Ultimate Difficulty Terraria Challenge.


After writing a post on my profile, I had this dumb idea for a challenge, and I would be interested in seeing if anyone would give it a try.

The challenge is simple: You need to start a new character playthrough, but there is a catch:
The world you'll start the new playthrough on, must be on Hardmode, Plantera must have been defeated (to make the Hardmode Dungeon trigger), and
the 4 moon pillars must be present in the world.
The world must not have any player made structures, and you may not store or take resources to it to ease your playthrough.

And to finish, you must face all progression related Terraria bosses before tackling on Moon Lord.

The rules? Well, no Journey Mode. You can't pass anything onto your character from external characters, neither enter with another character in that world
and place items in it. If you try playing it on difficulties higher than Softcore, I'll be impressed, but would be foolishness in my point of view.
You can take friends with you, to try making the game a bit easier, but they must be as new character as you are.
No mods that can alter gameplay, or make things easier for you. No special seeds. As much tempting as making Legendary difficulty can be, better leave the
game as base as possible.

Should someone decide to record the attempt, I'd be interested in seeing how you survive, heh.

If you want to avoid the trouble of setting up the world for the challenge, you can download the zip in this post, which contains 3 different worlds with the
specified world requirements enabled. Just do notice that I set the difficulty to Master Mode, since people might still find it too easy.

Well... Good luck.


  • Death Mode Worlds.zip
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I've seen the youtuber Wand of Sparking do a very similar challenge but without the pillars bit (start with all progression up to Golem done, only goal is to defeat ML in any way possible) so I might actually try that variant once 1.4.5 comes out with the "things to see what character goes in what world" thingy.
I'd do this version of the challenge but the pillars are already annoying (not painful or hard, just annoying) to deal with normally, and that's with a character with an 87% CSC on normal and 95% CSC on master (I recently changed it from attack bias to CSC bias)...
But still, this is a cool challenge either way.
Yeah, the pillars were added as an extra difficulty too.
Beside, for the goal of making the world as hardest as possible for new player characters, that helps too.
Yeah, fair enough. WoS did the challenge in expert, to counter the difficulty I guess. When I get to doing the challenge I'll start with no pillars & normal, but maybe I'll do one with pillars & normal and no pillars & expert
I've yet to beat Terraria on any difficulty above Expert...

Yet here we are. I'll likely be doing it solo, and I may record it. I'll post again here when I'm beginning the run.
I've yet to beat Terraria on any difficulty above Expert...
Yep, same here. I've managed to just barely kill ML on expert and I've also beaten the cultist and towers on Master but I currently just save&exit to skip/cancel Master ML since I my current setup isn't good enough
Are you allowed to take out the pillars before doing anything else? Or do you need to leave them standing until you actually get there in progression?
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