Sprites Archaic Tower (Alternate Living Tree)

I support this pretty fully, though the Living Wood equivalent consuming an extra resource I could do without. Clay already makes bricks on its own. Also, the two trowels would get a little confusing. I understand the reasoning with both blocks being a form of brick, but it would be nice if there was more to distinguish the two. It's a bit of a stretch, but I'd say that something like changing the regular trowel to a jointer (losing the "mossy" descriptor) or the mossy to a grout bag would help to avoid confusion.
erm... I mean, it is cool, but how is this beneficial to the player exactly? isn't it pretty much just aesthetic change?

its to add variety to the world, much like how there is a second corruption
I realize, however she said that this helps the player unlike most of her other posts which just hurt. They would yield that same benefit, so how would it be more helpful? unless the chests contain normal chest loots... ok, yeah, I suppose I haven't checked a living tree chest recently, but if it can have hermes boots & stuff then it would probably be worth it to get more of those chests.
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