Official A Short Time From a Minecart Not Too Far Away...

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Good evening, everyone!

With Memorial Day behind us, we took a bit of time aside to build a showcase for a little something that we knew the instant that we laid eyes on it was far too cool to not share. Join one of our intrepid beta testers along his personal Highway to Hell as we give you a glimpse into The Underworld's recent visual makeover. We were all simply blown away at what a difference in "depth" the new background makes to the atmosphere of the biome - as just one example.

Of course, you may also encounter a few other "surprises" along the way...but they will only appear when they are ready. So make sure you stay tuned for the duration.

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I want to watch the video, but I'm on mobile. Damn.
I'll make a new post in ~40 minutes.

EDIT (posted in thread later): Just got home and watched, I'm now officially excited. As if I wasn't before. Not going to point out anything though because we have plenty of others for that.
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