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Best boss sprite challenge!


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- You must have a boss sprite, boss summon, and a name for boss
- Map icons, story, Drops, etc. are allowed
- Have fun(cheezy)

i post one later too

I will post a poll later to show which boss is best
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Sign a contract stating that is no way will you use these for personal or financial gain, and I’m in.



Here's the entry :) going to make another one soon:

pixil-gif-drawing (1).gif


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He seems very on edge, almost as if he’s hiding something.
Members of the jury, it’s clear he is as guilty as a dog sitting in a pile of chewed up slippers

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pixil-frame-2 (1).pngpixil-frame-0 (3).pngpixil-frame-1 (1).png
This is just one I've had in my gallery awhile now and never really knew what I planned to do with it. I think I named him Lunatis given he's a moon. Not a very good name but eh. Summon's a moon rock.
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