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Other Literature An artist' intriguing switch

Foraging Slime

Skeletron Prime
Artist Request Conditions
Friends Only
Welcome to my... Labyrinth.Here I write random stories about various universes that I like. However because i'm me, I don't stay too incredibly attached to something for extended periods of time. For example, for one month I will be stupidly obsessed about Star Trek. The next month it could be Prison architect, and so on and so on. In order to prevent a massive wall of Spoilers from being here, I'm going to do parts. every now and then when a part ends, it simply means i'm going to keep adding in another post. There will be a link to the next post.

Another question that you may have, If it is labeled Star Trek I and Star Trek II, Why don't I organize all the star trek's next to each other and all the Titanfalls, ETC. Well, It might not be happening now, but I have every intention of interaction of the various stories, so situations where Titanfall may interact with Star Trek. This means that I have to maintain some form of the passage of time. you can't travel across the galaxy in the time in takes to stab someone.

Before the reading may begin, I should note that this is not cannon, and there will be many instances in which what is written here may conflict with already established lore. With that out of the way, enjoy.

Part 1
Star Trek Discovery
"Acting Captains log, star date 3174.26. The Discovery is en route to assist in a last ditch defense of Earth. the Klingons have been kicking our asses in the war, many of us are wondering if we can win it. We are 2 hours away and hopefully this won't be the last of the Federation."

== Quarters of Michael Burnham ==
Michael Burnham enters her quarters. she looks towards a box under her bed. she looks at it with not only fear, but sadness. She grabs the box and the box speaks
box: "Identity confirmed. Burnham, Michael. Do you accept the last will and testament of Captain Herald Yorktown?"
Burnham: "I do"
The box opens. It reveals , a pad, a small black box, a letter, a knife with a Chinese symbol, and a com badge.
Michael picks up the knife and examines it before putting it aside. She takes the com badge and holds it to her chest for a moment before looking at it as a tear develops in her eye. she puts it aside as well. before she has the chance to continue, a ship wide alert calls for her on the bridge. she puts the items back in the box, closes it, and puts it back under her bed.

== The Bridge==
She exits the turbo lift as Saru welcomes her and informs her that they are about to reach Earth
Denmer: "Approaching Earth Captain."
Saru: "Drop us out."
*the ship drops out of warp to Earth. There are only 12 ships and upon arriving they are hailed by Admiral Cornwell.*
Cornwell: "Welcome to the party."
Saru: "I thought we would have more ships."
Cornwell: "There are more still en route."
Saru: "Understood, where do you want us."
Cornwell: "I want you in the back, in the case our defenses fail, you and Enterprise are to haul :red:."
Saru: "Admiral?"
Cornwell: "If our defenses fail we don't want the Federation to disappear from the galaxy. you and Enterprise will be the last ditch effort to save the knowledge of Earth and mankind."
Saru: "Understood"
The communications are closed.
Saru: "Take us in."
Denmer pilots the ship to the rear of the fleet and disengages engines.
Cooper is fighting grunts, kicking :red: when suddenly an enemy titan approaches, he quickly calls BT and ducks behind a concrete wall before 40mm bullets start littering the area. The enemy titan slowly approaches but doesn't pay attention to where BT is dropping. BT drops right on top of the enemy titan, crushing it.
Cooper: "Thanks for the save"
BT: "Protocol 3, protect the pilot. You're welcome."
Cooper: "I'm just glad your here, now remind me why we're here?"
BT: "The IMC has several mining facilities on this planet. we are attempting to capture them. Or destroy them.
Interrupting BT an enemy titan starts firing from behind."
BT: "We are under fire"
They dodge to the side and phase behind the titan. While the Titan is confused and unaware of their position, they stab the sword through the back of the titan killing pilot and crippling the titan. It falls to it's knees and BT stabs it once more, destroying it.
Cooper: How far are we from our targets?
BT: "Our first of 4 targets is 14.6 clicks Northeast."
Cooper: "Well, let's go."
Star Trek Discovery
Owosekun (OPS): "Captain, 5 federation warp signatures"
Saru: "Understood"
Owoksekun: "We are being hailed by Admiral Cornwell"
Saru: "Onscreen"
Cornwell: "Captain, the Yamik reports that a Klingon fleet is right behind them. I have given you and Enterprise permission to engage but sparingly. Remember, your primary objective is to survive, even at the cost of other ships."
Saru: "Understood Admiral."
==transmission end==
Saru: "All hands, Red Alert!"
Landry: "Captain..."
Saru: "Yes Commander Landry"
Landry: ".... I.... Captain.... sixty.... sixty-two Klingon ships inbound"
*Everyone in the bridge goes silent*
Saru: "Are you sure?"
Landry: "... ye... yes Captain..."
Saru: "This is Saru to all hands, the Klingons are approaching. However if things look dire, we have orders to retreat. We are the last hope of human civilization. Earth has several shuttles that will be carrying priceless artifacts to us, along with a few high ranking individuals. Remember, we are the last hope of human survival. I know you can do it... Now man your battle stations."
Owosekun: "They're here."
*The federation ships are organised in a defensive posture around Enterprise and Discovery.*
Detroit: Become Human
It is early morning, around 7:30AM. The bar is still closed and the streets outside are still rather inactive. The only building in the ocean front plaza that is currently open is a Waysub, a modern version of the old Subway chain. Business is always slow this early in the day. By 9, people have woken up and are going around looking for their morning breakfast and coffee. That is why Ashley opens her cafe, "Anytime, any meal," at 8:30. Jessica and Hamond, the two chefs, usually arrive at 8.

The day was normal, people were flowing through at a steady pace, some stayed and watched the ocean on this beautiful morning. One of the downsides was that the sun set in the West, meaning the most beautiful times at her Cafe were in the late evening. Unfortunately, the morning grew slow. usually there were morning customers all through until at least 11, today things drastically slowed down at 10. Ashley did't know why, but eventually the last customer left. For almost three hours the trio watched TV from the counter, waiting for a customer. However, at around 2, there was the sound of a gunshot, coming from nearby.
BT: "Cooper, Wake up."
Cooper was stretched out across BT's cockpit, somehow in a semi-comfortable position.
Jack: "Wha? Huh?"
BT: "Wake up. We are here."
*Jack stretched and yawned before sitting properly in his seat. He turned on BT's screen*
BT has positioned them atop a large hill with several trees and bushes. In the distance, Jack could see the mining drill.. He zoomed in on it and sure enough, that was the minding drill.
Jack: "That's out first target?"
BT: "Affirmative."
The mining drill was protected by 3 titans and several drones. There was a conveyor leading from the side of the drill into a semi-truck with a large open box in-tail. A second, smaller truck was positioned on the other side, it was a standard IMC Truck, but Jack couldn't identify why it was there.
Jack: "What is that other truck doing."
BT: "I do not know."
BT grabs a large rifle from his back.
BT: "This is a T-314 rifle loaded with 300mm armor piercing rounds."
Jack: "Oh boy, this looks bad :red:."
Jack takes aim upon the larger of the two hostile titans, a scorch, and prepares to fire. He then realizes the scorch cannot hit him this fire away, but the Northstar can.
Jack: "Do we have any non-armor piercing rounds BT?"
BT: "Negative"
Jack thinks for a second, he can remove that scorch, or attempt to take out the Northstar. However the Northstar is so lightly armored the armor-piercing rounds would go through with minimal damage, unless he hit the core. He takes aim and prepares to fire. His finger pushes down, firing the weapon. The shell travels nearly instantly to the camp, the Northstar is truck right below the cockpit hatch and explodes into a fireball that a scorch can only appreciate. The scorch sees this and begins looking around, soldiers begin frantically looking around the area searching for the cause of this madness, from this distance, it's more like ants running frantically after having someone step on their nest.
BT automatically slides the loader towards him, the shell casing is ejected, before sliding it back forward, readying the weapon for firing. At this point, the frill has been shut down and the truck is beginning to drive off, however it's cargo is fairly limited. Jack aims, this time for the Scorch who is at this point walking around trying not to step on running soldiers. Jack Takes aim, this time he aims for the center mass, kill the pilot. Once again he fires, this time the shot bounces of the Scorches armor and hits the drill. The shell slams into the side of it, leaving only a black hole. The level of damage isn't known, but the drill is smoking bad now.
The scorch turns and faces them. Then, he fires at BT. The shot is several meters of, it doesn't come close but the Scorch does know where they are now. BT ejects the shell casing, and takes aim. This time, BT will have primary control, The weapon fires, and hits the scorch. The scorch explodes in a massive fireball.
BT: "The area is secure, we may now proceed."
(This takes place as if lightning didn't strike the Delorean didn't get struck by lightning and the entire third movie didn't happen)
*The doc lands the Delorean*
Doc: "It's time to go marty! I'm not sure how much longer this weather is going to hold for!"
Marty: "I'm coming Doc!"
Marty gets in and the Doc begins to type in the time and date. he doesn't realize it, but he rather than setting the date to October 12, 1985, he sets it to October 12, 2390.
Doc: "Alright Marty, Hang on!"
The delorean takes off and flies into the sky, leaving the classic trail of flames.
Bryce (Comms): "Captain, The Admiral is in communications with the Klingons."
Saru: "Lets hear it."
Admiral Cornwell: "General Fer'ola, you don't have to do this."
Fer'ola: "You dare think I would not charge into battle! Your planet will fall under Klingon rule and I will cut the throat of your famed president myself!"
Cornwell: "You're going to have to get through us first."
Fer'ola: "You and what army? We have three times the number of ships you do. you don't stand a chance!"
Cornwell: "You're right, but you're wrong."
Fer'ola: "Are you-"
The communications channel is closed
Saru: "Report."
Owosekun (Ops): "Captain, i'm not sure how but Admiral Cornwell's ship has a tractor beam on half the Klingon ships and she's heading straight towards them."
Saru: "Open a channel!"
Channel open
Saru: "Admiral, what are doing!"
Cornwell: "Giving the federation a fighting chance. You have your orders."
Cornwell's ship heads straight in to the center of Klingon ships. Practically every ship is firing on her, but it's just not enough. The ship rams the lead ship and self-destructs. over half the Klingon ships are destroyed, putting them down to 24 ships.
Pike: "This is Captain Pike of the Enterprise, I'm taking command of the fleet. All vessels engage, repeat all vessels engage!"

A special thanks to the following people for their support:
@Changing Flask
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Foraging Slime

Skeletron Prime
after i do Titanfall which universe should I do next?
  • Another Star trek
  • Pacific Rim
  • (with lots of character editing) Highschool Dxd
  • Marvel
  • or should I just play a game of spin the bottle?

Foraging Slime

Skeletron Prime
what do you think about, "An artist' intriguing switch"
It basically represents that I interstingly switch sometimes to odd universes that either few know or are just downright weird. It hasn't happened yet but. you get my point.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
I think it's about a change of theme. I think he wants an abrupt change in them. Like if you were watching something like My Little Pony then it all of a sudden swaps to Silent Hill. Oh how much scarring that would cause. But that's my opinion of his "An artist' intriguing switch".


after i do Titanfall which universe should I do next?
  • Another Star trek
  • Pacific Rim
  • (with lots of character editing) Highschool Dxd
  • Marvel
  • or should I just play a game of spin the bottle?
- Haven't watched star trek so therefore no opinion
- If you do it on HTTYD, keep it away from the nightfuries as that is literally what everyone sees and many people would not like another thing n\on. I personally havent read any HTTYD things but I know enough that is where you cut the line.
-Pacific Rim is a good narrative to continue off of but just remember you have to go real deep when describing action scenes and robots
- Bruh if we are talking about the same anime, highschool dxd is an anime where the main character strives throughout the story because of a girls- Actually, not going there, but you get my point.
-I recommend you be more specific as Marvel is a huge and lovely universe that Stan Lee made. Which hero or villain?
-Dont have an opinion on spin the bottle

Foraging Slime

Skeletron Prime
- Haven't watched star trek so therefore no opinion
- If you do it on HTTYD, keep it away from the nightfuries as that is literally what everyone sees and many people would not like another thing n\on. I personally havent read any HTTYD things but I know enough that is where you cut the line.
-Pacific Rim is a good narrative to continue off of but just remember you have to go real deep when describing action scenes and robots
- Bruh if we are talking about the same anime, highschool dxd is an anime where the main character strives throughout the story because of a girls- Actually, not going there, but you get my point.
-I recommend you be more specific as Marvel is a huge and lovely universe that Stan Lee made. Which hero or villain?
-Dont have an opinion on spin the bottle
-If I do a HTTYD, I think I will know what to do, and thank you for the advice.
-I loved Pacific Rim the first time I saw it and would like to eventually do a narrative on it here.
-point taken, I probably wouldn't use Essay simply because of tht fact. I would probably have to introduce completely new characters to make it appropriete for the forums which is ok.
-I was asking people what kind of show they would prefer over others. for example, do you prefer the movies about Thor, or do you prefer the movies about Hulk? That more or less what I was going for.
-Or should I just choose a random thing from the list?


-If I do a HTTYD, I think I will know what to do, and thank you for the advice.
-I loved Pacific Rim the first time I saw it and would like to eventually do a narrative on it here.
-point taken, I probably wouldn't use Essay simply because of tht fact. I would probably have to introduce completely new characters to make it appropriete for the forums which is ok.
-I was asking people what kind of show they would prefer over others. for example, do you prefer the movies about Thor, or do you prefer the movies about Hulk? That more or less what I was going for.
-Or should I just choose a random thing from the list?
Its whatever dude. Do what you yearn for the most

Changing Flask

Somehow I do. So far, so good. Now I need to unfreeze a fanfic I've been too lazy to write from when I finished a third season of FiM.

Foraging Slime

Skeletron Prime
Part 2
Notes: At the moment my primary interest is a book called Red Rising. Unfortunately, it has 4 other books with a another on the way. So while I so much would love to, I am not going to bring it here just yet. I'd like to at least finish the first 3 books.
In advance, i'm also going to note that the DBH story will be within TCF rules...

*The Delorean appears and before the doc can react they smash into the side of a building. It goes straight into some kind of classroom and several people jump out of the way. The vehicle comes to a halt about halfway into the building.*
Doc: "Damn! When did this get here!" *He checks the time*
Doc: "Great Scott!"
Marty: "What is.. it... Doc..." *He slows as he sees the time*
Doc: "Marty, do you know what this means?"
Marty: "No."
Doc: "Unless we find a way back, this entire reality could change."
Marty: "What, why?"
*Before the Doc can reply, someone attempts to open the door but flinches away at the coldness*
Doc: "Damn. The locals aren't happy."
Person outside: "Whoever's in there, get out!"
Doc: "Marty, Whatever you do, avoid looking at anything. You hear me? Anything!"
Marty: "Yeah Doc, I got it."
Doc: *To the man outside* "We-uh, We can't!"
Man: "Why not?"
Doc: "The crash damaged our door."
Man: "Why don't I believe you?"
Doc: "We can't open it from here."
Man: "Well we can't touch your... vehicle."
Doc: "It needs some time to thaw I know."
Man: "When it thaws you better have a good reason for all this."
Doc: "Of course."
Naturally, at that sound everyone in the cafe jumped and hid behind the counter, peering up but not seeing what caused the noise. Slowly, Ashley at first, the trio began to some out from the safety of the counter. Ashley was the first to come out, she walked slightly hunched towards the front of her cafe and peered out from above the large windowsill, covered in a blanket and several pillows with her cafe name printed on the glass, backwards from this view. She looked at the plaza, some of the other stores, and finally the Waysub. Ashley knew what she was seeing, she had been glad it had yet to happen to her. She turned to whisper to one of her chefs, "Jenna, call the cops, the Waysub is being robbed." She returned to her gaze on the Waysub.
She sees what appears to be 4 masked men, all of which are armed. One of them is at the counter and the other three are walking around in the lobby while several people cower in fear for their lives. Suddenly, Jenna stumbles into a chair on her way back with the phone. Jenna and the chair fall, making a loud sudden bang. Ashley naturally ducks, hoping they didn't hear the noise or at least don't investigate it. Jenna panics and moves back to the edge of the window with Ashley with haste. She dials 911 and holds the phone up to the side of the head, the side closest to Ashley. Ashley can hear the conversation but hears a scream from the Waysub. She peers over to look. One of the men is threatening a little girl, he holds the girl to the counter with a gun on her head. The man screams to the cashier, "Well you better work faster or you'll have one hell of a mess on aisle 4!"
Ashley can't see the cashier behind the man, but she hopes that he works faster. Who could do that? Who could so heinous as to murder someone so young, so full of potential. Who would end someones chance to see so much, miss out on so many experiences. Suddenly, the man at the counter faces and looks her straight in the eye. Ashley quickly ducks below the counter. :red:. She'd been spotted and they'd probably come and shoot her, or worse. If they were willing to kill a little girl in cold blood, he'd probably kill her without even the slightest of remorse or hesitation. She tells Jenna and the other chef to head back to the kitchen but it's too late. "I saw you!" The man is yelling at her from the Waysub. "If you'd like this little girl to see tomorrow, you'd better come out of there!" Ashley doesn't know what to do. If she reveals herself, they might shoot her. If she doesn't, they'll shoot the little girl, but if they have to come here, they'll see her two employees.
Ashley whispers to her two chefs. "Stay down, if they see me hopefully they won't know your here." Jenna tries to protest but Ashley cuts her off. "No, i'll go." Ashley takes a deep breathe as the man yells at her again, reminding her of the consequences of staying down. Ashley puts her hands up into the window, and slowly stands up.
The man is now in front of the vehicle, still holding the girl. He points the gun at Ashley. He gestures for her to leave the shop. Ashley does so, walking slowly in the hopes she isn't shot. Ashley has never been a religious person. From an early age she has been fascinated more by science than fantasy. When she read about an old space station called the ISS, she dreamed of someday going to space. In this moment, she hoped that if there was some almighty being, that if there was someone up there capable of interfering with her life, that they would do so now. "Who else is in there?"
Ashley speaks weakly, trembling in fear, barely able to stand, "Nobody... It's- it's just me."
"Come here you :red:." The man throws the little girl towards the shop and she runs to the caring safety of who Ashley assumes to be her mother, they are both sobbing. The man starts walking hastily towards Ashley. Ashley yelps in pain as the man grabs her forearm and drags her in front of him and starts forcing her towards the Waysub. Now she looks and can see several of the customers looking at her, weather of fear or pity she can't tell as she is forced towards the Waysub.
Jack and BT are able to retrieve all of the drills they were sent out to do. A transport come to collect them.
"Sir, i'm here to retrieve you and BT and take you back to command."
"Alright. BT, let's go."
Both BT and jack board the transport. It takes of and begins it's accent when the pilot calls back to Jack and BT.
"Hang on!"
Suddenly, the transport makes a hard bank to starboard and increases speed, Jack looks out the window to see a missile fly under the left wing, Narrowly missing it. A loud alarm is heard from the cockpit, It is a familiar sound, the sound of missile lock. Jack struggles to reach BT before the craft shakes violently and begins to roll to port, they are quickly inverted and the cargo hold seems to be in a state of 0g as the aircraft looses altitude and rolls uncontrollably. BT makes a push for Jack but it fails as a large crate flies between the two. Another missile slams into the side of the aircraft and a large hole replaces the once almost safe aircraft..

Several crates fly out of the hole and into the open air, Jack is sucked out as well but manages to grab onto the wing. Before he even has a chance to regain himself or try to get into a better position, a large and heavy crate hits Jack, crippling both of his legs. He screams in pain but there is nothing he can do. The aircraft's roll along with the pain in his legs is getting the better of him. He pulls all of his strength into his grip on the plane's wing but it isn't enough and he looses his grip.
--I have lost much interest into Titanfall. It may return in the future, but for now, enjoy the cliff hanger. : ) --
After several minutes, the man on the outside attempts to open the door, it opens.
"Sir, you're gonna have to come with me."
"I- I understand."
The Doc and Marty are brought out of the DeLorean. They are escorted into a turbolift and taken through several hallways and into a holding cell. The force field raises and the Doc is literally speechless. Marty is panicking and confused.
"Doc, what are we gonna do? No, where even are we?!"
Marty notices Doc isn't moving or speaking but his jaw is wide open. Marty grabs Doc by the shoulders.
He slaps Doc and he snaps out of it.
"Great Scott! Marty, do you know what this means?!"
"What? Are you not paying attention?!"
"Marty! We have ruined the timeline! We aren't supposed to see this! We can't undo this Marty!"
"Doc, calm down!"
"You don't understand Marty! The damage is done! If we go back, there's no telling the- Great Scott! If we go back, the entire universe could unrave-"
A Star fleet Lieutenant steps into the room.
"Will you two shut up!?"
They both shut up.
"Thank you. The Admiral will see you now."
The inevitable happens. Every ship in the fleet opens fire. 18 vs 24. The Federation ships attempt to draw the Klingons closer, using Earth Spacedock as a giant defense platform. A few Klingon ships fall for it. The second they reach Earth space dock weapons range they are obliterated. After the first few fall to the station, the others learn the lesson and avoid the station. Both fleets suffer heavy damage, the only ship that doesn't receive critical damage is the Discovery. They are using their spore drive to jump in behind enemy ships, firing a few shots, and then jumping away before the ship can even realize what happened. It is thanks to this and this and many sacrifices that the Klingon fleet is eventually destroyed, but the Federation fleet is crippled. Only Discovery remains fully intact. The Enterprise has also taken heavy damage.

The ships that aren't salvageable are turned into mines, with friendly ships standing by to detonate their cores. Only 7 Federation ships are still operational, including Discovery and Enterprise. The Federation fleet only has a few hours of rest before a large Klingon task force is detected on sensors. Their fleet is over 200 large and includes the Klingon flagship, the IKS Grogu. The fleet has limited time to prepare and it does so by evacuating all non-essential personnel and civilians of the star ships and star base. The Klingon fleet warps in and doesn't give the Federation a chance to surrender, immediately opening fire. The derelect ships have their cores overloaded, helping but the enemy fleet is too large. Only one order remained.
Pike: This is Pike to all ships, get out of here! Engage maximum warp now and get out of here, preserve the Federation!

The last ship in full operation is Discovery, they crews hearts drop as they witness the pride and joy of the federation get destroyed, they watch as the Enterprise has it's nacelle ripped of, it flies into the secondary hull and the core breaches, destroying what's left and killing everyone on board. Discovery has no choice, they engage their spore drive and jump away.

That was the last day of the Federation. The Klingons destroyed Earth space dock, and marched onto the Capitol that day and killed the President. The Federation had truly fallen, leaving one ship, one crew left to preserve the entire Federation. The Discovery had no choice but to put as much distance between themselves and the Klingons as possible. They engaged the spore drive, found a planet, and settled down. Leaving the Discovery in orbit to serve as the sole defender of the planet.
The man pushes Ashley against the car and forces the end of his guns' barrel against the back of her skull. "You move an inch, and i'll put a 5 inch hole into your skull." Ashley has no choice but to stay where she is. The other one, who was in the store, comes out.
"We got the cash, let's go."
The man threatening Ashley doesn't waiver the gun, "We're taking her to."
"Why? She's a waste of space."
"No, she's an insurance policy. Detroit Police would never fire on a vehicle with a civilian inside."
"Fine, but put a bag over her head."
A black fabric bag is thrown over her head, and her hands are zip tied behind her. The man takes her and forces her into the backseat of the Sedan. She hears the door lock and the man get in on the other side. The driver speaks as everyone gets in, two in the front, and two in the back with Ashley.
"Alright boys, we got ourselves a weeks worth of cash and something to entertain ourselves."
The man who Ashley thinks is the man who robbed the cashier speaks from the other side of the back seat with a raspy voice, "I'm no weather man, but you can expect a few inches tonight."
The other people in the car laugh at this. If it weren't for her being kidnapped, and threatened, she would probably laugh as well. Ashley begins to zone out and stop paying attention as her thoughts wander else where. She begins to think heavily on her past, what she could have done differently. The mistakes she made. The good times she had. The love her family gave her. She wishes more than anything to be with her mother now.

Ashley gets so lost in her thoughts that she doesn't realize the vehicle stops. She only realizes when one of the men open her door and pull her out, hard. She hits the ground and rolls on the dirt. Her hood protects her from any getting in her mouth though. He grabs her by the hands and picks her up, the bones in her shoulders hurt as they are pulled back. Ashley yelps at the pain but he still pulls her up. He starts to push her forward and the little light seeping into her hood begins to fade, presumably they have just gone in doors.

She walks for almost 10 minutes before eventually her zip tie is cut, and she is pushed into a room. She hears the door close. After a few seconds of her standing there, she hears someone walking towards her. The person takes her hood off and Ashley instinctively looks to the person. She sees another woman probably around 30, she has short blue hair and several scares on her face. She looks up to Ashley with emerald green eyes. Ashley opens her mouth to speak but the woman puts a finger on Ashley's lips.

Ashley looks up and around the room. There are at least 3 dozen other people, most of which are female as well. They are all looking at her. Ashley looks down and the woman speaks with a soft, kind-hearted voice. "What is your name?" She move her hand form Ashley's lips and down to her hand and begins to walk.
"Ashley." She let's the woman walk her away from the door.
"I'm Josephine, but everyone calls me Joe. This is the Lock. The hub of criminal activity in Detroit." Ashley doesn't speak. She is still quite shocked by everything that has happened. It's now that Ashley doesn't entirely remember how she got here, last she remembered she was pulled harshly out of the car. Her thoughts wander but only for a moment as Joe stops. "This is your bed. It's nothing special, but it's what we have."
"Th-Thank y-you." Ashley doesn't even realize how much she is trembling. Her hands shake as if she has Parkinson's, and her voice wavers as though she were shivering in ice water.
"Hey." She is turned to face Joe once again, with her hands on Ashley's shoulders. "It's ok, we got you now. Calm down."
Ashley still hasn't noticed her trembling. "I- I'm f-fine."
Joe takes Ashley's hands and hold them up in front of her. Then let's go. Now ashley can see just how much she is trembling. Then it hits her, her heart rate, her shaking, even the trembling in her voice. "You're not fine. Here," She moves Ashley by the shoulder towards the bed and pushes down on her shoulders so that Ashley is now sitting on the bed. "Get some rest. You're going to need it."

Ashley doesn't respond now. But she begins to slowly bring her legs up and move to lay on the bed. She turns to her side to face the wall, there isn't a blanket or a sheet, just an old stained bed. Ashley closes her eyes and does her best to sleep. Her thoughts don't wander for long, and she hasn't even been awake for very long. It's still at best 4PM. However Ashley is already worn out by the activities of the day. It takes her a while, but after around 30 minutes, she eventually slips into being asleep.
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Changing Flask

Yep, this is why one doesn't drive Delorean while drunk. So far it's somewhat faithful, and even when I don't know any of the series well enough, keep going! Good so far.
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