PC Arkhalis's Armor

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  1. Daniel16

    Daniel16 Terrarian

    Arkhalis Helmet
    Defense 12
    Rarity Rainbow

    Arkhalis Breastplate
    Defense 12
    Rarity Rainbow

    Arkhalis Greaves
    Defense 12
    Rarity Rainbow

    Total Stats
    Defense 36
    Set Bonus 15% increased melee speed
    Set Bonus 15% increased running speed

    How to get
    Beat all pre hardmode bosses 3 times
    Once you do that you will recive a Arkhalis Treasure bag
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  2. Aldenkynan

    Aldenkynan Skeletron Prime

    And how does this make sense?
  3. Daniel16

    Daniel16 Terrarian

    *Shrugs shoulders* It's just an idea.
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    Looking at the negativity of this.I'll shutdown this thread
  4. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    I doubt anyone would enjoy fighting redundant bosses for a redundant armor set that instantly loses utility.
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