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tAPI Blue_Raven's Mods

Discussion in 'Released' started by Blue_Raven, May 18, 2015.

  1. Blue_Raven

    Blue_Raven Official Terrarian

    This is a collection of all my mods. All mods were coded by me, with the help of some other people.
    All of my mods require tAPI r15 to be installed (Unless specifically stated otherwise).
    Shockah, PoroCYon, Yoraiz0r, and others for helping me create my mods.
    SaturnYoshi, for designing some textures for me.
    The entire TAPI dev team, for making TAPI

    Boss Health Bar Mod
    v 1.0.0 (First release)
    This mod adds A health bar showing a graphical representation of the health bar of the closest boss NPC. It also displays the boss's HP in numerical form over top of the health bar.
    This mod has 3 options:
    • Depletion Style - The way the health bar depletes. Options: (true) Depletes from the sides to the center, like skyrim's health bars. (false) Depletes from right to left, like a normal health bar. (Default)
    • Alpha - Customize the alpha (opaque-ness) of the health bar. Goes from 0 to 255, 0 being invisible, 255 being completely opaque. Default: 255. Note: doesn't work too well currently, I'd recommend you leave this alone.
    • Color - Customize the color of the health bar. Available colors: red (Default), green, blue, yellow, and the cursor color.
    The Eater of Worlds is NOT supported at the moment! (In other words, the health bar will not draw for him.)
    Lower alpha settings tinge the color with grey, a side-effect of having the background drawn below. I'd recommend you not mess with alpha unless you like muddy looking health bars.
    Fix/remove alpha option.
    More usable colors?
    Fix text centering
    Support Eow
    Phantom Blade Mod
    v 1.0.1
    This mod adds a new item called the Phantom Blade. This item is a sword that you can level up by killing enemies - more specifically, by collecting "Phantom bits" - little items that are dropped from all enemies. Bosses will drop 4 to 8 of these, whereas normal enemies have a 1 in 4 chance of dropping 1 to 2.
    The base damage of the sword is 20; however, the damage of the sword is increased with each level of the sword. A level is gained whenever you reach a certain amount of phantom bits in the sword (the current amount of bits, the level, and the amount of bits needed to level up are all shown in the tooltip of the sword.)

    The sword is crafted with a platinum/gold broadsword, 4 heart crystals, 4 mana crystals, 100 stone, 100 sand, 100 dirt, and 50 silt.
    This recipe is not really set in stone yet, and will likely change. Ideas for recipes are welcome.

    Note: the balance of this sword is LARGELY untested. This means it may be very easy to get a very powerful high damage sword very early game, if you get enough phantom bits. I'm going to tweak the balance of the sword according to feedback.
    Another note: This sword may not work properly with multiplayer - I haven't had a chance to test it there.
    If more than the amount of phantom bits needed to level up are collected in one stack, the sword's level isn't updated instantly. You have to collect another phantom bit for it to update.

    Rebalance sword?
    Add gun/mage stave that level up with pantom bits (Phantom blaster/Phantom stave)

    I will expand this list of mods as I create more. There are only two mods at the moment, but I do plan on adding more.
    Make sure you have TAPI installed before trying to install any of my mods!
    Installing my mods are very simple.
    Simply download the mod. After doing so, you can simply double click on the mod in order to have it copied into the proper directory.
    If this doesn't work, Navigate to your local Terraria folder (for me it's C:\Users\<User>\Documents\my games\Terraria), then go to the tapi folder, the mods folder, and finally, the local folder. Simply copy and paste the mod into this folder, and you should be able to activate it in tapi.

    If you have a problem with any of my mods, you can give me feedback by posting in this thread, via PM, or through the #TAPI IRC channel (which I am often on.)

    NOTE that if the game is crashing, PLEASE show me the error that it gives you, otherwise it's unlikely I'll be able to help you.
    Crashes usually happen in game without the game closing, but if it does close, logs can usually be found in (C:\Users\<User>\Documents\my games\Terraria\tAPI\Logs).

    BossHealthBar: none yet.
    v 1.0.1: fixed phantom bits being craftable with 50 dirt.

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      808 bytes
    Last edited: May 23, 2015
  2. Saturnyoshi

    Saturnyoshi Terrarian

    Wow those sprites on the Phantom Blade mod look ugly they belong in a dump. (jk)

    Anyway, good job! What are you planing to make next?
    Blue_Raven likes this.
  3. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Nice to see a new modder in the community!
    Blue_Raven and Saturnyoshi like this.
  4. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Je regarde on the forums and I see :

    Ahem sorry, don't be afraid, It's just that i've always wanted to see this in Terraria.

    Well it looks really cool ! Gonna try these mods out !

    Oh yeah, I forgot :

    I forgot again : Welcome on the mods forums !

    Achievement unlocked : you just found a :joy: !
    Blue_Raven likes this.
  5. _Mish

    _Mish Skeletron Prime

    This is pretty cool! Really nice work :)
    Blue_Raven likes this.
  6. Blue_Raven

    Blue_Raven Official Terrarian

    Honestly, I have no idea what I'm going to do next.
    I'm probably not going to try to make any big mods - I've tried before, and most of them just end up unfinished. I'll probably just stick to small tweaking mods.
    I'm open to suggestions, however.

    Thank you very much for the kind words :)
    Saturnyoshi likes this.
  7. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    Boss.. health.. bar... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWESSSSOMEEEE I don't think we need more than a boss health bar, but does it work with modded bosses? If it does.. no comment.. at least no comment needed it's just amazing

    Edit : I just looked up and u said u are open for suggestions right? Could u try doing something with pets? ( but with a smart AI if u know how to use .cs 'cause i am pretty sure .cs is used to make AI in tAPI so yeah and.. gtg.. cs portable is waiting for me
    Last edited: May 19, 2015
  8. IcyPenguin

    IcyPenguin Plantera

    "This item is a sword that you can level up by killing enemies"
    "a sword that you can level up"
    "level up"

    Welp, you won't be seeing me on the forums for a few days, I'll be too busy killing enemies in Terraria.
    KinfThaDerp and Blue_Raven like this.
  9. Blue_Raven

    Blue_Raven Official Terrarian

    The health bar should work with modded bosses, yes :).
    As for custom pets, I could try doing something with that. I've never worked on pets before, although I have done a bit of stuff with normal npcs. It shouldn't be that different...

  10. Kaji Invisus

    Kaji Invisus Steampunker


    You can craft phantom bits with a dirt. 50 Phantom Bits per piece of dirt.
  11. Blue_Raven

    Blue_Raven Official Terrarian

    Whoops! Forgot to remove that - sorry. I've fixed it.
  12. Kaji Invisus

    Kaji Invisus Steampunker

    Thanks! Well, here's another...Well, not really a problem, but a recommendation.

    Is it possible that you could make a similar weapon, called the Phantom Hammer? What it does is, instead of it being stronger with each level, it gets more knockback.

    Or, even, the Phantom Bow, which shoots arrows faster and faster (Both velocity and fire rate), as you collect phantom bits?

    I'unno, it just seems that having a single phantom weapon is a bit..Lacking.
    Blue_Raven likes this.
  13. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    Suggestion - Map Extended - U can do waypoints, The map has an ability to use different textures ( like in Minecraft's rei minimap there was a Zan Minimap look and a Rei Minimap look ) , U can check somebody's inventory if u hover the mouse over his name ( and he is in ur party )

    That might be a challenge for u.. but i like giving people challenges for some reason , sometimes :p

    Edit : Just a not needed edit ftw. Yup
  14. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    I'm sorry but there is no point in making such a mod.
    The nature of Terraria (2D game) is mainly why you can not be lost.
    Unless you are REALLY bad at looking on this map you cannot miss your home/farm/npc town.
    And don't tell me it is for teleportation ; some items exist for that (and FCM exists to get them.)
    Next update will even feature teleportation on players from the same party (and you already know they are in, no need to hover cursor on them).

    Players' inventory checker is unneeded. I mean unless it comes into a plugin for admins to check some items I don't know why this would be used.
    Side note : I like privacy, be it IRL or IG.
    Again, in the next update, people will be able to show off a bit of their stuff in the chat so it has to be THEIR choice if they wanna show you their Legendary Meowmere.

    I'm not wishing to see this mod because of its uselessness. Sorry if I "hurt" you :)


    About the phantom items, some above suggested Hammer and Bow...
    Let's also add the phantom Rod (Magic) and the Ghostling Staff (Summoning) to it !
  15. Blue_Raven

    Blue_Raven Official Terrarian

    I like the idea of having other types of phantom weapons - I think I'll try and implement some more.

    I also like these ideas! The summoning staff thing might be a bit hard to create, but I'll try my hand at it.
  16. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    A boss health mod is exactly what I've been looking for!

    I was disappointed that Shockah abandoned his TConfig mod but hopefully this will be a solid replacement.

    EDIT: I tried it out but I have some minor complaints.
    • The health bar is too far down at least on my 1920x1080 monitor. It's annoying having to constantly peer at the very bottom of my screen to check the boss's health.
    • The health bar does not display the name of the boss
    • The light grey background of the health bar makes it hard to read the amount of health remaining when the boss gets below 50%.
    Consider making some changes.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2015
  17. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    I love the idea of boss bar, i was big fan of Shockah's one. I have a few suggestions for you:
    -Scrap the idea of selecting colors in options. Instead, boss bar could have fixed color. Why? See next point.
    -Multiple color bars for some bosses. Example: Eye of Chtulhu - before he transforms the bar color is orange, and as it deplets, behind it is red one, orange would deplete halfway thru the fight, and when eye of cthulu transforms, the red one starts to deplete. This could work for EoC, Twins (displaying two seperate bars), Plantera, Duke Fishron).
    -mini bars for bosses like skeletron and skeletron prime, that shows health of their hands.
    -I havent's tested it, but if you have boss bars for event bosses like everscream or icequeen, i would advice to make them not appear, because you can fight multipile of them.
    -an option to make name and numerical presentetion of hp optional, so you can turn them on and off seperatly. Also, an option to make them appear above, belov, or on the bar.
    -and option to move the boss bar to the top, or the bottom of the screen.
  18. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    Just some of my wants with the health bar. Add names above the health bar? Stack 2 health bar at a time. Either way nice mod :dryadgrin:
  19. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    I endorse these ideas
  20. alexjay1

    alexjay1 Terrarian

    Me too