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PC Been playing since Release, Hello Everyone!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DevAesthetic, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. DevAesthetic

    DevAesthetic Terrarian

    Hello everyone! I'm DevAesthetic and I've been playing Terraria since it's release on PC many years back when I was like 13 years old. I played Terraria on and off but in the recent years I have discovered Modding of the game became quite easier and that the game had plenty of updates that added tons new content to explore and play with. I'm not gonna lie, Terraria has to be one of my top 10 games of all time, It's so fun and addictive that while playing it, I lost the track of time and what feels like a short time ended up being the entire day lol. Anyways, I'm 21 years old who lives in the United States in Missouri, I used to live in Alabama however things changed when I met my gf online. We've been doing good and that I'm feeling very happy being with her. I currently work 12 hour shifts at a Factory and having a stable income, and being able to be off for 3-4 days playing Games, Especially Terraria. I do other things like Make games and stuff or learn about the latest computer components and even build computers. Technology is my niche and I love it so much. I'm probably putting in TMI here but it's a introduction.

    Terraria as I said, Is one of my favorite games. I love the base game itself so much, The game is so fun and that it gets even crazier later on with the weapons you get and the enemies you encounter. However, The Calamity mod made Terraria as a Staple game I would play tons more of. This game is great and if it wasn't for the Yogscast or Red and Blue's LP of the game, I would be missing out on a amazing game. I'll never forget just sitting down back when I was 13, Rewatching the trailer over and over again, Waiting for the trailer to come out. In the end, It was all worth it.

    Thank you Red and Blue for making this game, I dunno how much I just wanna say it but I'm just so thankful for being here and for yall to make such a great game. And I wanna thank the rest of the team for continuing to make such amazing updates for the game. I can't wait for 1.3.6 of Terraria, There seems to be so much to that update and that I'm very excited.

    Thank you once again.
    And Hello to everyone!
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  2. Defure

    Defure Golem

    Welcome to the forums, Dev! (If it's fine to call you that.) Would you like dragon?
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  3. DevAesthetic

    DevAesthetic Terrarian

    Hell yes!
  4. Defure

    Defure Golem

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  5. DevAesthetic

    DevAesthetic Terrarian

  6. RampageX

    RampageX Terrarian

    Welcome to the forums pal. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi there Dev, welcome to the forums. :merchantsmile:
  8. FlyKip

    FlyKip Retinazer

    Nice to meet you, Dev. Its pretty neat to see someone who has been playing the game since day 1 still having fun with it
  9. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Eye of Cthulhu

    I think it is a bit late, but hey, welcome to the forums, Dev! Good to know about you!