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**REPORTED** Burning Hades Dye incorrectly displaying visual flame effects


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The Burning Hades Dye effect seems to be bugged now. The "burning" appearance isn't as it used to be, and the effects only show up as pixel boxes behind the player character.

Here's a screenshot of the dye equipped:

Here's another of the dye removed from the helmet armour slot and an accessory slot, which eliminates the pixel boxes (only moments later, same game save):

The items equipped together with the dyes were the
* Adamantite Helmet/Ultrabright Helmet
* Architect Gizmo Pack/Butterfly Wings

My OS is Debian Buster, and I'm using the Steam Controller with custom bindings that enable the mouse cursor and mimic keyboard/mouse mode.

Hope that's all helpful. :)


Staff member
Can you try unequipping/disabling your Moon Charm to see what effect (if any) it has?


Doesn't seem to have any effect if I unequip the Moon Charm or not, regardless of whether or not the dyes are equipped on the helmet/accessory slots. The "burning" effect is limited to colour alone with the other Burning Hades Dyes still equipped on the other slots, those items are just a bit more orange coloured.

With Moon Charm:

Without Moon Charm:

OTOH, not sure if this is just a bug because I didn't start a new save slot. Apologies if I shouldn't even be reporting on bugs unless it's a fresh post- save game.

Aside from this, and some wires respawning from set off traps, I've found no other bugs since I updated to Currently this game is in Hardmode, 2 out of 3 of the mechanical bosses beaten.


Quality Assurance
Staff member
Flower of Frost and other Fire effects appear to be working properly for me. However, there is a "maximum" amount of dust on screen (most fire effects are dust), and its possible if your settings are set to Low, it is hitting the cap on something else.

I'd need to hear more details to be sure, but this is an unrelated issue, so please make a different bug report thread to continue.
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