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PC 1.3.1 : Mechanics and Controller Support!

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Do I access these options from the main menu? I looked through the in-game menu options, and none of them changed the smart cursor settings aside from the toggle/hold one.
Yup - Main menu -> settings -> cursor, you can also enable a semi transparent tile grid at main menu -> settings -> interface.


Thanks for the update , some of the things are great. But I will be disabling updates in the future and trying to find a mod to re-enable the statue functionality previous to this update. I am more than a little disappointed that the hammer approach was taken instead of making some gradual changes. But still the other features are fun - I play this game to relax - not to grind hours of my day away on bait and monster drops. So I feel a little alienated because I don't have the hundreds of hours to play like others do.
just my two cents.


Sorry for necroposting, but is pixel box going to be 'officially' added sometime in the future, or is it a scrapped idea at this point?
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