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Xbox 360 Achievement Slimer bug?


Ok so I have looked everywhere online to find out all the slimes on xbox 360 and I know 100% I have killed them all but the achievement still hasn't come up.

So I guess I'll ask some questions that i have not been able to find answers for.
1. Do you have to kill all the types of slimes in one session of playing?
2.Do they have to be killed on the same map?
3 Do I have to use the same character?
Thank you guys for helping in advanced... if i don't reply right away it means I'm on xbox trying to either use the suggestions or find the slimes again :p

and in case anyone else has this problem or does'nt know what slimes to look for heres a list....
- Baby Slime
- Black Slime
- Blue Slime
- Dungeon Slime
- Green Slime
- Jungle Slime
- King Slime
- Lava Slime
- Mother Slime
- Pinky
- Purple Slime
- Red Slime
- Yellow Slime
- Corrupt Slime
- Illuminant Slime
- Slimer
- Slimeling
- Toxic Sludge


To answer your questions;

1) No, you do not have to kill them all in one session.
2) No, it does not have to be the same map.
3) Yes, it has to be the same character.

If you are unsure if you have killed all the slimes, here is a list of all the slimes on the console version:
  • Green Slime Spawn in Forests.
  • Blue Slime Found in the Forest Underground.
  • Red Slime Found in the Underground layer.
  • Purple Slime Found in Forests.
  • Yellow Slime Found in the Underground layer.
  • Black Slime Found in the Cavern layer.
  • Mother Slime Black-colored and larger. Found in the Cavern layer. Spawns 2 to 3 Baby Slimes on death.
  • Baby Slime Spawns when a Mother Slime is killed. The same color as a Mother Slime, but smaller.
  • Pinky A rare slime that spawns in Forests and the Underground layer. Smaller and tougher than other slimes listed above.
  • Jungle Slime Found in the Jungle. Green-colored.
  • Lava Slime Glowing orange slime found in the Underworld.
  • Dungeon Slime Somewhat uncommon indigo-colored slime found in the Dungeon.
  • King Slime A very large blue-colored slime. Considered a boss. It can spawn very rarely in Forests that are not in the center third of the map (so basically they can't spawn around your spawn point). It's easier to just summon one by using a Slime Crown, crafted from a Gold Crown and 99 Gel at a Demon Altar or Crimson Altar.
  • Corrupt Slime Found only in Hardmode in the Corruption and Underground Corruption. Dark blue-colored and spawns three Slimelings upon death.
  • Slimeling Found only in Hardmode. Spawns when a Corrupt Slime is killed. Same color as a Corrupt Slime, only smaller.
  • Shadow Slime Found only in Hardmode in the Corruption and Underground Corruption. Same color as the Corrupt Slime, but smaller. Console-exclusive.
  • Slimer A winged flying slime found only in Hardmode in the Corruption and Underground Corruption. Dark blue-colored. Has two "forms": flight form and normal. You first kill its wings, then you can kill the slime completely.
  • Toxic Sludge Found only in Hardmode in the Underground layer. Green-colored with a happy face.
  • Illuminant Slime Found only in Hardmode in the Underground Hallow. Bright glowing purple-colored slime.
  • Ice Slime: Spawns in Snow Biomes. Blueish-white in color.
  • Spiked Ice Slime: Spawns in Underground Snow Biomes. Blueish-white in color, with protruding spikes.
  • Umbrella Slime: Spawns when its raining. Blue with an umbrella hat.
  • Spiked Jungle Slime: Spawns in Underground Jungle Biome. Green with protruding spikes.
  • Crimslime: Spawns in Crimson Biomes during Hardmode. Red in color.
  • Rainbow Slime: Spawns during rain in Hallow Biome or during a Blizzard in a Hallowed Snow Biome. White in color.


know I've killed every slime type at least twice but the trophy isn't popping. I'm playing this on the Vita btw.
Has anyone else encountered this issue or can anyone recommend a work around? (its driving me crazy...)
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