OOC A Tale of Two Countries

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As of February 15th, this RP has been rebooted. The location stays the same, but you don't need to follow the old continuity now.

The two countries are close-by to each other: Phobos is located on a single island roughly the size of Cuba, and Deimos is located on the north side of a large continent, with the country being about as large as Spain. Both have English as a main language, and French, German, Spanish and Russian are also used frequently, as they have a mainly European demographic.
Non-humans make up a modest portion of the population, but draconic species are considered to be illegal immigrants in Deimos, and werewolves are often hunted down and cured in Phobos.

The country of Deimos has a climate similar to coastal Europe, and the rural architecture matches that. The urban design resembles the east US a lot, meaning there's lots of skyscrapers and the streets are a bit more grid-based. The capital city is named Minerva, works as a hub for the military, and is home to the Princeton Training Facility, the largest recruitment centre in the country.

As for the city-state of Phobos, it has a climate similar to that of Scotland, strangely enough, and doesn't really have rural villages. The urban design has a distinctive look that's sort of reminiscent of cyberpunk, like Blade Runner. The main city itself is just named Phobos City, and has a really small population of only about 13000 people.

The two places are close-by, and it takes a moderately-long ferry ride to go between the two.
1. No bunnying characters (taking control of characters without permission).
2. You need permission from the victim to kill off a character.
3. Only 6 characters per user. The limit is subject to increase or decrease.
4. Use the template provided. A character will not be accepted unless they fit the template.
5. You can use characters from other RPs.
6. Try to create at least an illusion of conflict in major fights, so it doesn't get boring quickly.
7. Use some sort of identifier between characters, maybe a text color or a name before the dialogue.
"Text" is dialogue, or speaking.
*Text* is for actions.
<Text> is for thoughts.
(Text) is for out-of-character talk.
If you have any other personal rules for text, please specify.
Nickname (Optional):
Personality (Likes and dislikes also work):
Weaknesses (Must fill):
Backstory (Optional):
Extra (You can put character themes or sources of inspiration here):
Identifier (Text code or just what will be used to specify the character):

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Name:Geo (cuz everyone needs an oc with their name)



Appearance (Pictures or Description):wears a dark brown cloak, has brown hair..

Species: callsitian

Personality:He likes to experiment with stuff, he's also very cautious.

Equipment/Weapons and armor:he doesn't have much other than a couple of old books.

Ablities: he is a mage and he can work especially well with earth ( rocks and dirt and stuff like that)

Quirks: he is smart and knows how to work with his power.

Flaws: if you land a good blow on his actual body, he cripples easily.

color: #FBA026
I might actually join this... If I have any knowledge about country history. (Well, I do have knowledge about countries, but my brain doesn't think it matters, so I forget.)
(This took a while)

Name: Chez Crue
Nickname: Crues
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: He's usually very calm, but he also has a short fuse, making him easily angry. He is constantly on edge however, and usually does not show that unless somebody is homeless. He doesn't trust people who look homeless, as they remind him of his attackers as a kid. This can also make him harsh towards the homeless. If he was to get sleep deprived, he would either run away or straight up attack them.
Strengths: His traumatic experiences has helped him achieve as fast speed, his prime was around 8.2mph, but due to lesser traumatic experiences in Deimos (aside from possible dragon encounters...?) he has slowed down to a measly 6.9mph. He also has a few tactics that can trick robbers, but he has forgot most of them, again, due to calmer environments.
Weaknesses: His left arm has been injured ever since it was shot. He was running away from street robbers at the age of 8 and one pulled out a gun.
Backstory: His personality is mostly affected by traumatic experiences in Phobos like kidnap attempts. Ever since, he moved into Deimos, hoping he could fit in... I don't know how he did it, but they accepted him, probably.
Extra: His name is is influenced by popular Cuban names.
Identifier: #2504c1
I'm thinking of joining this, so are there any notable groups of illegal dragons in Deimos, or illegal werewolves in Phobos?
also here is some dumb joke.

I'm thinking of joining this, so are there any notable groups of illegal dragons in Deimos, or illegal werewolves in Phobos?
Kind of. Phobos has gotten more relaxed on their laws against werewolves, and now werewolves with a certain amount of trust can get a permit to not get cured immediately. But there's still groups of illegal ones that are getting cleaned up and moved to quarantine zones.

As for dragons, they're few and in-between. Most of the time they can't last for more than a month because of the tight military control of Deimos, but there's a few places that rotate as fronts for groups of dragons.

so is this a RJITU spinoff (unofficial)
Pretty much. It's not really like RJITU though, since it has structure and an actual story plan.
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