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Hello, I'm new using this wonderful mod and I don't know if I should put this here... I have a problem, and it's that every time I enter my world, my npc partner's abilities are reset to level 0. How can I solve that? :(? sorry for bad english
Seems like there's a saving problem.
Check inside "My Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\TerraGuardians" and see if there's files there, or folders.
In case there is, try going inside "giantsummon" and deleting the files inside. They will not remove your companions from your character, but will reset a number of global stuff they have.
If there's no folder or files there, there is something interfering with the mod saving companions data.
That's weird. Then definitelly there is some issue with the mod saving companions skill progress.
Are you using some mod that changes world saving?
oh wow... i really don't know what mods do that, is there a way to share my active mods?
i just edit with image xd


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I don't know many of those mods haha.
It's like I said, something is stopping the mod from saving companion skill progress.
Items given to them and stuff still is saved?
Yes, the items are saved and only the skills are reset to 0 and I'm only using the npc that looks like my character... the fan or something
i dont know how to take other companion :( they don't want to follow me and I don't know how to remove the one I already have
There's two ways of doing that. One is passing the mouse over Michelle. It will show a text of 3 dots that will begin to appear. Once it fully show up, a chat balloon will appear, and right clicking her will open a dialogue. You can dismiss her there.
In the inventory, there's a button that looks like a bulldog face, under the inventory, to the left. Just click it, it will have all companions you already met, and allow you to manage stuff regarding them.
I don't see any button to remove Michelle, neither in the dialogue nor in the list of companions. Maybe I'm blind or my mods are interfering xd?


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In the mod settings. Server or Client settings.
Btw, if you activated buddies mode on your character, you wont be able to remove Michelle from your party.
I apologize if I am interrupting but what exactly is buddies mode? And what does it do?I know there was a text explanation and a bit from Luna I think but nothing more. By the way, your mod is pretty nice and I enjoy having an npc companion around to help.
Buddies mode is a game mode that you can activate if you create another character, while having another character with companions met.
You gain an item called "Portrait of a Friend" on that new character, which upon activating in 12 in-game hours, allows you to pick an already met companion and start Buddies Mode with it.

On Buddies Mode, your character will have that companion always summoned, and you wont be able to dismiss it. Your character and companion will also grow stronger as the friendship level you have with that companion increases. Beside that doesn't stops you from having other companions following you, it will actually be harder for you to unlock more companions to follow you. Also, having other companions following you reduces the benefits from buddies mode, so the bonus status you and your companion would get reduces as more team members are added.

Once activated, buddies mode can't be disabled on that character, neither you can change who your buddy is, so choose wiselly who you'd pick as your buddy.
Ah, that is pretty neat, thanks for the explanation. What stats do I get though from friendship level? I have Blue as my buddy and she's good so far. Right now she has a five for the heart level and is that the friendship level or something else?
The status bonus acquired are for quite a number of status. I don't remember if max health also increases on your character based on friendship level too.
And yes, the heart with a number is the friendship level.
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Thanks again, and Its a neat idea of how you and your buddy will grow stronger over time together. Are their stats saved to the world or the character? I am asking because I plan to try to do a run of hardmode terraria before doing a hardmode malice mode calamity run with the same character.
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