Bitpie's Terrariart (and much more!)

I draw cute girl OCs sometimes

She's a lock! I named her Smiffy. :O
Wow... I really, really like your art! You're very talented.
May I ask for a drawing of my character, Ashley? Here's some reference...
I don't mind how you do it, I'll like it any way. ;)
Hahaha, I get the thing before @Pixel. Since Criddle needs more references for my Terraria character Helios, Wynaut give him a shot? There's a reference by J.Kizt in my siggy, and I can give a brief explanation: Son of the Sun, fiery, main weapon is a Revolver, usually wears darker clothing such as his Necro Armor and Mysterious Cape. I can explain more if you'd like.
Can I request a drawing of my character Crystal?

As pose I want him pointing his sword at someone.
something similar to this
I didn't know you were taking requests. :' (

I'll request my avatar, done in your style. He's a bluebearded pirate.
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