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Ambient Objects and Ecto Mist


Yes please!
Although it also would be good if they wouldn't just break upon hitting them with a pickaxe, but drop the item and it can be placed again.

Chad'sFurni mod has such - for pre 1.4. objects. - hopefully that gets updated once T-modloader caught up, but if not, I could add these to Wacky NPCs too (there are a few additional furnitures there anyway, besides the guards)

But it would be even more convinient, if it would be in the vanilla game, isn't it? these are great additions for builds.
Actually same goes for other stuff that break so easily, like cattails and water lilies. it would be great to either have placeable versions of them that doesn't break, or has a way to make player nor harm them, like as someone suggested and item like that book that prevents you from hurting critters.


Currently, ambient objects are unobtainable. Would be cool if we are able to craft ambient objects with heavy workbench in Ecto Mist.
Why Ecto Mist? Because it already needed to make some previously unobtainable blocks, like natural walls or gemstone ores.
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Yes. In particular I've always had my eyes on all of the underground/cavern ambient deco. The just break into nothing when you hit them.




I was going to play journey mode just because I thought this option would be available there. But no.. And now I just keep building in Expert.

The building community already uses these object with the help of T-Edit, but we would benefit soooo much from the ability to do this legit :O

Also, please let us craft and place shadow spheres and crimson hearts as well! At least late in game!
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