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Some ideas for Ecto Mist crafting


Currently, I think Ecto Mist is a great addition to the game! It's a charming way to add some recipes that would feel out of place elsewhere. I think there's some good things that could be added to it, to give non-Journey players access to all the blocks/decorations in the game, as well as some other useful things.

Clean extractinator blocks: Obviously being able to craft extractinator blocks would be completely broken and allow for infinite money and other resources, so these "clean" variants would appear and behave exactly the same, except they can't be used at an extractinator. Clean silt could be made by combining 1 stone with 1 sand at a workbench, clean slush would be made with 1 snow at a sink, and clean fossils would be made with 1 sand and some number of bones at a furnace. I feel this would be a good way to let players have a renewable source of these blocks without totally breaking the game.

Sandstone accent slab: It's odd that there's a stone accent slab but not a sandstone counterpart. This would just be a nice addition.

Accent/regular slab conversion: Simply put, you can freely convert between accent and regular slabs in Ecto Mist. A nice quality of life addition.

Visible echo blocks: The whole point of echo blocks is that they're invisible, but also, they have a really neat texture when you put on the spectre goggles. I think it would be nice if you could convert them 1:1 into a variant that's visible all the time, so you can build with them and have them be seen by everyone.

Making misc. tiles craftable: The addition of a crafting recipe for antlion larva shows that the devs are open to this, so why not take it a step further? There are currently many things that can't be crafted, and I have some suggestions for how they might be:
  • Altars (This one makes sense, but maybe there could be a non-functional furniture variant?)
  • Ambient objects (These are all the cool rocks and plants and stalactites you find everywhere. It's a shame that these can't be placed, I'd love to decorate with them. I think a new wand would be best for this.)
  • Coin stashes (These appear to just be coins in a bag. You could combine leather and a small amount of your chosen coin type to make one of these.)
  • Crimson heart / Shadow orb (Same as the altars, a non-functional variant would be lovely.)
  • Crystal heart (Why can't we place these by default?)
  • Fallen log (Wood I guess)
  • Larva (Personally, I don't see any problem with having this be craftable with an Abeemination and some honey blocks.)
  • Plantera bulb (This one is a bit more complicated. You probably shouldn't be able to craft these, but it would be nice to be able to pick them up and move them. Maybe some funny little hedge clippers?)
  • Pot (Make it out of clay.)

...And that about rounds out all of my suggestions. Uh... thanks if you read this far! These have been on my mind for a while so I figured I'd just dump them here. Hopefully you all agree these would be nice.


I really like the idea!
I agree with you, i hope you show more ideas in the future :happy:
Thank you! I'm brand new to the forums but I've been playing Terraria for a few months, I've had a bunch of ideas on the back burner without knowing there was a place to put them. :confused:
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