tModLoader [1.4.4] NExperience Mod - Leveling mod for Terraria

And after quite an hiatus, a important update for this mod comes out.
This update changes how npcs status calculation and exp reward acquisition works, to avoid
a number of issues that the previous versions of the mod had.

Do let me know if you have any troubles caused by this change.

Pre hardmode monsters will no longer benefit from hardmode status boosts on pre hardmode.
Nerfed the price of the Super Healing Potion.
Changed how monsters status multipliers are calculated, to happen at the same time level is checked (monster spawns).
Monster health is no longer recalculated every frame. It will be calculated when the monster spawns.
=> There are hooks for Npc Health Multiplication and Sum. Use those to change monster health.
Regular RPG Mode
=> Maximum Summon Count increase is now affected by total Charisma points you've got, instead of effective.
=> => That means you'll no longer lose summons if your effective charisma points are reduced.

By the way, you can add custom game modes to this mod if you know how to make a mod on tModLoader.
Check out its github on how to do that.

I hope you have fun :)
New update up right now, this time with Health Regen tweaks.

Now natural health regeneration and debuffs should cause damages.

Fixed a potential issue where projectiles spawned not via npcs could cause damage when shouldn't.
Implemented some health regeneration support.
=> Actually, even debuffs will hurt too.

Do let me know if you find any issue.
Enjoy :)
Hello there, i like the mod so far but i met a problem, i'm RANK 11 on the Free RPG Option but no "status point" is given :(

Edit : also, spending point in the other one don't give anything for some stats (LUK and VIT for exemple), does the mod have compatibility issue with other one ?
I launched a hotfix for this mod:
Fixed a problem where monsters spawned from another creature would spawn with ascending broken status.

Sorry for the troubles this issue caused.
I hope you guys have fun.
Hey, I was wondering, a feature I really miss from N terraria was actually something most people may not like but kinda add some immersion and living feel to the game. Town NPC friendly fire and them defending themselves, reacting to player aggression.

Is this a thing is in this mod already if not, is there one that actually do that?
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Yes, I believe this what it was called. It was like an entire system I think but where the NPC could interact in other ways with the player. Acting like true rpg npcs that can actually be killed by the player.

I think a basic system that let you have town npc as either companion, neutral relationship or a enemies would fit in quite well.
Like if you just hate certain npcs and just want some of their loot or want to play as a vilain. This could be nice.

I've seen the NPC combat mode act like that a bit but it makes them all aggro by default.
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Check out TerraGuardians mod. It's supposed to be a variant of the NPPlayers system, but sadly, doesn't have part of the things npplayers had.
Its more or less a furry companion mod. Not really what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is a way to make Town NPCs behave like real NPCS with agency that can take sides against the player if he misbehave.
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The moment NExperience Mod players were waiting for:

Update launched!

This mod update fixes some issues regarding stats calculation for monsters and player character, even more on Free Mode.
The monsters health value will no longer erroneously be multiplied by itself once on free mode, making not only free mode
being a less painful experience, but also more enjoyable.

The defense acquired from Free Mode ranks has also been increased by a hundred times, so defense should be a lot more handy

I added also some measures to avoid status overflowing, so your character and monsters health, for example, no longer can go
negative depending on how high the stats and levels increases them.

And to finish, Free Mode now shows the percentage to next level more accuratelly, aswell as the Level Up! text should now show up
whenever you change ranks.

Free Mode
- Fixed issue where monsters health were being multiplied twice.
- Added some script to avoid monsters stats from overflowing.
- Player health should now be calculated correctly.
- Defense gain per level should now matter.
- Experience percentages and exp gain percentages should now be displayed correctly based on your character rank.
-> Exp value actually will still use the level value, instead of 10 levels value.
- Level Up! text will now only be shown after you passed 10 levels, instead of 1.
Regular RPG Mode
- Tweaked how health and mana increase work for player character. Will also avoid overflow.
- Added "LevelChangeFactor" to game mode settings.
-> Setting it to a value under 1, will let the mod know that a division of levels equals 1 level gain.
-> For example, on Free Mode, that value is set to 0.1, which means each 10 levels gain means you gain 1 level up.

Seems like we're approaching that 1 update, huh?
Hopefully we'll get a great rpg mod once that happens, with changed interface and everything. Hopefully.

By the way, if you're interested in the classes system of N Terraria, I recommend you to take a closer look at
terra-classes channel on Discord server. Maybe you guys can help with a few development questions I might have.

Do let me know if you see any problems.
Enjoy your gameplay :)
I'm launching a hotfix for NExperience Mod now.
This hotfix adds the missing max exp calculation of Free Mode, so now leveling up
on that game mode is no longe a pain.

Your health can no longer go negative when debuffs lower your health faster.
- Free Mode
*- Added missing max exp calculation to Free Mode.
Weekend Exp reimplemented.
* You'll get 30% more exp during weekends.

Took me WAAAAAY too long to discover this. Good thing a player reported the oddity on the

New Update is out.

This update changes how health regen and damage from debuffs work.
I had to change how it works again, because the previous method was causing an
anomaly where health would plummet after a debuff like Poisoned ran out.

Changed how the health regeneration and depletion works.
=> This time it shouldn't cause the anomaly of the health plummeting.

Enjoy :3
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