1. razorbladetyphoonbest

    razorbladetyphoonbest Eye of Cthulhu

    Im on mobile but ill put pc bosses as i can imagine fighting them

    Normal mode.
    1.King slime (ofc i think even copper shortsword could kill it)
    2.EOC (Flaming arrows or shurikens and silver armor destroys him)
    3.EOW (Piercing weapons make him look like a joke)
    4.BOC (he isnt immune to knockback so if u get the rotted fork from a crimson heart hes quite ez)
    5.Queen Bee (you got a good source of healing in the start (HONEY)can be dodged with sandstorm in a bottle just use a platinum bow with fire arrows or jester arrows (to kill the bees quickly) with at least silver armor then ez win
    5.skeletron prime (clockwork rifles with atleast silver bullets titanium armor and a gravitational potion or wings kill him [Dont go to high or a wyvern can ruin the fight])
    6.skeletron (weirdly enough i put prime first but if ur bad at dodging and u dont have an arena hes hard even if u got crimson/corrupt tools)
    7.Golem (i heard u can actually trap him in a cage LOL so u can do that and spam death sickle and avoid the lasers once he is low (its easier said than done those lasers are actually quite hard to dodge as soon as his head flies) or u can use actuators to destroy the altar and put it on an arena where u can fight him well without getting killed by traps)
    8.the twins (seeing how most people kill the destroyer first you would have the megashark use crystal bullets or cursed bullets to make the job quicker and a big arena and enough speed you can beat them fast [if u didnt kill the destroyer yet use clockwork assault)
    9.lunatic cultist (from what i see in videos his attacks are easy to dodge so using something like terra blade or tsunami with a high damaging arrow (OPTIONAL) and how he isnt really so tanky he could be killed fast but i dont really know how hard it is if he makes copies of himself and u hit the wrong one (for people fighting him the first time no research)
    10. The destroyer (i think hes hard ONLY because i mostly rely on debuffs and hes immune to all of them but demon scythe bullies him if u can dodge the endless lasers after u make him low)
    11.Moon lord (putting a block above u like wood can help u avoid his eye laser which would probably kill u most of the time + solar eruption goes through walls so you can still hit his top eye and as soon as all his eyes are dead you just have to dodge)
    12.Plantera (hard only if u dont use arenas and u found the bulb on a small space if u can dodge frostbite armor (for frostburn) golden shower (for ichor debuff) any bow with flame arrows (to burn him) and a megashark with cursed arrows you can do it quickly)
    13.Wall of flesh:Hes in a high spot mostly because laser spam when hes low and its not like there are enough hives in the jungle to kill him with beenades quickly becomes almost 5x harder without a bridge so the lava wont kill u using molten armor is recommended very hard to melee him so just use a molten fury with jesters arrow to kill the hungry or minishark (i dont remember if meteor shots pierce but if they do plz use them) to kill him
    14.duke fishron (i almost forgot to put him): his drops are one of the best items for the lunar events so you should kill him hes very fast with high damage so dodging is hard and sharknadoes are annoying and i still havent killed him as a summoner after alot of tries to beat him just be one of those guys using vamp knives and beetle armor (unless the vamp knives were nerfed and i didnt know about that)

    I feel like im missing a boss im not adding ocram the turkey guy or lepus because i just dont want to
    Im not putting expert mode because i feel like my list will be too long especially because i put explanation
    Just tell me if u hate the explanations ill remove them
  2. Technohelper

    Technohelper Steampunker

    36 being the easiest
    1 being the hardest

    36: King Slime
    35: EoW
    34: EoC
    33: BoC
    32: WoF
    31: Skeletren
    30: Queen Bee
    29: Crabulon
    28: Destroyer
    27: Desert Scourge
    26: Hive Mind
    25: The Perforators
    24: Golem
    23: Plantera
    22: Moon Lord
    21: Slime God
    20: Cryogen
    19: Astrum Deus
    18: Astrum Aureus
    17: Skele Prim
    16: Twins
    15: Plaguebringer Goliath
    14: Dook Fushren
    13: Siren & Leviathan
    12: Ravager
    11: Lunatic Cultist
    10: Brimstone Elemental
    9: Profaned Guardians
    8: Providence
    7: Polterghast
    6: Bumblebirb
    5: Calamitas
    4: Sentinels of the Devourer
    3: Devourer of Gods
    2: Yharon
    1: Supreme Calamitas

    haha calamity included. soooo. in your face
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  3. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    You find the DOG that easy?
  4. Technohelper

    Technohelper Steampunker

    Yeah, I kinda messed up on the sorting. I meant this: 36 (easy) - 1 (hard)
  5. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    I dont see how Queen Bee and Mr. Krabs is harder than WoF. Can you please explain?

    Why i ask is because i find Mr. Krabs heccing easy
  6. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    Alright, I play on expert mode, so I'll sort them accordingly...

    1: King Slime (the rope trick makes it actually impossible for you to get hit by him unless a demon eye decides to do a funny joke)
    2: Skeletron Prime (his melee arms are really easy to dodge and you can just dodge his projectiles by literally flying in one direction with wings)
    3: Golem (This boss is easy even if he isn't trapped, I don't get why people even bother...)
    4: Brain of Cthulhu (Creepers die too fast and illusions are easy to see through)
    5: Eater of Worlds (he simply doesn't do enough damage and doesn't have enough health...)
    6: Wall of Flesh (He would be hard... If bee weapons didn't exist.)
    7: The Destroyer (He would be hard... If the Daedalus Stormbow didn't exist.)
    8: Lunatic Cultist (I've fought him so many times that I rarely get hit... my stupid minions keep summoning Phantasm Dragons though. He probably deserves to be lower on this list but I need to give credit to my favorite boss.)
    9: The Twins (eh... I don't really know... I just have a bit of trouble with these two for one reason.)
    10: Skeletron (his arms are easy to dodge because of how telegraphed they are. The skull projectiles, however...)
    11: Queen Bee (I don't know why I hate this boss so much... THANK RED FOR THE SHIELD OF CTHULHU!)
    12: Duke Fishron (I find his dashing easy to dodge with an antigrav hook and a spammy weapon... Phase 3 is still hard though.)
    13: Plantera (I have a very quick but risky strategy, getting in close and flying in tight circles over and over during the first phase and running like heck during the second phase! I usually die in the first phase though... but at least the second phase is easy because there aren't projectiles.)
    14: Moon Lord (This boss is harder then you think... it's not the phantasmal deathray that kills me, it's the coordinated attacks the true eyes use, the deathray is easy to dodge, why do people block it?)
    15: Eye of Cthulhu (I'm being completely serious here... Why is he hard...? Because I normally fight him very early on... and then he has a new attack in his second phase in expert mode that is literally impossible to react to fast enough and requires a LOT of mobility to avoid. I absolutely HATE this boss and dread fighting him in hardcore expert...)

    Edit: forgot to mention that I sorted them by the difficulty when you fight them as soon as possible, not with an endgame character
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    I don't think that's a valid statement anymore, Cenx said she was patching that in 1.3.6
  7. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    Well, It was valid when I said it and it still is until 1.3.6
  8. Halt

    Halt Golem

    For me... (Old one's army do not count yet.)

    18. King Slime (Teleportation might be working if not for a fact I didn't even need the rope trick - all you need is to break the AI of Slimes and it. You don't need flat terrain... and it's better that way too!)
    17. Golem (Even spawning can cheese him! Not to mention that he's not that strong on Expert Mode either.)
    16. Lunatic Cultist (This and above two lie victim to homing guns and frequent boss breakers. If you're crazy enough, Piranha Gun is all you need. Oh, and dodging skill.)
    15. Skeletron Prime (Perfectly manages to screw up their strong side in expert mode.)
    14. Queen Bee (Another pushover - only deadly thing? Newbie trying to kill her. Otherwise see 16.)
    13. Eater of Worlds (Worm AI is prone to mistakes... Even in Expert Mode (and you can destroy the projectiles). Yet as a pushover drops valuable item.)
    12. Eye of Cthulhu (Oookay, actually died to the superdashes, but only because of mana running out... and that wasn't on ranger one.)
    11. Brain of Cthulhu (Actually not a pushover, yet drops a pushover item.)
    10. Ice Queen (Warmth Potion exists for this reason.)
    9. The Destroyer (Do not bring weapon NOT piercing it. You'll die.)
    8. Wall of Flesh (Hohoho! Probably the only boss that can't be beaten without bridge or lava waders.)
    7. Skeletron (Newbies will have troubles with him in Expert. Experts might see 15. Skeletron Prime.)
    6. Plantera (I'd have an objection, though. Outgunning her works perfectly fine.)
    5. Pumpking (Boneripper more dangerous than Plantera)
    4. Duke Fishron (Cheap pushover. You can skip him or if you manage - outpace the damage he deals with your own damage.)
    3. The Twins (Pile of argh. Doesn't help that you CAN'T get cornered, and being cornered is death sentence.)
    2. Moon Lord (With extreme prejudice, I have taken revenge. Yes, he's possible if you manage to circle him, although you need to endure him to. In short - do NOT underestimate him. You can still die if you don't take caution. But oh boy, a water arena is either blessing or curse. Projectiles are slower, so either you might have easy time dodging it, or you get ripped off by Moon Lord.)
    1. Martian Saucer (I have never before beat it cheeseless in the Expert mode... yes, I admit, I tried to beat it once, but it killed me.)
  9. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    Don't even get me started on the Martian Saucers.
  10. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    I remember my first ever time fighting one, died about 5 times to its Deathray. Even now I still have to stand under blocks to avoid it, the Moon Lord's Deathray isn't as dangerous as the Martian Saucer's.
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  11. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    Yeah, it needs a nerf. It's either ridiculously hard, or long and boring.
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  12. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    300 damage in NORMAL mode, that's 2 hits and you're dead, plus it moves so quickly that I don't get a chance to avoid it.
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  13. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    Yeah, I even had trouble fighting it in the calamity mod.
  14. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    If you have a dash the second phase is easy, the first phase however...
  15. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    I find the first phase to be easy, but the second to be a pain.
  16. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    :p I'll just drag you into my world for the first phase then (JK)
  17. Dragrath

    Dragrath Skeletron Prime

    On Normal Mode
    King slime
    Eye Of Cthulhu
    Brain Of Cthulhu
    Eater Of Worlds
    Queen Bee
    Wall Of Flesh
    Skeletron Prime
    Lunatic Cultist
    Duke Fishron
    Moon Lord

    On Expert Mode
    King Slime
    Eye Of Cthulhu
    Brain Of Cthulhu
    Eater Of Worlds
    Queen Bee
    Wall Of Flesh
    Skeletron Prime
    Destroyer (Swaped position in anticipation of Storm Bow Nerf)
    Lunatic Cultist
    Duke Fishron

    *Vast insurmountable chasm of impossibility* (i.e. never won against the below in expert)

    Moon Lord (because I can't dodge for the life of me in expert and apparently fail as Nurse Cheese too if they really do make his lasers pass through blocks I'll never be able to win in Normal Mode :( Can win in Normal without Cheese but if the beam goes through blocks that will no longer be true)

    Event Bosses:
    Flying Dutchman(wouldn't even count it were it not for the trophy less dangerous than the Pirates it spawns)
    Dark Mage
    Mourning Wood
    Betsy (Not sure how I would rate her pre Lunar event as came out after I played through most of the game so may need to re-adjust position )
    Ice Queen
    Martian Saucer (instant death Ray of Uber Death Tried to fight non cheese and it is nigh impossible I won once but was promptly killed by the second saucer that spawned after the destruction of the first. You Need the Fishron or UFO Mount and spammable High DPS particularly the Phantasm or Last Prism (If not minding Mana Sickness)

    Note Holiday Moon event bosses are variable for the wave based events
  18. krd1749

    krd1749 Terrarian

    I think solar eruption was designed specifically for the Moon Lord so is that really cheesing? It's reach is exactly as long as the distance to Moon Lord's eyes.

    I can't beat Duke Fishron even with end-game equipment so he is my hardest by far.
  19. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    Profaned Guardians are harder than Providence herself IMO, i think this boss even should be №1 due main guardian's chasing the player ability.
    Astrum Aerus deals a lot of damage but his attacks are easy to dodge, might put lower.
    Also the Slime God is actually weak against weapons from The Abyss, i reccomend using them, this boss is supposed to be fought right before WoF actually.
    Cryogen is also ez if you have frost armor
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  20. Why do so many people find the martian saucer impossible? Its hard no-cheese, of course, but its not as hard as people make it seem like.