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AaroSA's Random Builds

How are my buildings?

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Hi, all! I've made some random buildings, and I thought I'd share them with you! I'll update this thread whenever I make something new I want to post.
Capture 2015-11-29 19_32_11.png

Just a small fountain I did on a world I play with some friends. The hands caused some trouble in the building process, but overall I like the outcome. Apparently the hald blocks don't show up on the screenshot. Next to the waterfalls, there are supposed to be half blocks.

My entry to the 1.3 contest here on the forums, showing the Lunar event pillar themes, armor and a weapon and also the Moon Lord.

A house i made pre-1.3 themed after the corruption and slightly the dungeon.
A fairly large building I did in my main SP world for 1.3.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_08_39.png

The entrance. I couldn't find any hill I liked to use for this, so I had to terraform one myself.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_09_44.png

Hallway I decorated it with the pre-hardmode class-specific armors.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_09_50.png
The rest of the hallway and a staircase down to the NPC area
Capture 2015-12-06 19_10_24.png
The entrance to the NPC area
Capture 2015-12-06 19_10_38.png
A mini-greenhouse.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_12_09.png
The NPC area.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_12_25.png
Truffle's home part 1.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_12_35.png
Truffle's home part 2.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_12_45.png
Truffle's home part 3.
Capture 2015-12-06 19_13_04.png
Storage and crafting areas.
Edit: 6th of December 2015, added the underground base.
I hope you enjoyed them, and feedback is appreciated.


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Cool builds you got here. Although, the best one is the Corruption/Dungeon Mansion, the 1.3 Lunar Event themed build is very interesting.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll clean up my underground house I have in my main 1.3 world (the same world as the lunar event building) and get some screenshots of it tomorrow.


Added the underground house I said I'll post tomorrow a week ago.
I am great at procastination.
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