tModLoader [1.4.4] NExperience Mod - Leveling mod for Terraria

New NExperience 1.4 Mod Update is out!
Changed how exp acquired is displayed on the pop up, to do justice with the exp rate setting.
Food buffs will now let you know that they increase exp percentage.
Zombies will no longer drop tombstones when you have the tombstone dropping setting disabled.
Changed how status scaling works for npc, to avoid shifting status npcs from having their weaker status on different form.
Town npcs will no longer count towards biome level cap upscaling.
Fixed issue where projectiles fired by npcs weren't getting damage scale.
Enjoy :)
Another NExperience 1.4 Update is out!
Added missing homepage infos.
Removed extra status point acquired from Regular RPG Mode.
=> Your status points will be resetted upon entering the game.
Added a temporary Respec Status button to the Status Window.
=> It will be in the same place the Spend Points button is.
=> Be careful not to accidentally click it.
Fixed issue where the mod wasn't scaling status correctly with biome.
Changed how status points are invested, to see if fixes the bug of not being able to spend points on it.
=> Let me know if the issue is gone for you.
Like I said in the change log, let me know if the issue of the points being refunded when trying to spend is gone.
And I just released a hotfix.
Fixed issue where monster health weren't being affected by game mode changes.
Negative exp percentage will now be shown correctly.
New NExperience 1.4 update is out now.
Your character will be somewhat weaker on the attacks at higher levels, but there is a reason for that:
I thought that generic damage was classless damage, so level status increase were being applied for specific damage class, and also for all damage classes.

I also fixed a number of annoyances, like the glass body town npcs, added the Clicker Class just for testing, it counts as melee, Banners giving extra exp, and Rare Candy.

Added support to Clicker Class.
Banners now increases exp acquired from monsters in it by 10%.
Fixed issue where your character was stronger than should on Regular RPG Mode.
Town Npcs will now have their level scaled based on biome maximum level, or strongest foe in the world.
Fixed an issue where anti overflow measure script wasn't working correctly.
Fixed a bug where the level up text wasn't showing up.
Added Rare Candy as a very rare item to be found in the world.

Enjoy :)
And a hotfix to fix the issue where you couldn't gain exp anymore.
I changed how the mod finds allies to share exp, when the necessity comes,
but I forgot to remove the condition checking if the player is on a team.
Update to the mod has just been launched.
It now definitelly fixes the issue where you couldn't spend status points.

Also, you can now download the mod from the MEGA download link, so you no longer need Steam Version of tModLoader to install the mod.
Added a way of making the health regeneration scale with your character health change.
That also affects debuffs.
Can't change yet game mode, beside there is a part of the configuration related to that.
Definitelly fixed the status points spending issue now.

Sorry for the about 2 months delay before the fix came out. Only today I managed to calmly investigate the issue.

Enjoy :3
I launched an update fixing a future issue for when I get multiplayer issue.
The reason for the launch of this update, is because at least the game will have a bit of normality if someone tries to venture multiplayer.
I still don't recommend doing so though.

Other than that, the update changes nothing else so far.
Changed how the town npc levels are handled, to avoid issues when multiplayer comes out.
-> That doesn't means that multiplayer support is implemented.

Enjoy :3
N Experience 1.4 update is out. Yes, it brings a testing version of multiplayer.

From what I tested, it isn't syncing correctly player status, but that shouldn't stop people from enjoying PvE gameplay.
Fixed bug where the Underworld and Dungeon would be recognized as other biomes.
Nailhead will now have its projectile damage multiplier forced to 100%.
That means there will be no change in its nails damage, since the nails damage is based on the npc damage.
Enabled Multiplayer for testing.
Players status aren't being sync'd correctly, but that doesn't actually hinder PvE experience.
Expect bugs, and be sure to report them. :)

Hello again. I'm not here to dust the thread. I bring a update fixing a issue:
Fixed an issue with transforming monsters having incorrect health after transforming.
=> The problem was actually more complicated than this, but let's leave it as this.
The issue actually was quite serious. I have no idea why nobody has reported it to me before.
I only found out about the issue after a player in the steam workshop pointed it out a while ago.

Anyways, the issue is fixed.
And yes, I plan on updating this mod more, so stay tunned for news.
We still need to have the game modes selectable in-game.

Have fun :)

Edit: Haha, yeah.
And Happy New Year.
It has been 200 years...

Joke aside, I need to check back this mod sometime soon.
The bosses having original health instead of scaled might be because of the other mods coding.
I can't affirm for sure, but I would still need to check out.
It has been 200 years...

Joke aside, I need to check back this mod sometime soon.
The bosses having original health instead of scaled might be because of the other mods coding.
I can't affirm for sure, but I would still need to check out.
Hello there! I've recently tried out N Experience and I must say it is everything I've always wanted out of a Terraria Exp Mod! And I also have a question. How many levels in charisma do I need to get another minion slot?
Seems like I messed up with the code for max minion slot increase.
It requires 500 charisma points to increase minion count (yes, totally messed up), but the limit of Charisma points for extra companions is 150.
A fix for that comes next update.
Wait a minute! Last update I launched for this mod was at the very end of last year?
Time to change that:
Update launched!

You will now be able to change game modes in-game, through the status menu, and also added Free Mode back.
Fixed an issue where max companions count wasn't increasing with Charisma points.
Added extra mod calls.
=> If you're interested in modding with this mod, or add mod support to it, better check the mod github.
You can now change the game mode on the Status Window.
=> Currently, only Regular RPG Mode and Free Mode are available.
Free Mode Rearrives.

Also, I hope nobody minds the fact I added a link to my itch io page on the mod description :).

Have fun :D
I launched a hotfix for this mod.
Fixed an issue where players couldn't change game mode, depending on world difficulty and position of game mode on the list.

Now you should be able to change game mode.
Enjoy :)
And another hotfix for NExperience Mod.
The mod will no longer stop you from changing game mode if there's something that counts as a boss in the world.
=> That change has been done, because there's the possibility any mod might spawn a boss within the world, but the player isn't facing it yet.
You'll no longer get exp reduction when having companions from TerraGuardians mod following you.
That should make some mods no longer block you from changing game mode.

Have fun :)
The 1.4.4 Test version of this mod is available for download on Steam Workshop.
If you subscribed to the mod on Steam Workshop, and has tModLoader 1.4.4, simply enable the mod on the mod list to play it.

Be sure to report bugs you find.

Have fun :)
Update to 1.4.4 version of NExperience Mod is out:

It not only got a fix to scale variant mobs having level 1, but also tweaked a bit the interface of changing game mode, making it look less clunky.
Fixed a issue where size variant npcs weren't having their level correctly set.
Changed the design of the game mode changing interface.

Enjoy :)
Another update to 1.4.4 version of NExperience Mod is out:
Implemented some love, and also some of the missing features from 1.3.
Free Mode:
=> Added status to spend points on.
=> The statuses gained some changes on how their bonus works, compared to 1.3 version of the mod:
=> => Damage increasing status, will now increase damage by an additional of 10%, instead of 100%.
=> => Health increasing status will now increase health by an additional of 10 per point, instead of 1 per point.
Returned a good number of mod settings.

I hope this helps making your leveling experience better and better.
Enjoy :3

Edit: And already with a hotfix.
Pre Hardmode monsters will no longer gain Hardmode status boosts on Pre Hardmode, if you have the setting for buffing them on hardmode enabled.

I was finding it weird that the underworld mobs were tankier than I thought. I should have guessed there was something wrong haha.
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