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PC Auto-Open doors

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This was a feature on console (at least xbox 1) and it made sense. Touch a door, open. Once you are through the door, close. Simple. I feel as though this feature should also be included in the pc version and console 1.3 updates.

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
I play on mobile, and I personally never realized you actually had to open doors until I started playing in PC, which got frustrating to have to click a door to open it. I fully support this idea!


Eye of Cthulhu
Pc doesn’t have auto open doors :eek: well they should add them or at least an option for it! (I’m on mobile and we have auto open doors)


Yes, I'd love this feature, but only when the smart cursor is on, or at least be toggle-able in the in-game settings menu.


I hated this feature. It let in monsters and stopped me from using doors as launch points and walls. Smart Cursor already auto-locks onto any nearby doors.
Smart cursor is not that smart sometimes. If you have many points of interest nearby it could choose something you don't want to open/switch/use. On consoles i always had a problem when being near chests, which i think get priority for "using". I simply cannot get on rails when near chests, not to mention open doors, but luckily the second one is not necessary.

On the other hand i always click on doors on PC (rarely do mechanisms).


Same can be achieved with 2 pressure plates and 5 pieces of wire.
It's convenient this way. Sure you could break a block and place another one in the same spot, but the devs thought up block swap (For 1.3.6). Try to look at it from that perspective, not a Post-Skeletron one.


Actually no, block swap is not comparable to this door stuff you guys propose. And actually having to open the doors manually in the early stages of the game and being able to automate them later on is a much more healthy thing than automatic doors from the very beginning.

Btw, later on doors are simply broken by monsters if you don't make some special traps, so actuated walls are the best way anyway, at least for the outer base doors.


I think the point is that automatic door open/close is useful for consoles, mobile, etc. On PC it is not needed as you can swiftly open/close with the mouse. Just like you build, aim and manage inventory easier with the mouse than with moving the cursor here and there.

Also, i agree that at later stages i simply add actuated walls or use platforms instead of doors for some rooms, not to mention simply making slim boxes for NPCs instead of actual rooms. So to some extent this mechanism is obsolete on PC.


Skeletron Prime
Wait you’re telling me this isn’t on pc! WHAT THE HECK! I play console and it is CRUCIAL for playing the game! Also they made it so doors can’t open when there’s something in the way which I absolutely hate because a lot of structures spawn this way.


I actuated 3 rainbow blocks to make my doors and used the pressure plates that only players can use (rainbow blocks for style and so you know where the door is):happy:
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