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PC Building Materials Incorporated (Open on Saturdays with exceptions)

Did I serve you well? If at all? (Please do not vote if you have not used the service.)

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Atomic Fail Hawk

Official Terrarian
This shop is a little side project of mine, it will probably shut down sometime in the future because I'm really lazy, but don't let that discourage you from using this service! It will save you a lot of time and energy to work on other things while I get you the products you need!

Have you ever needed a boat load of dirt to fill up some land, but didn't have the time/space/energy/resources or really any want to go and get that dirt?
Welp, neither do I,
but I'll do it if you pay me!

Category of items we sell:
Blocks, Walls, Furniture, Contained Liquids, Seeds, and specific other materials listed below

You might read this spoiler because it explains a lot of what I do and what you should do when using my service.
The way this works is:
  1. You ask for a specific type of block, the amount needed, and when you need it as a reply to this thread;
  2. I tell you how much it will cost, when I'll be able to get it to you, and how you'll go about getting it;
  3. You friend me on Steam for a temporary amount of time, then I'll message you the instructions via Steam Chat;
  4. Join the server I invite you to, then follow the directions I give you.
I don't have infinite friend space so you'll be unfriended as soon as the transaction is through. If anything happens that is against my personal terms of service (listed below) the transaction will be terminated. The transaction will only be held on my own server, no exceptions. Trades of goods instead of gold IS allowed if I agree to the item(s) in question.

Please abide the following:
  • Don't ask for an incomprehensible or impossible amount of any item
  • Do not destroy, mine, chop down, or hammer ANYTHING on my map, the transaction will be terminated, and you will be blacklisted (you can't use this service again)
  • Please stay in the building, do not run around the map during our transaction. It is meant to be a quick and simple process.
  • You must provide your Steam account when asking for this service, and it will only take place over Steam.
  • Only blocks and walls will be sold in bulk. Please don't ask for anything else at very high quantities as they can not be provided.
  • You are not allowed to take advantage of "single purchase fees" by only buying a portion of what you eventually will come back to buy later. (This is only if you are intentionally buying less than what you want to avoid paying, then coming back for more. This is plainly seen by people who want to buy Lihzahrd traps but don't want the extra 10 silver for every extra block, so they'd buy one block for 2 gold, then come back and buy another for only 2 gold.) It's one thing if you forget some blocks you need, it's another if you purposely scam the system. This activity is only allowed if you are bypassing the premium service by buying only what you can without paying extra, then coming again to get more. The reason this is allowed is because premiums are just that, premium purchases. They're for people who need a little extra more quickly. If you have the time to come back later to get the rest of what you needed then by all means do!

You should probably read this spoiler because it's important.
Here is the list of items that I do not sell, though they fit into the above categories:
Ores, Ingots, Paintings, Statues, Blocks/Walls that you can buy from NPCs, Silt, Slush, Desert Fossils, or expensive material made Blocks/Walls (gemspark, gold bricks, etc.).
Depending on what you want to buy, everything takes some time to obtain and get to you. I have my own personal warehouse full of many items that will be sold (it is not located in the trading map so don't even look), those items include:
Dirt, Stone, Pink Dungeon Bricks, Mud, Sand, Ebonstone, Ebonsand, Ebonsnow, Pink Snow, Pearlstone, Pearlsand, various wood, Snow, Clouds, and a few others.
These items are able to be almost instantly obtained due to me already having them, therefore; if you want an item that is on this list, you won't have to wait long for it.
Waiting times for items that are not on this list can be anywhere from an hour to a few days. Waiting times can not be sped up with money because it takes time for me to be able to get all this stuff, you're simply paying for the service so you don't have to waste any time doing it. Also, estimated times that I give you come before anything that can happen to me IRL, so if my parents take me somewhere for the whole day, or I have to go to school, that comes first. I will ALWAYS let you know if that happens, you shouldn't have to wait forever without knowing what's going on.

  • I ultimately get to decide if I want to take on the task you give me. I will also give you a price based on said task.
  • There is no negotiating or bargaining with prices. What I say is final, if you decide not to use the service because it is too steep, that's up to you.
  • I will NEVER try to take your stuff without giving you what you paid for! PVP will always stay off on my server unless you decide to grief or something extreme like that.
  • If somebody claims to be me on Steam or something, you can make sure it's me by checking here and asking. (Note: I will reply to you here before I do on Steam)
  • Only one person can be served at a time. First come first serve, and no one will be ignored. (Basically, I'll get to you eventually c; )
I will NEVER try to steal anything from you, nor will I kill you on my server unless you deserved it (When I say "deserve," I mean like if you do something drastic, like pullin' out a stick of Dynamite). Before giving you the goods you asked for, you will put the payment in the golden chest. If you are uncomfortable with this then feel free to leave the server, or end the transaction before reaching the server, I won't mind. After I take the payment, I will place the item(s) you asked for in the Ice chest over to the right of the room, from which you will take said items and be safe to leave the server. I would like to stress that this process is mostly for safety, as to protect against stealing and/or trolling. Another way to do it would be the trust system, but that's potentially dangerous to my business as anyone could just take the items and leave the server. I also want people who are using this service to feel safe, so there's no thought that I would take their money and leave the server, as this could potentially stop any business.
As an insurance that I will not scam any of my customers, all users who use this service are encouraged to rate your experience as a reply down below! Was it quick? Easy? Difficult to understand? Did I treat you poorly? Include anything that you noticed was good and or bad about the service so I can improve, and so that others can see if they should use this service as well!

COMMON ITEM PRICES: (Per Unit) Prices are based on availability, not the value of the item sold.
This spoiler tells you all the prices when using this service!
BLOCKS: max of 10 stacks (These include corruption, hallowed, and crimson varients)
Dirt: 1 copper
Stone: 5 copper
Mud: 2 copper
Sand: 5 copper
Dungeon: 5 copper
Ash: 2 copper
Marble: 10 copper
Granite: 10 copper
max of 1 stack
Lihzahrd Brick:
1 silver
Obsidian: 4 silver
Honey Block: 20 silver
Crispy Honey: 20 silver

LIQUIDS: max of 2 buckets
(Sold in buckets)
Water: 5 silver
Lava: 10 silver
Honey: 20 silver

(sold in max of 99 per transaction)
Ingredient seeds: 5 silver
Grass: 1 silver
Mushroom: 10 silver
Jungle: 20 silver
Corruption: 10 silver
Crimson: 10 silver
Hallowed: 15 silver
Acorns: 50 copper

FURNITURE: (Takes the most amount of time to obtain, sold in sets with 1 of each furniture item, or in singles with max of 1-9 of single item)
Set contains Bathtub, Bed, Bench, Bookcase, Candelabra, Candle, Chandelier, Chair, Chest, Clock, Door, Dresser, Lamp, Lantern, Piano, Sink, Sofa, Table, Toilet, and Vase if applicable.
PRICES: SINGLES(unit) / SET(full set)
Golden set: 1 gold / 20 gold
Generic: 10 silver / 2 gold
Rich Mahogany: 10 silver / 2 gold
Boreal Wood: 10 silver / 2 gold
Palm Wood: 10 silver / 2 gold
Ebonwood: 10 silver / 2 gold
Shadewood: 10 silver / 2 gold
Pearlwood: 10 silver / 2 gold
Spooky: 20 silver / 4 gold
Dynasty: 50 silver / 10 gold
Cactus: 50 copper / 10 silver
Pumpkin: 50 copper / 10 silver
Mushroom: 10 silver / 2 gold
Granite: 50 silver / 10 gold
Marble: 50 silver / 10 gold
Meteorite: 20 silver / 4 gold
Obsidian: 50 silver / 10 gold
Glass: 10 silver / 2 gold
Living Wood: 10 silver / 2 gold
Skyware: 50 silver / 10 gold
Frozen: 5 silver / 1 gold
Honey: 1 gold / 20 gold
Slime: 10 silver / 2 gold
Blue Dungeon: 50 silver / 10 gold
Green Dungeon: 50 silver / 10 gold
Pink Dungeon: 50 silver / 10 gold
Bone: 5 silver / 1 gold
Flesh: 50 copper / 10 silver
Steampunk: 1 gold / 20 gold
Lihzahrd: 50 silver / 10 gold
Martian: 50 silver / 10 gold

WALLS: UNIT = 4, max of 10 stacks (Walls that are not listed are not sold, instead please buy the block used to make it. Mostly selling walls that are not craftable, only lootable)
Dungeon walls are sold in all color varients.
Dungeon Brick: 1 silver
Dungeon Slab: 1 silver
Dungeon Tile: 1 silver
Beehive: 1 silver
Waterfall: 20 copper
Lavafall: 20 copper
Honey fall: 20 copper

VARIOUS WOODS: max of 4 stacks (Maximum of 5 stacks per purchase)
Normal Wood: 10 copper
Mahogany: 20 copper
Boreal: 20 copper
Ebonwood: 20 copper
Shadewood: 20 copper
Palm: 30 copper
Pearlwood: 20 copper

OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE: max of 1 stack (Various items take longer to acquire than others)
Dart Traps: 10 silver
Lihzahrd Traps: 2 gold Price rises by 10 silver for every block requested (the latter prices only effect blocks after it, not before. 5 traps cost (2 gold + 2.10 + 2.20 +2.30 + 2.40))
Spikes: 5 silver
Wooden Spikes: 10 silver
Cobwebs: 10 copper
Books: 1 silver
Bones: 5 copper
Clouds: 10 copper
Sunplateblocks: 1 silver
Geysers: 30 silver

These prices are used to calculate the price of your order, an added tax for specific circumstances may be added. These circumstances include:
  • Are the items in question available in the warehouse, if so, there won't be an added tax for this. Depending on how much of the item is readily available in any given world is also a variable that can reduce or add onto the previously stated price (I have 5 separate maps that I use to gather resources for sale, if the items are more difficult to find than previously thought, that might add to the tax, but most likely it won't). This tax is in place because many people might ask for the same material, in which case I would be running out of those items in all of my worlds, so it will rise in price because of that.
  • Depending on how many stacks you ask for, the price will also rise and fall. For any item that is more than 1 silver in unit price has a fee of 2 gold per stack. Any item that is less than 1 silver in price will have a 1 gold added fee per stack. Any item that is less than 25 copper per unit will add no extra cost per stack. All items that are not sold in bulk specifically (Liquids, Seeds, Furniture), if ordered in bulk (above 5 of the same liquid, 10 for furniture, and 20 for seeds) will all have a 10 gold fee added onto the original price.
Most of the time I don't bother with tax, so don't worry about it too much.

All orders can be made premium by adding an extra amount of money to the payment depending on what items you are asking for. These premium add-ons are all different and are bought separately. Only one add-on that adds stacks can be used per purchase (except the "+1 stack" add-on down below, which can be used in conjunction with any other add-on). Premiums are expensive not because there's more product to produce, but because there's more work to do than what I normally would be capable of doing.
[DISCLAIMER]: These add-ons are paid IN ADDITION to any items bought alongside the premium.

BLOCKS AND WALLS: Does not apply to items sold with max of 1 stack
EXTRA STACKS: 10 gold per extra stack
EXTRA STACKS: works for "max stack of 1" items: 50 gold per extra stack

MORE BUCKETS(+2): 20 silver
10 BUCKETS: 1 gold

2 STACKS: 2 gold
4 STACKS: 4 gold

SET OF 5: 50 gold
SET OF 10: 1 platinum
SINGLE STACK (full stack of any furniture item): 1 platinum

8 STACKS: 10 gold
16 STACKS: 20 gold


This entire store is just me having some fun with the community! It looks super complicated, and it kind of is, but this is more or less just a piece of writing that I can look back to for later. Basically, I just made every policy and price available for people to see so they know what they're getting into! If you want to see the prices, they're listed above. Also, premiums are right above this paragraph so you can see what I'm willing to sell and how much of it I'm going to at a time. It looks pretty expensive, but as long as you're in expert mode you should be able to afford it. If you can't afford the premium services, feel free to buy less at the beginning, then coming back later to get the rest. In addition, I accept trading of goods if I believe it is worth my services. Directions for the transaction are listed at the very top, and my services are only available on Saturdays (You can still schedule a meeting before then and I'll get back to you on Saturday).

Last note: Make sure you know what you're asking for before you set up a meeting with me. I can help you out if you need it, but I'd like it if you knew EXACTLY what you want. I don't mind if you don't know how to use premiums, but it really helps when you know what material you want. Thanks!

PS: Thanks to whoever deleted that thread I accidently made!
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Atomic Fail Hawk

Official Terrarian
Hey, I'd like to use your service! Can I get 2 stacks of dirt? I'd like it by tomorrow if that's possible. Thanks!

Yo, I want to use your service. I want 365 blocks of granite, 294 blocks of marble, 2 stacks of Pink Dungeon Slab Walls, and I want it ASAP!

I want stuff, gimme stuff, nerd. 40 stacks of dirt, make it happen, like, right now.
(This specific order will require either a premium purchase or several different purchases at different times. This may seem unnecessarily complicated, but the reason it's there is mostly because I run out of stock pretty quickly, and if it wasn't there, I would have to work for very long spans of time. For instance, if someone wants the golden furniture set, I'd have to farm quite a bit in order to get all of the furniture pieces. Not complaining, this process just takes a while)

Be sure to include these details:
Steam username (not your profile name, your username)
Exactly how much of a material you want (stacks are either 999 or 99 depending on the item)
Be sure to specify if it's a block or something else (multiple items have the same name, mostly walls, and blocks of the same material)
And preferably, before we go to my server, make sure you have a quick way to get the money (A piggy bank and a safe are both provided on the map).

Happy shopping!


Skeletron Prime
I just use T-edit. Or spawn in building materials when I need them. The only thing I care about getting legit is...well, pretty much anything except building materials lol. It's too grindy and sometimes makes your world look ugly if you need large quantities.

Atomic Fail Hawk

Official Terrarian
I just use T-edit. Or spawn in building materials when I need them. The only thing I care about getting legit is...well, pretty much anything except building materials lol. It's too grindy and sometimes makes your world look ugly if you need large quantities.
Yeah, I can respect that. I'm just selling to those who want everything done legitimately, like myself. Thanks for being the first person to reply, though! And thanks for the info, I might use that to sell to a larger community!

Atomic Fail Hawk

Official Terrarian
I don't know know if the forums allows you to trade spawned in items tho.
I'm not talking about selling hacked items, I mean sell different items, like rare items and stuff that I have a lot of. Things that people will try to get, not hack in, ya know?


Sup man. I'd like a full stack of Rich Mahogany. Also 3 of any Paintings. Can I pay with gold? Thanks. Will be able to trade in ~2 days. Steam in teh signature.

Atomic Fail Hawk

Official Terrarian
Sup man. I'd like a full stack of Rich Mahogany. Also 3 of any Paintings. Can I pay with gold? Thanks. Will be able to trade in ~2 days. Steam in teh signature.
Absolutely, I'll just send you a friend request and I'll get right to you in Steam chat! Thanks for using Building Materials Incorporated, don't forget to rate your service afterwards ;)

Atomic Fail Hawk

Official Terrarian
Unfortunately, I've since lost all of the progress I made on that map, and I've decided not to sell any more items (even though I didn't get anywhere). Very sorry, hope you find what you're looking for.
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