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    Alrighty, time for my second guide today. in this guide I would help you with Money problems.


    How to organize it
    Money should generally be in the Piggy Bank. If you need money just simply take it out.


    Ways to get it
    Before I start this section I wanna say that this is centered around hardmode.

    If you badly need money you can do these things:
    -Fight BoC or EoW
    -Go to the dungeon
    -Do some basic farming
    -Do some events
    -Sell some trash that you have

    Fight BoC or EoW
    Even if you're in late-hardmode this is needed. It's an excellent way to get money. When you kill the bosses you get about 5 gold which is an okay amount. You also get some bars and Tissue Samples or Shadow Scales. When you go home SELL ALL THE THINGS! So after the fight you'll get about 20 Gold. Which is a pretty fair amount for a pre-hardmode boss fight.

    Go to the dungeon
    This is one of the main ways to acquire money. Countless hordes of skeletons and bones and skulls and whatevers go try to wreck you. You can easily kill them. In return you'll get a good amount of money. This strategy is way more effective when you have bean the hardmode boss Plantera, since all the new dudes come, dropping more loot. If you spend about an hour there, you'd probably get some platinum coins. If you sell your loot too, you'll get even more money.

    Do some farming
    This strategy is a little more "lazy and slow", but it works, and that's all it matters! Do farms, you kill MANY enemies and have big chances of getting rare items that are worth a lot. If you want to make a farm then go look at another guide saying so, I'm far too lazy telling it myself.

    Do events
    Like other strategies it requires killing many creatures. Events in theory are harder than farming, but the loot is more rewarding.

    Sell some trash!
    Do sell stuff, but only do it if the offered value from the buyer is higher than the value you'd put it as. For example Crimtane/Demonite ore. It's a high value for the NPCs but for you they're just some pre-hardmode crap.


    Buying Things
    We always buy stuff. Like all the time, if it's for a recipe, emergency or just for fun we always spend our coins in a way. Here are some quick tips:

    -Don't buy extra items. Only buy the amount of items you think you're actually gonna use. An exception can be torches or potions.
    -Think if its really worth it
    -Buy decoration ONLY if you have lots o' money
    -Don't spam your Reforging, Legendary WON'T add +1000% damage.


    Other quick tips
    -Keep majority of your coins at base
    -When you're looting chests ALWAYS take the money
    -Don't put money in chests
    -Don't put money in your trash can
    -Don't buy the :red: from the Party Girl
    -If you're doing a class playthrough sell all the items for the other classes.
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    The Mechanic begs to differ. Other than that, good advice.
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    Thank you, yeah maybe the Mechanic is a little different. The problem is that you'd probably need lots of wires and you have to make wild assumptions to see how many you'd need. I think you should like take like 200 wires and if you ran out than head back to base to get more, something like that.
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    Hmm is fairly good but it can be hard to keep a piggy bank with you at all times because you need a platform or furniture to place it
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    Well it can be really useful, I always carry Piggy Banks.
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    Once you beat Skeletron, the Safe is another perfectly good place to keep your money. I personally like to keep it mostly empty for carrying back loot though. And remember you can have any number of Piggy Banks and they're cheap enough, so there's no reason not to have one permanently installed in your base for convenient access. Losing half the money from one expedition is a risk I'm willing to take, so I normally only deposit it when I get back.
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