Tool [1.3] Omnitool, world creation, mapping, backups and more.

First of all, the first error is due to me dropping a module that was needed for the splashscreen. The project is dead and a replacement sort of exists ... its a mess that I've been avoiding so far.
The second error is ignorable if you don't have Game Launcher 3 installed.

As for your world image creation experience. It is mostly meant for scaled up pixel graphics, anything else will give limited results. It especially is not made to turn a world map back into a world - for one it does not place any multiblocks such as trees, pots, chests.
As for skycolor, there is one specific color for air RGB 250 250 250 - There is plenty more information in its original thread over yonder:
Oh, thank you for the swift reply :) Omnitool could totally use an 'insert image to map' setting lol. It'd probably take care of that whole problem if you could just add the image to a certain location on the map. Is there any chance something like that could be implemented? I haven't seen anything else that can make that happen
Ooh! Before I forget! I noticed another weird thing which might be a bug. I can't seem to open Omnitool by dragging the TEdit or TerraFirma executable files to it. Well, it DOES open, but only briefly and it closes soon after. It only opens the command 'black' screen then closes, not the actual program window. Is it a thing that has to do with certain versions of these programs? I have the latest.

EDIT: I just found another possible bug. This occurred when trying the Weighted HSV setting:
ImportError: No module named 'colorsys'

Along with this error, the map isn't created.
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To insert a worldified image to an existing world, TEdit should work for that.
And no it can't be implemented, as the image does not contain data such as how many shadow orbs were smashed? Whats in this Chest?

As for your other issues, I'm publishing an update right now. If 17.4 isn't out by the time you read this just check back in an hour or so.
That's great timing :) Thanks for fixing that, and I just realized how to use TEdit to inject images properly too (where Omnitool comes into play on generating it first). However, I'm having issues with one image right now that shows a bunch of 'invalid walls' when I open it in TEdit, followed by an error when opening the map where I have to force it to load.. Which causes me to wonder if I'm using the right type of PNG image. I'll upload my image and world, could you perhaps tell me what I did wrong? It also shows up kind of glitchy in Omnitool. and
Aside from that, I've recently been trying that nocobwebs.txt to db.txt thing, but it doesn't work. It'll say on the command window that it's database version 2 and that database injection was successful, but the map is still covered in cobwebs (I was using a black and white image of Jim Morrison).
Also I've noticed errors with all of the plugins, rendering all of them unusable :/ The only one that sort of works is the MazeWorld Generator. First it loads up how many seconds it took to load up the maze layout generation. Then there is a long time that nothing appears, like 5-7 minutes. All of a sudden it starts writing the tiles, but it'll stop at 98 percent done with an error followed by a traceback (most recent call last).
The first time I tested it, it said KeyError: 'Drax' then the second time I tested it, it said KeyError: 'Orb of Light'
After that error, the generation of the map stops.
All of the other plugins give me the same error and don't load whatsoever.
They all say AttributeError: 'bytes' object has no attribute 'resize'
All of them followed with a traceback

Sorry I'm reporting so much, I just feel like it may help with the progression of this program :)
EDIT: Weighted HSV works perfectly :) as well as the integration of TEdit and TerraFirma. Thanks again for fixing this
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Regarding Mazegen, I contacted the creator:

Sorry, i don't care. :/ maze gen is officially unsupported now

As for any non-worldgen plugin, they're currently broken and known to be, the plugin system is in a version conflict as many parts aren't updated to 1.2 yet.

As for the nocobwebs thing, it may be due to a malformed db.txt - as in that it reads as empty or similar. That crucial file is missing in your DB link though.
Ooh, that's sour. But at least he responded lol. Hopefully those plugins might get updated someday.
As far as the database goes, I'm gonna have to leave that alone until I figure out how I can just convert images properly. I've been getting problems like converting many images like the one I uploaded to Dropbox. Could you perhaps enlighten me on what I should do or what I need to convert images the right way?
Also what do you mean about that crucial file missing in my DB link?
hi berserker, just bumping to see if any plan to update your exec plugin:launch_direct param for 1.3
Is there any need to update that param? I didn't touch it in a long time, but that also means it probably isn't broken.

If you're looking for some specific functionality, you can send me a pull request on github.
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Well yeah, the old steam bypass doesn't work anymore and there is code now in the client to make it hard to do. So that tells me, someone in the Terraria team doesn't want this to exist anymore. I guess if you want to bypass steam you have to buy the game on gog.

The only other way to bypass steam is to just use the gog exe file, to which I own no rights, so that doesn't work legally.

There is a legal gray area where I could include the difference between the two files and offer a patching mechanism to change the exe to gog format, but I'm rather meh on that.

I don't know if the gog version is portable, but it might be.
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nah that's all I wanted to know, if they really don't want us doing it I can live with steam client too. just found it rather convenient that's all, I was thinking it might have something to do with the new community integration as well.

getting a working executable off the high seas would not be all that much of a hassle, so I didn't assume it would be intentional
It is possible that by putting in steam integration they also wholesomly included steam copy protection. Either way, I'm not going to break said protection, as that's not legal.
So; next omnitool update can happen soon.

For this one I'd like to bring mac and linux builds. I however do not own a mac system and testing a "wide variety" of linux systems would be a major task alone. So, I'm looking for testers and helpers.
For the mac side I'd need someone who just lets me access their mac system remotely, or can follow advanced directions while screensharing very well as I'd need to create the entire building/compiling routine for mac.
For the linux side, I'm building an executable probably tomorrow and will just post that for anyone who wants to test it on their system.

For those who want 1.3 support on windows before everything is ready and tested:

32 Bit Windows: OT Builds/exe.win32-3.4.7z
64 Bit windows: OT Builds/

Also note that in the coming months, Windows XP support might be dropped.
The reason is, that modules that I use dropped support and at some point I'll want to to update those backend modules. Especially since windows 10 fixes/improvements might be among those changes.

On a different note, any opinions on migrating to Tedits tile color scheme, just to have the same colors in more tools?
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Where do I report a bug?
For now, I'll leave it here:

When i'm trying to generate a world with the Terra (square Terra or large planetoids & Terra) the generation stops very quickly and the console says "KeyError: 'Stone'" every time. And only 'Stone'.
Worlds without Terra generate without errors. Used the build in the post above ^. Not sure if this helps, but yes,
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