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Bunny Staves

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Fortanono, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    So, we all know summoners don't have anything for early-game. They started out as a little gimmick, but now they've evolved into something more. An entire class. And so, upon seeing SilverHexxitFights' Goblin Staff idea, I thought about making my own idea. The problem: The weakest staff is the Slime Staff. I mean, Green Slimes are pretty much the weakest mob in the game! (and yes, I know that the Slime Staff is based on Blue Slimes, but they're still weak) So I thought, "What's weaker than Slimes?". And the answer hit me.


    Unlike other critters, bunnies have been around for a while and are kind of a "mascot" of Terraria. So even though they don't attack anyone, they could. As a minion. The Bug Net costs a lot for early-game, but hey, magicians have restrictions too (Gems), so we'll use actual Bunnies in the crafting recipe. Also, tiers. Every class has 'em. We won't only make ONE Bunny Staff, but 6. Here is the crafting recipe:
    • 10 of either Copper, Tin, Silver, Tungsten, Gold or Platinum Bars
    • 1 Bunny
    Bunnies would run to enemies and attack them. Pretty simple, really. The color is different depending on what metal you use (Copper = reddish-brown, Tin = dark grey, Silver = light grey, Tungsten = dark brown, Gold = light brown, Platinum = White like normal bunnies) and are tiered just like their metals. Also, Corrupt Bunny Staff. Crafted with 6 Demonite Bars, 4 Shadow Scales and 1 Bunny. The bunnies it summons are EXTREMELY fast and tear up enemies quickly.

    Finally: Squirrel Staves. Since we don't have enough turrets, I thought that 10 Iron or Lead Bars along with a Squirrel and 5 Acorns could make a Squirrel Staff, which summons a turret that slowly throws acorns at anyone nearby. Lead Squirrels (grey) are slightly stronger than Iron Squirrels (brown).

    So what do you think?
  2. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    A) [​IMG] [​IMG] Pretty sure those are green, not blue.
    B) Honestly I don't like the idea of different tiers of the same weapon. (talking about summoners here.) One of the things I like about the Summoner is that even though it only has a few weapons, they're all very unique. I would limit it to a regular (and maybe a corrupt) Bunny staff and leave it there.
    C) Same with the squirrel staff. Especially considering that Turret minions don't have a cap, having two in the same(ish) tier might result in problems.
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  3. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    Alright. Maybe different critters for different metals?
  4. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    I honestly would just have one pre-ore and one ore, because otherwise they'll most likely be re textured versions of the same thing. Most of PreHM isn't focused on a class anyways, you don't have the luxury to say "I'm only going to use bows" because at that point, you're still struggling to survive. (Unless you're in multiplayer)