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Pixel Art Beginner Spriting Guide


I've got a finished sprite of a bloody machete and saved it as a .PNG file but I don't know how to get it onto here.
It depends on where you chose to save it. You should always choose to save your items in easily accessible and hard to forget places. I have a huge group of folders in my "images" section where I put all of my pictures. It should go there by default I assume if it's a PNG file.
There is an INCREDIBLY helpful armour frame spiting tool that you can get to help with armour spriting
Pretty sure Piskel and Aseprite are really good spriting tools.
Is Piskel a good appilication for sprites?
I use Piskel to sprite and i don't see any problems other then transparency, there's no in between,
you need to do it with the code if your modding.

mostly just saying this to tell others that its a good enough pixel art tool.
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