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tModLoader Artyy Weapon Pack

Artyy Weapon Pack is a fun mod for terraria.

It currently adds five new bosses.
177 items
1 rideable mount

The mod is my first ever project and the mod is still updating and adding new stuff so please be patient and dont judge strictly. Make sure you download all of the newest updates because there will be a lot.


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Good luck.


Tmodloader Screenshot 2020.11.08 -
Tmodloader Screenshot 2020.11.08 -
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Good day, Sir. Can you tell me how can i get the Wyvern Scales? I couldn't find any info, even using another mods like "recipe browser". First of all, thanks. ;)
I updated it, be sure to download the latest version. Again, im really sorry, i hope now you can get some wyvern scales :3 Also im very happy that someone played my mod, and got to hardmode with my project, thank you, I really appreciate that.:joy:


I just wanna say that, for the point Blobo is at to be able to be fought, it is WAY harder than it should be. The summon can drop from any slime at any point of the game, and Blobo is just way too strong. Also, if any of the giant slimes hit water, they try to flee from me, and if they get off screen despawn. I feel like Blobo Core's laser is almost impossible to dodge, and the speed it chases you is too fast to evade said laser. However, I will also say that managing to kill them early on is VERY rewarding, especially the staff, since it pierces infinitely, fires insanely fast, is incredibly cheap, and goes through walls. Also, is there a list of all the bosses? They don't show up in the Boss Checklist mod so it's hard to know what to do to fight them.
I agree with blobo, they are buggy, but idk how to fix it. About boss checklist, earlier, there was a list of bosses in boss checklist, but suddenly when I compiled the mod, an error appeared and the list was no longer working. I had to remove it. This is very bad, I know it would have been better with the list, but alas, it happened. I am sorry. I will implement boss checklist list in my next mod, for sure. Also, here are the list of the boss summons recipes:
Flag: summons the Enraged Traveller. Craft: 8 wood on a workbench
Slimy Mix: summons the Blob Army. Craft: drops from blue slimes
Alien Caller: summons the Alien Constuct. Craft: 8 dark bars (Hallowed bar + dark essence) (dark essence = soul of hell + soul of night) and 1 soul of blight (all 3 mech souls combined)
Serpent Food: summons the Star Serpent Craft: 6 dark bars + 3 soul of blight. (trashy recipe, I know, I ran out of ideas)
Cosmic Serpent Food: summons the Cosmic Serpent Craft: Serpent Food + Luminite

Also, if any questions, any ideas, any suggestions, ask me here, I will answer. TY for the support, I appreciate that. :joy:

(Waiting for Hybrid World release :cool: )


All good. The fleeing may have been due to having the King Slime accessory on as well but no real clue. The core though could be slowed down so it isn't always so close to the player(and maybe nerf the damage on it's laser, that thing is painful)


Also, I should let you know that the early Charcoal Summon staff is uncraftable(likely due to it's crafting station being a Bench instead of a Workbench)
Ahhhh... I hate it. Now I need to update the mod AGAIN... ono. There are a bunch of little things that i missed like wyvern scales not dropping. My gosh. Please, comment here if you find any other bug.
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