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Official A Short Time From Now...in a Minecart Not Too Far Away...

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Looks amazing! Also, :3

On a sidenote, that cool looking new Underworld background reminds me of Planet Centauri.
Me to

Thee Pie Man

Official Terrarian
Man, the lightning and the backgrounds look outstanding. What a perfect birthday present for me if it's coming out on the 30th of June. Lovely work Terraria team, hope you keep up being so amazing.


Eye of Cthulhu
Good lord! Now here's a spoiler that blew me away! The thunder storm. The new theme. ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eskimo Man

*get's a cup of milk. plays video and sees a few new things. When the new background shows spits milk all over keyboard. Realizes there is new music and nearly chokes on milk. See's the new lunar event background and the thunderstorm going on. Opens up mouth and all milk goes pouring over laptop and laptops electrocutes himself*

HOLY BALLS THIS IS AWESOME!!!! keep up the great work redigit!


Skeletron Prime
More adding stuff and more fixing stuff and more testing stuff and more stuff in general.

As far as engine capability goes, I answered the question on the modding section numerous times and it is not able to move you to another world (as it would have to be running at the same time, etc) (under common means at least, some modders already achieved world travelling by running 2 worlds)


Does this satisfy your need for portal news? =P

The Blackhole Beater is a co-op between @Lazure & myself, so you can definitely expect it to to look special and be special! #projectiles-for-the-win

Also @Crowno clarified that @Jimmarn is the creator for the new hell background, in case anyone missed it~
(Also props to @Skiphs for implementing the sick visual effects at the world surface)

(totally not intentionally trying to ping as many people as I can @Arkhalis @Loki)
doth my eyes deceive me? a spoiler within a spoiler? (queue inception bwaaaaaahh)

also just out of curiosity are the portal sprites large so it would be made easier to see?o_O Not criticising in any way I just imagined them being thiner like in the games.:happy:


Skeletron Prime
I wonder who drew the artwork? (the one above the video not the masterpiece that is the backgrounds)
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