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Drawings & Paintings Bezixx's random digital art

Discussion in 'Non-Terraria Creations, Art, & Literature' started by Bezixx, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    Hello there!

    I've started using PTSai recently and I'm learning to draw digital art. As for now I will mostly do it for myself, we'll see how far it goes, I may open requests in a future, when I improve. Needless to say I'm just a beginner and the most I can do is basing on references, also most of the options I pick are pretty simple, since I didn't get used to it, as for yet.​

    Here we go.

    Also don't except to find any Terraria-related pics here. For obvious reasons.


    This topic certainly will be upgraded in the future.

    And since I'm new in these things, I will accept critique as well as tips on how to improve my style, etc.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2015
  2. CurlyBrace

    CurlyBrace Plantera

    Wow, these are good even for just beginning!
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  3. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    Well, good that PTSai is beginner-friendly.
  4. Volkomaus Znustoba

    Volkomaus Znustoba Terrarian

    Damn son, where'd you find this?

    (they're really good btw, will you ever be taking requests?)
  5. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    In the future, aye. I need to learn some anatomy and shapes.
  6. Zanthor

    Zanthor Golem

    The main thing I have to say is to avoid pillowshading. (I'm referring to your sword drawing.) Choose 3 main shades and color each of the three areas of the blade (edge facing the light source, the middle portion of the blade, and the edge facing away from the light source) accordingly. Depending on what the blade is supposed to be made of, you may want to add a couple white reflection bars on the lightest part to make it look shiny. If you want it to look dull, then add a softer highlight.
  7. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    I'm still learning on overall coloring and shading, so I will keep that in mind.
  8. Zanthor

    Zanthor Golem

    Yeah, I'm still learning with shading myself, but I've been drawing swords for longer than I've been drawing anything else so I have a decent grasp on how to shade them. And if you need any help with color, just give me a picture that you think the color doesn't work in and I'll be able to tell you what colors would be a better fit in most cases. Also, something to take into account is light color and level, but that's for after you know what you're doing with "regular" shading. (the very basic medium strength white light coming from a single direction)
  9. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    Are you using PTSai as well? I was trying to shade with going for multiple layer colors and light levels, but it always went weird, not matter what, since I didn't know what to do at all. I'm mostly trying different ways on how to approach this, but now I somewhat have a better outlook on this. I did the one mistake and used a bucket, but I realized it way too late and tried to base it on this. Also colors I use for shading were blue and red and without proper knowledge, well, this went weird, so I just left it as is. But now I have a concept how to make light in a proper way.
  10. Zanthor

    Zanthor Golem

    I don't do digital art. I can't do :red: with a computer other than sprites. All my art is done with pencil, pen, and colored pencil if I decide to add color.
  11. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    Ah, I see. This is pretty a lot of work, I never messed with traditional drawing that much.
  12. Zanthor

    Zanthor Golem

    Yeah, with traditional art you don't have as many tools, but you have so much more control over everything. Really, it just boils down to 2 things: Knowing the software and being able to make art using a mouse instead of needing a brush/pencil/pen. If you have both of those, you're fine. If not, traditional art or an art tablet are the only real options available.
  13. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    I know, I'm just getting used to these options.
  14. MrToni250

    MrToni250 Terrarian

    Well that's not enough art, because you need make more. :indifferent:
  15. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    I'm doing that, it just goes a bit slowly, becuase I've spent a few hours doing linearts and the next 2 days I did nothing. Also my current WIP is from Terraria, so expect a Terraria-related art topic.
  16. MinieK

    MinieK Golem

    Stalking took me here. Don't ask. :naughty:
    But this is great! :eek: Keep it up!

    And yes, I'm aware the last reply is from October.
  17. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    It was even before I bought tablet.