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Anim's Builds

Animus Viral

Overworld Logo 10_08_2018 7_37_11.png

This is a building thread that started on Sept. 28, 2018. I will update when I finish a build I'm happy with. Criticize all you want, Feedback is good! So lets start! Also as a side fact, I use mods, so beware!
Capture 2017-11-23 15_06_40.png

This is my build of a cultist dungeon and was my first build and it took me a long time to get all this but I am not sure if this is good or not.

Capture 2018-08-31 19_27_06.png

A weird dinosaur made of ore. Not sure why this exists. A Dino ORE. not sure if you would get the pun but whatever.

Capture 2018-09-27 18_28_45.png

Capture 2018-10-09 18_45_39.png

Capture 2018-10-10 19_50_51.png

Builds created for a Viking Warlord Idea. Check it out here: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/undead-viking-warlord-boss-idea.73191/

Capture 2018-09-28 16_59_38.png

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a pollution hazard! I wanted a ship that had a small engine but have large exhausts pipes so mission accomplished.
Capture 2018-09-28 17_31_38.png

The Dryad's home, if you want something else, then you're barking up the wrong tree.
Capture 2018-09-29 11_42_02.png

A Corrupted Fortress of DOOM!!!!! not really...
Capture 2018-09-29 12_19_35.png

Sun Temple. That looks like a disco ball.
Capture 2018-09-29 12_26_38.png

Moon Temple. Doesn't look like a temple.
Capture 2018-09-29 12_26_24.png

Both "temples."
Capture 2018-09-29 22_08_32.png

Capture 2018-09-30 14_00_02.png

Capture 2018-09-30 14_05_44.png

Etheria Temple
Capture 2018-09-30 17_09_15.png

Angler Heaven
Capture 2018-10-02 20_37_15.png

Small house
Capture 2018-10-10 16_45_55.png

Skull of ore
Capture 2018-10-28 16_50_57.png

A Tavern
Capture 2018-10-25 20_32_56.png

Capture 2018-10-25 20_29_23.png

Pumpkin grown house
Capture 2018-10-25 20_32_29.png

Dynasty house.

Banner for whoever
Credit to darthmorf's terraria logo creator for the title and banner image.
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Animus Viral

Update 10/1/2018
Trying to add these into the OP
Capture 2018-09-30 17_09_15.png Capture 2018-09-30 14_05_44.png Capture 2018-09-30 14_00_02.png Capture 2018-09-29 22_08_32.png
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mr e

The Destroyer
I like the ideas, but more blocks and possibly some paint would make them better. Also, when building pipes, right-angle turns kind of unbalance the build, as well as having outcroppings that are more than a quarter of the height of the build.


I mostly agree.
Thy also means "you," not "I," and the correct pronoun would be "you're," not "your".
no thou mean you thy means I (Thy google it) :) how ever I did make a spelling error with "Your" thou are right tis it be "you're" and "Tis" means it is
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