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Welcome to my MEGA suggestion!
so...i want to add a LOAD of suggestions, better classes, more details. because personaly i think you shouldnt be going futher then moon lord...NO YOU should add more detail in everything before it! so welcome to my MEGA SUGGESTION (yep no sprites yet)

1. Flail+
-so i had idea about the flails...since they are kinda...boring now
so what if.....flails moved like those spikey balls in the dungeon (going through walls)
just like that one going fast in circles...
and when you hold the mouse button it goes faster

and i think that you should also make it able to chooce your class, making you start with a class themed weapon at start

wooden flails
10 (respective wood)

when hitting enemies you should make a bashing sound...just like the minecraft...fist.

(no sprite yet)
ore flails
10 (respective bar)

it should have high, nice knockback mostly the platinum/gold and the tungsten/silver

(no sprite yet)
the spikey ball
: drops from

should look like an flail, and an spikey ball (with an wooden handle)

(no sprite yet)
spider swing
: drops from
should use this pallete


swing of grass

should (like the blade of grass) poison enemies

(no sprite yet)
nights blow

guess thats some pre Skeletron....(the blue moon and sunfury are post, but just to keep it not-complicated
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The flail change would just be completely overpowered. Also the whole point of terraria is that it is flexible, so fixed classes would just limit your options. There are already armoutpr sets that are class specific; what more do you need?
I'm not really sure that this counts as a "mega suggestion", but ok.

an new class! called swinger!
Flails are a subcategory under melee because it simplifies things and should probably stay that way.

And then you just suggest a bunch of random flails... okay?
I'm not really sure that this counts as a "mega suggestion", but ok.

And then you just suggest a bunch of random flails... okay?
....oh... guess your right about that...i actualy planned more but....it was that i was short on time, and it was that i came back around the time to post more suggestions
Basically because going through walls equals boss cheesing
...that only counts for slime king...in my opinion, but he can also teleport

blue moon and sunfury are post skeletron
i changed that...thanks, even though you are right about the blue moon, i think many people going for a "nights" weapon also go before skeletron to the hell. but guess you are right
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