns are supposed to be :red:s. Prior to 1.2, their bombs could actually grief your base. After 1.2 rolled they were pretty much neutered all the way to 1.4, since they rarely appeared and their bombs didn't really do much, and they even stopped working in multiplayer.
  14. Kojiro_S

    A Method for Summoning the Dungeon Guardian Post-Skeletron

    Maybe, just maybe, Skeletron could be slightly reworked to also drop the bone key, but only if you start attacking him in daytime, like the empress and the Terraprisma. DG would still drop a bone key as well, of course.
  15. Kojiro_S

    RIP my World :(

    The cultists won't spawn on platforms though, so be mindful of that, whether you reconstruct their spawning point or mark a new one with TEdit/TShock.
  16. Kojiro_S

    Other Art So I made a Terraria level on Mega Man Maker, heh

    Level updated. New ID is on first post. Had to remove the video due to it being outdated. New video is ready. Tried to reduce the instances of unfair enemy/trap placement as much as possible. Now you play as Roll due to her being a melee character. The other weapons remain as class...
  17. Kojiro_S

    PC Invasions not spawning outside of the middle of the map

    Unfortunately I couldn't find the problem. Tried a few things with both TShock and TEdit. I even copied the whole world into a different one and moved the position of the global spawn point, yet the issue persists, so the isue lies with either the tiles or the bestiary (I imported it from the...
  18. Kojiro_S

    PC Invasions not spawning outside of the middle of the map

    I took a look with TEdit and didn't see anything strange. I'll check how it goes in-game, and maybe try a couple things that may fix things.
  19. Kojiro_S

    PC Invasions not spawning outside of the middle of the map

    Uh, could we stop beating a dead horse? Invasion mobs appear around the global spawn (which happens to be in the middle of the world) and around any town NPC, even if they are homeless, and that is a fact. I lured invasions to the corruption with just a king statue, gee.
  20. Kojiro_S

    PC Invasions not spawning outside of the middle of the map

    Invasion enemies do indeed spawn near any NPC aboveground on top of spawning at the center of the world, no matter if you are at the beach or in space. I remember a world of mine getting a similar bug several years ago, but that was because I forcibly modified the default spawn point for my...
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