Texture Pack 1.4 Player Furry Head


Have any of you furry fellows out there seen the Zoologist's Werefox form and thought 'I wish My character could look like that'

Well now you can get close to it!

This minor texture adjustment gives your player, and only your player, a snout to go along with those ears and tails the Zoologist sells you!

Some Previews.


  • FurryFace.7z
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Sadly, the file doesnt seem to be saving as a compressed folder and instead is saving as a ".7z" file, i tried changing the file to a .zip file but that didnt work either, is there any way to fix this?
I cant extract it, I'm on windows 10 and it just comes up like this whenever i right click.
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1) Make sure it's got a file name editing in either .zip or .7z so Windows knows what to do with it. This is a minor step, of course, and likely unnecessary.
2) Go to www.ninite.com and acquire the program "7-zip" - It's a really great free unzipping program. Use that to open the file, if it lets you.
Can you restrict this to purely Moon Charm?
No I can't, I just edited the default player head, this would require editing not only the werewolf textures, but the code aswell for having armor visable and hair, which not only is there no 1.4 tnodloader yet, I have ZERO coding knowledge ao I wouldn't even be able to try.

Go get this guy's one.

waaayyy outdid me lol

Go get this guy's one.

waaayyy outdid me lol
We'll I'd say this is very comparable to that! It's amazing! Mainly cause I use the Celestial Shell a bunch in many of my character builds, so when I transform its very in character!
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