Broomsticks: More Than Meets the Eye

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    Preface: Welcome, one and all, to a brand new thread!
    "What? From Red H2O? But that guy just comments on statuses and makes vague sexual innuendos!" I hear you cry.
    Yes, I do both of those. But once upon a time I also made suggestion threads. And now I shall do so once again!
    Also, this thread is semi-dedicated to everybody's favorite Witch, @W1K. Love ya, bae. <3 (Please don't hit me...)
    So, without further rambling, lettuce begin to relish this thread!

    Edit 1, Dec. 18, 2014: Reformatted Broomstick buff list for better clarity, changed the effects of Pearlwood and Spooky Wood to be more balanced/useful, and added the lovely sprite by @Everybody. Also, the Flying Broomstick is now crafted officially at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil.
    Edit 2, Dec. 19, 2014: Added three new sprites, (Broomstick and Flying Broomstick courtesy of @nealpd, Enchanting Table courtesy of @GIRGHGH, with an edit from @Everybody).

    Let's talk about witches. When you say the word "witch", what comes into your head? Macbeth, by Shakespeare? Halloween hijinks? Chances are, it's that most iconic of cleaning utensils, the Broomstick.


    - Sprites always welcome. It looks how you think it looks: a broomstick, but varies color (and slightly shape) based on the wood used.
    - Type: Weapon, Crafting Material
    - Crafting: 10 Wood (Any Kind. For now, type of wood only affects appearance.), 20 Hay Blocks, at a Work Bench
    - Damage: 8
    - Knockback: 2
    - Rarity: White
    - Use Time: 15
    - Sell: 5 Copper
    - Tooltip: "Little value"
    - "What is this a joke? You start making threads again, and this is what you present us with?!?!one!!1" Oh, yea of little faith, loud voice in my head. For, while it may not appear so immediately, this unimpressive bit of wood and straw may yet save us all. Also, as an important note, for the use of Hay as a crafting recipe to be viable, the Merchant will now sell the Sickle any time the player has Pumpkin Seeds in their inventory (a bit of Holiday festivity on the old man's behalf.)

    So, you now have a bit of stick with straw at the end of it. Great. "But what now?", I hear you ask. Well, then you do what most people do with weak weapons: stuff it in some dusty chest. You won't need it again until Hardmode, anyway. That's when our good friend the Wizard has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

    Enchanting Table

    - Sprites always welcome. A small grey box with little to no distinguishing factors other than a quill and ink well sitting on it, and small, red, pulsating runes on the side.
    - Type: Furniture
    - Placable: Yes
    - Dimensions: 3 Wide by 3 High
    - Max Stack: 99
    - Rarity: Orange
    - Use Time: 14
    - Buy: 10 Gold
    - Despite the name, it cannot be used to craft the Enchanted Sword or Enchanted Boomerang. For now, the only purpose it has is to craft a single item: the Apprentice's Wand. (More items for this station may be added in the future. It may even get it's won thread, but for now it will serve it's purpose.)

    Apprentice's Wand
    - Sprites welcome. Looks like a stereotypical Magician's Wand: mostly black with a white tip.
    - Type: Magic Weapon, Direct Damage
    - Crafting: 10 Obsidian, 30 Pixie Dust, 2 Diamonds, at an Enchanting Table
    - Damage: 12
    - Knockback: 3
    - Mana: 5
    - Velocity: 4
    - Rarity: Green
    - Use Time: 40
    - Sell: 5 Silver
    - Tooltip: "Abra-Kadabra"
    - "Are you %[email protected]!^ kidding me?! This is even worse than the first thing! The Enchanting Table has a better rarity than the on thing it is used to make! This will do one damage to any Hardmode monster!" You know what else will do 1 damage to Hardmode monsters? Your crying, you pansy. This is basically the Gem Stave's younger brother: slower, weaker, smaller, the underdog. But now, ladles and jellyspoons, it gets good.

    So, you have a broomstick of some color sitting in a chest. You remember than it said something about being a crafting material. Dragging it out of your chest, you ask the guide about it. He smiles, and shows you this:

    Flying Broomstick

    - Sprites always welcome. The broomstick of your color, but now with a glimmering, shiny look about it.
    - Type: Mount Summon
    - Crafting: 1 Broomstick (any type), 20 Souls of Flight, 1 Snitch, at a Mythril/Orichalcum anvil
    - Rarity: Yellow
    - Use Time: 19
    - Tool Tip: Item: "Summons a rideable Flying Broomstick" Buff: "YER A WIZARD *player name, in all caps*"
    - Sell: 5 Gold
    - A neat little Mount that allows you to hover in the air, indefinitely. However, it is slow, and a bit clunky. But the best part is that block can be placed when using it. Builders, rejoice! But wait, hold on a second... Broomstick? Check. Souls? Check. Snitch? What? What on Earth is that? Read on, dear reader. Read on.

    - Sprites Welcome. Do I even need to explain this one? It's about the size of a butterfly, and looks like the Snitch from Harry Potter.
    - Type: Critter
    - Environment: Hallowed, during Solar Eclipses
    - AI Type: Modified Butterfly AI
    - Damage: 0
    - Max Life: 5
    - Defense: 0
    - KB Resist: 0%
    - This is basically a mix between a butterfly and everyone's favorite thing in Terraria: Truffle Worms!!!
    Screams Echo From the Comments!
    Now, contain your excitement. Here's the good news: the only thing that can damage it is you, which will protect it during a Solar Eclipse. The bad news: it moves. FAST. Think that Wyvern, ten times faster, and moving any direction in the air. You better be fast, punk.

    Now, that enough would be a good end to this thread. But I'm a glutton for punishment, and have lots of free time, so I present to you: a shameless Mickey Mouse homage.

    We all love weapon racks. But what if they could be raised to the next level? Well, now they can. Simply place a Broomstick of any kind on a weapon rack, and fire the Apprentice's Wand at it. It will instantly transform into a unique, adorable minion, similar to the broomstick in The Sorcerer's Apprentice! However, these have a few unique rules:
    - They persist through world transfers and deaths, and can only be cancelled by firing another blast of the Apprentice's Wand at them, after which they will again drop as simple Broomsticks of their type.
    - Each Broomstick summoned takes up two whole stars of Mana. They are now bound to the Broomstick, and do not refill for as long as the Broomstick is still in use. This means that, without any buffs to Mana, 5 Broomstick can be in use at once.
    - An unlimited number of Broomsticks of one type can be in action at once.
    - Most Important: Depending on the wood that makes up the Broomstick, it has a special ability:
    -- Normal Wood: Increases block placement and mining speed 15% per Broomstick.
    -- Rich Mahogany: Plants in your presence grow twice as quickly per Broomstick, applied additively.
    -- Ebonwood: Increases Melee speed by 5% per Broomstick.
    -- Shadewood: +0.5 life every second per Broomstick. (May need balancing.)
    -- Pearlwood: All weapons/tools/most actions (even placing blocks) cast light particles. Each Broomstick increases the intensity and duration of the light from the particles by 25%.
    -- Boreal Wood: Increases Melee damage by 5% per Broomstick.
    -- Palm Wood: +5% chance per Broomstick to buy/craft/mine between one to five extra items per action.
    -- Dynasty Wood: -5% NPC prices per Broomstick.
    -- Spooky Wood: Increases chance for Stars (the mana restoring kind) to drop off of enemies by 20% per Broomstick. (High-risk, high-reward for Mages, eh?)

    Phew! That's the gist of it, folks! I did make this in one sitting, and late at night, so if there are any typos, please let me know! I'm very open to suggestions, questions, and concerns, so please write a comment, and have a great day!
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    I first read this as Boomsticks: More Than Meets the Eye, and I didn't care to read any of it. It's a great suggestion though, as soon as I read BROOMSTICKS. Also, expect a sprite in the near future.
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  3. Everybody

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    HEY... Broomstick.png
  4. W1K

    W1K Witch

    + Has my name in it
    + Witchy
    + Can make it purple
    + Effort at making it fune
    + Free get burned alive by angry townspeople ticket
    - Necessary negative point to make this believable
    11/10 it's alright -IGN

    If I can point a few things out, about the passive broomstick companions effects, you cannot possibly make an NPC ignore every player as they all are specifically coded to spawn from one side of the screen and plan all their movements depending on a single targetted player and ofc making an AI edit for every single NPC to allow for such a feature would be way too much work (altho making it a threat reducing effect would work, much like Shroomite Armor's), plus the mana regen bonus is kinda derpy as having less max mana is going to slow down your mana regen.
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    Ouch Red Hydrogen 2 Oxygen, your "Bae" doesn't even love you... AND makes a point... at least my sprite is good!
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    The feedback is much appreciated, as is the approval! I did have a bit of a moment of pause when designing an effect for the Pearlwood Broomstick, but I can most certainly have another go at it. And I'm probably going to elaborate more on the Spooky Wood Broomstick in the OP. The basic idea of it is that it makes the Mana regenerate as if the player had more stars than they really do. Think of it like a Mana Regeneration, but one that gets progressively more powerful.
    Nah, man, it's all about that Tsundere attitude.
    And I'll definitely add that sprite to the OP, and still accept all sprites from anyone that wants to make one.
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    I was kidding, bro.
  8. Thee Pie Man

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    Looks great and well thought out to me. We need a little more magic in the game me thinks and this topic gives me that magical wonder that would be in such a game such as Terraria. Nicely done.

    Only thing I'd suggest is possibly adding variants in which you could upgrade to things like the nimbus 2000 and Firebolt. (Names could be tweaked to avoid copyright or whatever.) Which would make the original flying broom faster/can actually fly a small distance/dash through the air about double ninja dash?

    Otherwise all and all I enjoyed reading and looking at the suggestion.
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    Real Talk: I've never actually read or seen Harry Potter. I just know what the Snitch and Quidditch were because they are so popular. But I will take your idea into consideration. Who knows, maybe it could give the Enchanting Table a little more work to do...
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    I see you've been doing a lot of self-monologue-ing again.
    You have my support just for all that.

    But don't worry, for the suggestion too.
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    One 2000 coming up, sire?
  13. Red H2O

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    I've named the angry voice in my head Gerald. Say hello, Gerald.
    "Go %!^@ yourself."

    Most likely tomorrow. I just made this whole thing at once, and I require fattening foods and sleep.
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    Alright, you and your fattening foods must say goodbye first.
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    Huh. From that quote alone, I would've called him :red: Cheney.
  16. Everybody

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    DERPAHERPA. The thing automatically :red:'d it out.

    GIRGHGH Plantera

    How's about this for an enchanting table:
    Not the best but the best I could make. The thing on the left is an open book on a stand.
  18. Everybody

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    I refined the sprite a bit...


    GIRGHGH Plantera

    Thanks, I used paint so it has no transparency.
  20. Baconfry

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    Oh yeah, we're way overdue for flying broomsticks. Have all my support, all of it.
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