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  1. Scrubby Dubby

    Scrubby Dubby Terrarian

    I think I found the greatest way to start a new playthrough! Here is the quick and easy steps!
    1. Get the merchant to move in.
    2. Make the reinforced fishing pole
    3. Buy the bug net
    4. Run to the ocean and catch bait on the way
    5. Catch the reaver shark
    6. Make a hellevator, and collect obsidian, chests, and life crystals on the way
    7. Mine hellstone and get a hellforge from the underworld.
    8. Make molten armor and a weapon!
    Congrats, you just skipped Pre-Hardmode!
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  2. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Fishing is indeed powerful if you spend the time to fish up great loot. :merchantsmile:
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