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Ashwood Tree


Duke Fishron
Wow that necromancy that said since this didn't happen do you all think we could make a mod for this perhaps with the meteorite or a expanded hardmode underworld suggestion? Plant wise I would probably base it around the new obsidian crate potted plants.

Once one spends a decent amount of time in the underworld they easily realize how damn boring it is down there scenery wise especially once you get to the regions where there isn't ruined houses. The background and music are cool but yeah. Given that we can now grow gem trees I don't think it would be too hard to add a lava tree. Actually with how gem trees work maybe it could even drop hell stone provided that a limit of 75+ axe power is added to prevent sequence breaking.
This could be implemented in several ways for instance letting Gem acorns grow on ash as well as stone with a biome variant for ash. While at it a gemacorn variant for other underground biome blocks could be a cool idea in general.
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