tModLoader Biome Library - A ModBiome implementation with evil and hallow alt implementation!

Preview of one the biggest feature of 0.4/1.0, evil alt!

Can't wait to get started ~:D
Those prolly won't be in the current version, hell or jungle will probably come tough in the next version.
Neato, I was thinking of creating the depths (a suggestion from someone whom I cannot recall at this time). I think it would be pretty cool to have something different for a hell in the game.
0.4 is out! Extend mod biome and explore the possibility!

Hey Dradon, is there any chance youre still working on this?? it seems like an amazing and really helpful mod but i dont really know how to use it considering there is no github wiki yet (hopefully you will make one)! this threads explanation on how to use it says its outdated so im not really sure what to do as i am having an immense amount of problems with getting my modded biome to work so i would like to use this, thank you for any help
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