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Anaglyph 3D / 3DS Stereoscopic 3D

Do you think Anaglyph/Stereoscopic 3D should be a thing in Terraria?

  • Yes, although I don't think it would work for other platforms. Keep it on 3DS only.

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So I was looking at my New 3DS XL and my anaglyph glasses today, and then I started playing Terraria for PC. As I played, it suddenly hit me. The combination of remembering those three things had given me quite an idea, one I hoped would get enough likes to reach the eyes of Re-Logic. Why don't we have an Anaglyph 3D mode in the video settings?! It would be amazing for those with said anaglyph glasses. On top of that, the 3DS players would probably be able to do that without the glasses and do it in stereoscopic 3D instead! I have a picture of the layers here.

They are shown from left to right, in depth. Bosses are shown more in front than the player to emphasize their ferocity, with the exception of Moon Lord. Lunar Pillars and the Moon Lord are shown behind the wall layer because they appear behind walls in the game (unless I'm wrong about the pillars, then they appear in the Boss Layer.). The background can also take part in it, behind everything else. Particles can appear from the Boss layer to the Lunar layer, including gibs and so forth. This can especially emphasize explosions from dynamite and stuff.
If you like this suggestion, please give a like and give a comment on how to make this better!
(Also, they are all shown in flat layers, not three-dimensional entirely.)
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