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Archaea Mod (Hiring Coders)

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Warren_Mark, Feb 14, 2018.


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  1. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    The Archaea Mod

    What the mod does offer ?

    - Currently 5 Planned Bosses.
    - Currently 8 Mini-Bosses.
    - Estimated 800+ Items and Equipment.
    - Estimated 70+ Enemies.
    - 2 Planned Biomes and Stuctures
    - New Planned Gameplay Mode,Archaea Mod !
    • Discover new AI of Bosses and Enemies !
    • New loots to obtain !
    • New Game-changing style never seen before !

    We're hiring Developers !

    We are finding :

    A Main Coder - Knows about coding and can maintain giving codes as fast as possible.
    A Main Spriter - Knows much about spriting and can maintain giving codes as fast as possible.
    A Music and SFX Creator - Knows about in-game music and sound effects for certain parts of the mod.
    Coders and Sub-Coders - Same to the main coder but holds lesser responsibility.
    Spriters and Sub-Spriter- Same to the Main Spriter but holds lesser responsiblity.

    You can contact us in the Social Media if you are interested in the following.

    Fill up the form honestly. Give your accounts or any contacts. Apply for Spriter :


    Currently we don't have one as it is still unreleased but we want Wiki Editors.


    We have a Discord Server : https://discord.gg/55qZdSy
    Please maintain rules and regulations in the server.

    Social Media

    Mighty Chaos (Official Twitter Account of Archaea and IGCM) :

    Twitter :

    Warren Mark :

    Twitter : @Draws_Warren
    Email : [email protected]
    Discord : Add me after you join the server !
    Forums : PM me !


    Mod Progress : 0.5
    Sprites Made : Estimated 52. (1%)
    Codes Made : 0 (0%)
    Music and SFX Created : 0 (0%)
    Lore Made : 5
    Concepts Progress : 92% (A lot)

    All you see is in beta stage,anything can change. Sprites made by Warren Mark.

    In the land of the Glowing Mushroom,a starnge mutation happened when it spread into the Plantera Bulb,it turned blue. Plantera's Twin was born,cursing the Magical Pots that only true heroes can open. All hail Plantera's mortal enemy,Fungintera!

    All you see in the spoiler is what it looks like in Second Stage,the Treasure Bag,Trophy,The Bulb Appearance,and the Mask. All of them are photoshopped and nothing was coded so far. We are aware that they are just recolors and will be revamped once we found a better spriter and a coder for these stuffs. If you want to apply for the development team,please apply.

    Note : We're making a massive resprite of this boss.

    Sprites soon...

    Mighty Eagle,the protector of the flying creatures in the Jungle assigned by Adarna while she isn't guarding the world. Because of this,The Mighty Eagle must take care of the Species of the Flyers and its offspring as they are last of the kind. No one have ever deafeated its power and it continues to spread to the world. But one day,a hero broke unhatched eggs whixh made it full of anger that it wants revenge. He fights you since it thought you're the one who broke it but you aren't..

    Sprites Soon !

    The weird mutation between the breeding of the Lost Hero and a Fishy Creature gave life to this 'fishykind'. They are hated by the Adarna and gods and goddesses because of their attractive appearance. Every Mermaid has sins when they are born. Depsite of this,they are civilized after the mankind lost its existence in the world.



    Magno Artwork made by Warren Mark

    Nothing here yet !
    Soon !

    Development Team and Credits

    @Warren_Mark - Founder and Owner,Sub-Spriter,Sub-Lore Writer,Concept Maker and Artist.
    Duckles - Sub-Spriter (Former).
    Sir Ornstein - Sub-Coder,Sub-Spriter and a Main Lore Writer.
    TerrorPenguin - Main Spriter.
    Slimey15 - Lore Writer. (Former)
    Mutater - Spriter (Former)

    Relogic - For Creating Terraria.
    Supporters - For helping the mod in many ways.
    O Nothing - For letting us to borrow his Ghost Town Concept !

    To do List :

    - Find a coder !
    - To make heavy resprites of existing sprites.
    - Refining Mod Concepts.
    - Spriting Fungintera.
    -Sprite Magno and its Biome and Friends.
    - Sprite Nature's Overseer and Tier.
    - Release a snapshot.

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  2. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    New thread Edit as of February 15 2018 :
    - Created.
    -Putted Fungintera Preview with Picture.
    - Added Discord Server.
    - Fixed Typos.

    Please support the mod !
  3. Nic246

    Nic246 Skeletron

    Mad respect if you decide to follow through with all this, its a bit ambitious, but better to be supportive then take a pessimistic approach.
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  4. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    What do you mean ? Did I made something wrong ? Btw thanks for the support and make sure to join the discord server !
  5. MACMAN2003

    MACMAN2003 Spazmatism

    You can't be sure that everything will work correctly, you need beta testers.
  6. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    Yep,you are right as I can't play the mod by myself. But there is noting coded yet and barely sprites and least amount of developers. We are aware for that,as well as upcoming problems. Thank you.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 15, 2018, Original Post Date: Feb 15, 2018 ---
    Feb 15 2018 Thread Changelog :
    -Added Recolors and Variant Mobs with a picture.
    - Added credits.
    - Added more hiring !
    - Fixed more typos.
    - Fixed the double Boss Spoilers.
    - Changed the name into 'Entityhtical Mod'.
    - More edits.
  7. TerraShan

    TerraShan Terrarian

    everything is planned and not all 500 items have been thought up its justt a target as far as i know
  8. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    Yep ! Join our dicord server and 75% of ideas are made for the release but barely sprites and codes have been seen. Thank you for stopping by !
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 15, 2018, Original Post Date: Feb 15, 2018 ---
    Feb 15 2018 SPOILER Alert :
    Mighty_Eagle's_Bladetest1.png MEBSBtest1(projectile).png MEBtest1(projectile).png
    What is this ? Check out our discord server to know !
    This is just concept srpite so I'm finding feedback.
  9. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    It looks good, but one thing...RECOLOURS!
    Try to make your own sprites.;)
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  10. TerraShan

    TerraShan Terrarian

    its just for variation, like demon eye variants
  11. leafsaber47

    leafsaber47 Terrarian

    A rather interesting mod, considering I haven't gotten any progress with mine.
    And I agree with @Vlad Terrarian about the recolored sprites problem. The console version did this before the 1.3 reset.

    There's some hope though, the biomes and structures you've planned looks to be larger than the 2 biome thing most other major mods do. I have a large sky structure/biome planned and the concept's not fully finished. I'd like to see more weapons btw.
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  12. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    It just for spicing up the mod and the backstory. It is a built in thig that will be released seperately as well as other Sub-Mods. Thank you for stopping by and please support the mod ! We are msking progress everytime as soon as we can ! Please join our discord server.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 15, 2018, Original Post Date: Feb 15, 2018 ---
    February 15 2018 Last Spoilers and Thread Updates:

    - We have a new Main Spriter,TerrorPenguin !
    - We're getting a massive resprite of Fungintera and other stuffs !
    - Fixed more typos.
    - Playing around with different ideas and sprites.
    - We may get a new coder soon.
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  13. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Terrarian

    This might not be the final version, but here's fungintera!
    Fungintera White Spots 3 5.png
    I haven't done the rest of the parts yet, but they will almost definitely be done tomorrow

    I've been putting off cleaning up the outlines, but I'll get around to it
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  14. MACMAN2003

    MACMAN2003 Spazmatism

    a fungal plantera? I CANT WAIT
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  15. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    February 16 2018 :

    - From 2 planned bosses to estimated 5 Planned Bosses.
    - A New Look of an Invasion.
    - Added Spoiler Buttons (they do not have anything for now).

    Who wants to be a coder of this mod ? Contact me.
  16. MACMAN2003

    MACMAN2003 Spazmatism

    If I could I would
  17. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    But you can't I may be right ?
  18. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

  19. MACMAN2003

    MACMAN2003 Spazmatism

  20. Warren_Mark

    Warren_Mark Skeletron

    Is it sarcasm ?
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 17, 2018, Original Post Date: Feb 17, 2018 ---
    February 17 2018 :

    -Duckles has left the development team as a sub-spriter but he is still affiliated as a Discord Member.
    - Started working on "The Core's" Sprite (It will take a while).
    - We are now open for ideas and suggestions for the mod.
    - We are hiring anybody to join the Development Team,restictions are not heavy.
    - We're improving the track posted.
    - New track yey ! Will not be released !