AFK Soul of Light & Night Biome Key Farm

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    AFK Soul of Light & Night Biome Key Farm

    Farming for Souls of Light/Night in Terraria takes time, grab a weapon and smash tons of baddies! What if you could just sit there and AFK it? You can and this video shows you how! Simple, quick, effective! Enjoy!

    Check it out here:

    Thanks for watching! Can we get 7 likes for easy souls?

    Stay Happy :)
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  2. ZeroGravitas

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    Heh, so you've built an ocean grinder... Underground! That's a fairly unique approach. :happy:

    Obviously it's not going to be nearly as quick as something like Diceman's Ultimate Hardmode Grinder, with rapid fire darts flying directly over the spawn surface. (Note you don't need the minecart track in that design if you're only running it 'AFK' for a few minutes at a time, checking out a few web pages, etc, as you suggest in your video guide.) Or any design that doesn't require the mobs to travel to you to get killed. (Although having them come to you is a fair way to collect loot over longer AF periiods, of course.) e.g. my Turbo Truffle-worm farm (to self promote) or perhaps some other configuration of vertical grinder/farm.

    I'm not sure why you've half blocked off the air gap in the top left of the screen with tiers of greystone? They're spaced close enough to reduce the number of spawns on them (compared with those below), but the gap needs to be only 2 tiles tall to block spawns. You could have just left this space open anyway, as the spawn events in that area would then just create water monsters below... Not sure if there are any other gaps in your build where mobs might spawn (and get stuck), but looks like you over-sized things (just from eye-balling you map). Did you check the spawn box dimensions?

    I don't notice you mentioned that you need 80 Lihzahrd temple blocks (or Jungle grass) to activate Jungle biome for the Arapaima to spawn...?

    So how does this setup avoid spontaneous hardmode boss spawns? Just by being underground? (I've not noticed or looked into this problem personally.)

    I like the use of the clemtaminator to change the biome blocks. And yes, it's 100 Pearlstone for souls of light, but 200 corrupt/crimson blocks for night souls (artifical biomes guide). The count is within 49 tiles of player (number off top of my head, maye). Oh, to be precise, I figured it out before:
    Suggestion: you could dual purpose this kind of farm as a biome selectable fishing site. A simplified version of this ultimate semi-autofarm, but with yours would have simple, manual biome selection, probably.
  3. HappyDays

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    Hi ZeroGravitas,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and look forward to your insightful feedback! :) Yep, underground ocean grinder, it was a nice, simple solution to the goal (light/night soul farm) I was looking to make!

    When I set out to make farms my main goal is to make easy-to-build farms for players that 'never' farm items and people who 'want to get a job done.' This is achieved by my farms that quite simply, given a short period of AFK time will yield sufficient materials to complete a task (build weapons, summoning items, new armor, etc). I'm not aiming for 'faster ever' or 'most items farmed.' That said I respect that some people strive for that. Mine is simply to get the items, craft what you need, and move on with the game! :)

    The lihzarhd blocks are to activate Aripaima spawn for quicker mobs + activate jungle biome keys. This trap does not avoid spontaneous hardmode boss spawning, is it possible (or even worth the hassle) to make a trap that can avoid this?

    Thanks for the comment on the 'biome-switch' it's a simple way to multi-purpose the trap.

    Regarding the gaps around the trap and trap size it's something I've been considering for a while. I am contemplating just biting the bullet, taking several thousand bricks and building an enclosed trap area to the specific spawning requirements. I could then re-purpose this area for new trap ideas without having to 'plug' spawn holes in new areas each time.

    Thanks again! :)
  4. NotaVoltorb

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    Nice job! I made myself one and I have about 200 Souls of night! :happy: