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PC Blue 'Finally' Plays Terraria


For years since I left Terraria's dev team, people have been asking me to do let's plays of Terraria. I've put it off for a long time because when working on the game, playing it was all I ever did and I needed a break.
But I've finally decided to do it. So here it is!


Notes about my channel.
Terraria episode uploads will be mixed in with other series on my channel so while new episodes are forthcoming, a Terraria one may not be up every day. But most likely at least every other day.

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Just put up a vid of the first Blood Moon in my series. I completely forgot Dripplers were a thing.

So far I've only encountered a few things that I didn't recall being in the game before. I'm excited to see the new stuff. Watched a bit of the 1.3 trailer and saw some cool things.


Here are some more Boss Highlights of my ongoing lets play series

Defeating The Brain Of Cthulu.

World Hopping to Defeat the Eater Of Worlds

Defeating Skeletron

AND Today I reached Hardmode. Beat the Wall Of Flesh on Expert Mode.

Soon I'll be up to and passing the furthest I've ever been in Terraria .... Fighting the Twins.
Come join and watch!
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