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I guess the Dryad forgot to mention something... - Guideo Kojiwa

Latest 1.4.4 Version: 0.4.8 (02/06/2024)
Latest 1.4 Version: (07/24/2023)
Latest 1.3 Version: 36.18 (07/11/2022)

> You can create your own custom companions! Click here to find out how. <

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Meet the TerraGuardian, your own Terraria companions. They are creatures that can aid you in a number of ways, in combat, storage, making your world lively and other things.
If you have played N Terraria mod with Npplayers, you will notice that they will function quite like them, but in my opnion, the TerraGuardians system is way
better than the npplayers system.

Differently from the Npplayers system, they are unique characters themselves, with their own story, attributes and qualities, and you can find and recruit those companions, and also let them live on your world. They will make use of furnitures, and have their own schedules for their behaviors. They can also give you requests, and there are quite a number of systems that may turn your gameplay interesting, which may also be unlocked by them.

Even though the TerraGuardians mod are about human-animal mixed creatures visitting the Terra Realm, there are some Terrarian companions you can acquire in the mod.


There are some TerraGuardians that have been met on the screenshot above. Blue and Luna are following my character on my quest, while Rococo (the Raccoon) and Leopold (the Bunny) are living in their houses on my world. There are also two companions being shown in the map, wandering around, enjoying their time.

That one is Rococo, he's one of the TerraGuardian you can have, that giant raccoon is good with both melee and ranged combat, aswell as have a good resistence to attacks.

Once you start playing with the mod on a new world, you'll notice that Rococo might show up next to your character, If Blue doesn't spawn instead. Whoever spawns in the world with you, be sure to be good to them.

By the way, the 1.3 version of TerraGuardians aren't made using Projectiles or NPCs or Player character. Their system has been built from the ground and works as it's own, well, partially on it's own, since sometimes It will need to do some masking as the player for some things to work, but it also means that most capabilities from players and npcs will be implemented overtime, but It's for a good cause, It's cool to have a companion, right?

As for the 1.4 version, they are made inheriting, but also simulating a player character.

As you play the mod, you can also find new companions, each of them have different recruitment methods. Some are easy to recruit, while others are hard. But eventually, you'll end up having many new friends to meet.

There are some things you need to be aware of before trying the mod:
  1. They have their own equips and items (and their sprites are ugly), but they can use player equipments and items too, aswell as Life Crystal and Life Fruit, whose increases it's max health. They can equip some of the weapons for the Player, you have to test to see if it works. And can equip accessories, and gain It's benefits.
  2. They can get hurt, they may drown, get hurt by lava, and receive fall damage. Beside part of that depends on the Guardian Itself. They can use potions to heal themselves, but as for buffs, you need to give them the order to use them.
  3. They will automatically eat any food item in their inventory, or drink if there's strong drinks in their inventory, and they are able to drink it.
  4. You can change it's combat tactics, changing how it will behave in combat, or what they will do.
  5. They have a friendship level, It may be increased by completing their requests, travelling while it is following you, letting them live in your world, or by a number of other ways. They will recognize when you be a good and caring friend.
  6. As you rise the friendship level, you may be allowed to give it new combat tactics, or the Guardian may allow you to do something new, like for example, mount on it's shoulder, includding also some bonus for both your character and the guardian.
  7. Doing their requests gives rewards. Helpful rewards.
  8. On 1.3 version, If you didn't reached enough friendship level for the companions to not mind you being afk, do not leave it battling monsters by themselves while afk.
  9. The Guardians aren't disabled on multiplayer, but having them summoned will be like having a ghost following you, or at least for other players. Beside I didn't tested how It behaves, but most likelly that will happen. There is no multiplayer sync right now, so that's why.
  10. They are able to use Melee, Ranged, Magic and some Summon weapons in combat. You may need to change their combat AI depending on the weapon, and possibly some weapons wont be good for them to use yet (Ex:. Crimson Rod).
  11. Their tile collision hitbox is about the same size as the player hit box, so don't feel like having to install tall gates so it can follow you anywhere. Also, they can open and close doors. You'll get rid of an annoyance by being mounted on it. :D

You can get it from the link bellow:

You can find the mod on the Mod Browser.
Download Link: Just download giantsummon.tmod.
MEGA -!poJxRCID!ldkV2wZ_gAVB2jAnKezxsg
GitHub -
NexusMods - (No longer supported)

Just install it on My Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods, and also enable it once tModLoader opens.
Be sure to report any bugs you find with the mod. And also to give ideas to improve the mod.

I recommend you to try the mod with a new character, for a better experience. But nothing stops you from using existing characters to play with it.

This mod has a wiki!!

If you want an alternative for chatting or support, you can try the alternatives bellow:

The link to the mod GitHub page is located here for 1.3 version, and here for 1.4 version.
Feel free to explore it, just don't be a thief or anything like that.

If you want some more info, check out the post bellow. If not, enjoy the mod.

If you want to give me your support, you have some alternatives:
  • Give your feedback, It will help me improve the mod.
  • Contribute to the project.
  • Donating would be great, you can access my Ko-Fi for that, or buy a service from my partnerships.
  • Check out my games on Itch.IO, if you like what I do.
  • Being awesome.
Those are the alternatives to make a cool project get cooler :D.

Version: 12 (08/02/2019)
Version: 13 (08/05/2019)
Version: 15 (08/13/2019)
Version: 16 (08/14/2019)
Version: 17 (08/23/2019)
Version: 19 (08/28/2019)
Version: 20 (09/05/2019)
Version: 21 (09/09/2019)
Version: 25 (09/14/2019)
Version: 26 (09/15/2019)
Version: 30 (09/29/2019)
Version: 32 (10/21/2019)
Version: 33 (10/22/2019)
Version: 34 (10/31/2019)
Version: (11/19/2019)
Version: (11/28/2019)
Version: (12/02/2019)
Version: 35.0.2 (12/30/2019)
Version: 35.0.3 (01/10/2020)
Version: (01/14/2020)
Version: 36 (01/19/2020)
Version: 36.1 (01/30/2020)
Version: (02/03/2020)
Version: (02/06/2020)
Version: 36.2 (02/18/2020)
Version: (02/26/2020)
Version: 36.3.1 (03/02/2020)
Version: (03/02/2020)
Version: 36.3.2 (03/19/2020)
Version: 36.3.3 (03/19/2020)
Version: 36.4 (03/28/2020)
Version: 36.4.1 (03/31/2020)
Version: (04/01/2020)
Version: 36.4.2 (04/13/2020)
Version: (04/18/2020)
Version: 36.4.3 (04/23/2020)
Version: (04/23/2020)
Version: 36.4.4 (05/02/2020)
Version: (05/07/2020)
Version: 36.4.5 (05/15/2020)
Version: (05/19/2020)
Version: 36.4.6 (05/26/2020)
Version: (05/26/2020)
Version: (05/28/2020)
Version: 36.4.7 (06/29/2020)
Version: 36.5 (07/16/2020)
Version: (07/16/2020)
Version: (07/18/2020)
Version: 36.5.1 (07/23/2020)
Version: (07/23/2020)
Version: (07/28/2020)
Version: 36.6 (08/19/2020)
Version: 36.7 (09/1/2020)
Version: 36.8 and (09/24/2020)
Version: (09/26/2020)
Version: (09/27/2020)
Version: (09/28/2020)
Version: (10/02/2020)
Version: 36.8.1 (10/10/2020)
Version: and (10/27/2020)
Version: 36.9 (1/19/2021)
Version: (1/19/2021)
Version: (1/20/2021)
Version: 36.9.1 (2/12/2021)
Version: (2/13/2021)
Version: (2/15/2021)
Version: 36.10 (3/15/2021)
Version: (3/17/2021)
Version: (3/18/2021)
Version: 36.11 (3/25/2021)
Version: 36.11.1 (4/12/2021)
Version: 36.12 (4/21/2021) and their Hotfix
Version: 36.12.1 (4/24/2021)
Version: 36.13 (5/04/2021)
Version: 36.13.1 (5/15/2021)
Version: (5/16/2021)
Version: (5/26/2021)
Version: (6/3/2021)
Version: 36.14 (7/29/2021)
Version: (8/05/2021)
Version: 36.14.1 (8/23/2021)
Version: 36.14.2 (9/3/2021)
Version: (9/4/2021)
Version: 36.14.3 (9/13/2021)
Version: (9/13/2021)
Version: 36.15 (10/18/2021)
Version: (10/19/2021)
Version: (10/20/2021)
Version: (10/21/2021)
Version: (10/22/2021)
Version: (11/10/2021)
Version: 36.15.2 (12/05/2021)
Version: (12/10/2021)
Version: (12/14/2021)
Version: (12/18/2021)
Version: 36.15.3 (01/12/2022)
Version: 36.16 (01/24/2022)
Version: (01/25/2022)
Version: (01/31/2022)
Version: 36.16.1 (02/10/2022)
Version: 36.17 (03/7/2022)
Version: 36.17.1 (04/9/2022)
Version: (04/13/2022)
Version: 36.17.2 (05/9/2022)
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I made this because some mechanics in the game aren't obvious to find, unless you are really curious.

Holding Right Mouse Button opens the Guardian order menu. While holding the right mouse button, move it in the direction of the command you want to give, and then release when the command turns yellow. Beware, the orders position will change depending on the number of orders you can give, you'll notice that if the Guardian has just used a potion.

There is a 2P system implemented in the game, but I'm unable to test if it works because I have no controller. You don't need to talk to a woman at the church and ask for 2P Battles to unlock it, you just need to press Start on the controller while in-game, and pray that it works, since as I mentioned before, I couldn't test it.
The controls can be found here.

Some of the guardian abilities and possibilities comes from leveling up their Friendship level, do their requests in time to gain friendship points, the mod will tell you what you got once you reached the necessary friendship level.

The Guardian requests gives you interesting loot, even more if you don't like cooking or fishing for crates.

Inventory window info:
  1. The button with a face looking like Rococo is the Guardian selection interface.
  2. The button with a bag is the Guardian inventory interface.
  3. The button of the chest currently does nothing, but in the future, the Guardian will allow you to use a secondary private inventory.
  4. The button that looks like a brain (or a liver, depends on what you see), has flags and switches to toggle it's behaviors, so you can create the perfect TerraGuardian for your situation.
  5. The button of a cat with an interrogation is the request interface, not only it shows your current friendship level and progress of the summoned Guardian, but also shows the requests your Guardians has.
Place weapons on one of the first 10 Guardian Inventory slots, so It will use them in combat. The same is also valid for off-hand items.

Placing equipments on one of the first rows of the inventory, may allow the guardian to wear it as a vanity gear, If It's a valid vanity gear.

The guardians can use potions the player can use, but they can also use a higher grade potion that is stronger than the player potion, and they generally requires you to have 5 of the healing item of It's grade.

If you value mobility while mounted, I recommend you to turn off the "May use melee attack when mounted" option from the Guardian, If It's using a heavy weapon.

Having a guardian that mounts on your character shoulder can allow them to provide you an extra firepower, while you do the mobility.

The Guardian will be healed aswell if you restore your health at the Nurse. They will also be healed from hearts if you pickup one while injured.

Giving a magic mirror allows them to use it to sell the unfavorited loot in their inventory, If you reached the friendship level required for it to allow that.

Guardians uses potions on you when you are hurt, and not on potion sickness debuff, but do not rely 100% on this.

Well, if you are checking this, then you probably want to see my thoughts about this project, or want to help with ideas and stuff. If not, then I recommend you to skip this.

Well, 5 TerraGuardians out, if not 6. That's a lot, the next challenge I'll have is to add compatibility for them to multiplayer, so you and your friends can play with their friends on multiplayer. At least now you can create your own guardian, but you know, the sky is the limit... Beside rockets blew that up.

> Creating your own TerraGuardian. <

> Creating items specific for TerraGuardians <

> TerraGuardians Popularity Contest is currently under a hiatus. <

Here I'll place videos of gameplay showcasing the Guardians.
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I really like where this is going!

If you need help with coding and specifically multiplayer, you can hit me up on the official tmodloader discord (same name as here on the forums) (send me a friend request)
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I really like where this is going!

If you need help with coding and specifically multiplayer, you can hit me up on the official tmodloader discord (same name as here on the forums)
I'll try, beside multiplayer-side, I'll reeeeeeeeeeeally need help.
Fully operational companions sounds awesome.
I'd be happy just with a Light Pet or something that had its own storage, but having the companion able to carry you around is cool, does it work like a mount where you can control where you're going?
Fully operational companions sounds awesome.
I'd be happy just with a Light Pet or something that had its own storage, but having the companion able to carry you around is cool, does it work like a mount where you can control where you're going?
Yes, but if you use the mount mode, which is unlocked after a few friendship levels. Nothing stops it from attacking, but if you want to keep mobility, better set It's combat tactic to only use ranged attacks when mounted.
I launched a while ago a new update for the mod, the changes are the following:
Version 12 Log said:
Increased the range of Rococo's arms when wielding light weapons.
Made so some weapons may only need to use one of the hands, instead of both.
The Guardian will try to avoid using the hand that isn't free. So when the player is mounted, It will not use the arm used to hold the player. Unless It's necessary. Ex:. Heavy attack.
The Guardian will now jump higher when underwater.
Fixed the positioning of the Guardian control ON/OFF button.
New Request Timer has been set to hidden.
Fixed the Guardians behavior when using Assist and Snipe AIs.
Guardians can now use player accessories.
The TerraGuardians are no longer immune to hurt blocks.
The anti-stuck teleporting will no longer work while the Guardian is mounted.
Moved the Guardian inventory interface a bit to avoid acidental item crafting, when trying to mess with It's inventory or equipments.
The Guardian movement is no longer slippery.
When Tanking behavior is on, The Guardian will no longer automatically attract aggro from monsters near the player if the player is too far away from it.
Don't get scared about the version number, you didn't missed 11 updates... Since the mod launch time, I mean.
A good number of vanilla Terraria accessories will give their bonus to Guardians, aswell as give them new abilities, like for example the Honeycomb with the bee swarm counter attack, and the Hermes Boots allowing them to run way faster if they were running for quite some time.

Some accessories right now doesn't apply their effects, though, like It's the case of the Cloud in a Bottle like accessories, there isn't double jump script for that, and much less for stacked jumping.

But on other hand, if you hate your companions falling to their death, you can give them a Horseshoe, and possibly a Water Walking boots to avoid lava and drowning.

Other than adding the other accessory effects (whose are already recognized by the mod, just need to add their function scripts), I'll see about allowing them to use player weapons, I guess I could scale the player weapons used by them to twice the size, or at least for big guardians.

Anyway, enjoy the new update. And good accessory hunting.
Update Launched. Any of you guys missed when I used to say that?
  • Fixed the fall damage death message when player dies while mounted.
  • The Guardian will no longer try to follow or teleport to a dead player.
  • Added two new combat tactics: "Move in front of the player" and "Avoid Combat"
  • The TerraGuardian will now be knocked away when it's defeated, even if It's with immunity to knockback.
  • Reduced the amount of materials used to craft most Guardian weapons and accessories.
  • The mod will now update the Guardian status everytime it gets day or night in the game, so accessories like the Sun Stone effects can work on them.
  • A number of Guardian weapons gained sounds specific to their type.
  • Your Guardians can now use One Handed swords (player swords if you preffer). Their effects may not work, though.
  • Your Guardian gains a fall protection when teleporting to your position.
  • The Guardian will no longer stop seeking targets when some blocks under or above you, now will only priorize following you when a number of blocks to the left or right.
  • The Guardian Inventory interface will now be closed if you have other inventory interfaces opened. (Ex:. Chest)
  • Guardians now climb slopes and 1 tile tall blocks.
  • Players held items will now try to follow the Guardian when the player is mounted.
  • Made the Guardian equipment slots more... Apropriate...
  • Your Guardian will now teleport when you do, if you are mounted on it and try to use a teleportation item.
  • The Inventory Interface buttons will no longer move when one of them is selected.
  • The Guardian can now duck, It's hitbox will have lower height by doing so, and will be able to attack low ground creatures.
  • The Guardians no longer can jump in the air when hit by enemies.
  • Your Guardian will now restore health when you use the Nurse to heal yourself.
  • Guardians can now activate pressure plates.
  • The Guardian will now try looking for targets in a bigger range, If it just were hurt.
  • Your Guardian can now use the Off-Hand item: Iron Shield. Beside It's the only shield they can use currently. Just leave it on one of the first 10 guardian inventory slots.
I got to say, that's a hell of a big change log. Beside the fact that the guardian will now be able to step up slopes and 1 tile tall blocks, one handed melee weapons are in... Partially. I fear about trying to add their effects, because due to the way Terraria loads them before use, It will cause a crash in the game, unless either the player uses some item that causes that effect to spawn, or something else causes it to spawn. Terraria surelly is reserved about loading It's own content, beside I don't know if tModLoader bypassed that little issue.

Another interesting change is the fact that now your companion can wear The Shield, yes, I mean The Shield, because It's the only shield in the game, aswell as the only offhand item in the game. The shield will introduce to the mod something that your TerraGuardian didn't had use for, and that is Blocking an attack, there is now a rate that the Guardian will attempt to block an attack, nullifying completelly the damage. That might be interesting if you use an accessory that gives your Guardian cover ability. Yes, Cover is already in the mod and you can acquire by an accessory, good luck finding it out.

As for the future plans, currently I'm thinking about how you can find and recruit new TerraGuardians, but first, I need to create a new one. Two players (Thanks UltiDaniel and DoctorMcDerp) gave an idea of making a Chimera (or Eldricht Horror as they said), which is a creature that has body parts of 3 different creatures in it, that's a good idea, but currently I'm dried out of ideas of creatures to mix with, so until I find out, I'll try making a female wolf TerraGuardian, as the second guardian you can have. Once I have the second guardian ready, I can try to make the list of guardians the player will use in the game.

Also, I've been talking about the fact of increasing the number of accessory slots from the Guardians from 5 to 10, TheWorfer27 and The_Viking gave their inputs about that, and I thought about making it 7 accessory slots, plus 3 on expert mode. What do you think of this idea?

And I'm kind of glad that even though on hardmode my Guardian is with outdated equipment (Full Demon set, Flamberge and The Stinger as equipments and weapons), It's being able to deal really well with the dangers of the hardmode, but I'll have to add the next ranking equipments anytime soon. I'm thinking about skipping the Cobalt~Titan sets and make the next set be Hallowed, then go to Chlorophyte, and end with Luminite set.

Well, those are my thoughts, if you want to give your input about it, or has better ideas about something, feel free to discuss.

By the power of public domain you may be able to create the mooshroom Minotaur without any interference from Mojang why do you think there are Terraria mods that have Minecraft content.
Yeah I've seen mods and with gold and diamond Minecraft swords. There is also Minecraft mod with Terraria content in it.
If you're interessed in creating your own TerraGuardian on the mod, check out the post bellow this mod thread topic, It has informations on how you can do so.

Also, If it is confusing he hell out of you, tell me so too, because I'm better at scripting, not telling how things works.


By the way, don't you think that I didn't found out that exploit of the teleporting while mounted, It's days are COUNTED!!!
A new update is out. Here what it brings.
Added an interface which allows you to manage, summon and dismiss your Guardians.
Your Guardians now ages as you play, but that wont affect it's performance the older they get.
Don't get too impressed when checking the time they spent with you, the time is in Terrarian time, so a second is equal to a minute in-game.
Guardians now gets 5% of the sum of all the player attack status, summed to all it's attack styles. Only available after a certain friendship level.
They also gains 20% of the defense value of the player as a bonus.
Changed how the teleportation while mounted works, to attempt fixing a bug.
The Guardian will now try again to use healing potions in combat.
There's a 2P mode in the game, but I couldn't test it. If you want to try it, plug a controller on your pc and try pressing Start, while having a Guardian active. The controller player possibly will have control of the Guardian.
The following accessory effects now works:
7 seconds Lava Immunity, several cloud effects, Werewolf and Merfolk, Sun and Moon buffs, Reduced healing cooldown, damage reduction from Frozen turtle shell, immunity time increase.
You no longer can ride with your TerraGuardian out of the world bounds.
Added a quick commands menu for the TerraGuardians, which is accessible by holding Right Mouse Button.
You can now give the Guardian an order to wait in some place.
Hermes Boots like accessories now plays their sounds correctly when the Guardian has an accessory like that equipped.
Added a proper health regeneration system to the Guardians.
Accessories that increases health regen now has it's effects working on the Guardians.
Fixed some bugs related to the player mounted on the Guardian.
The second TerraGuardian is still being sketched, I'm working on her sprites sometimes, trying to give her different personality and physical compared with Rococo.
By the way, I'm still trying to think how I'll make new guardians recruitable, so you can build relationship with new Guardians before you are able to ask them to follow you. Rococo will still be acquireable on the early game, though.

Well, that's all. Enjoy.
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