Mobile Calling All Terrarians: Send in Your Mobile Saves!

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If you guys want a version of ios save game file i sent you one just read the name of the zip thats for ios.thats all i can say and wellcome to the terraria family
Hello Terrarians!

DR Studios have been making great progress on Terraria Mobile 1.3! One of their next steps is working to be sure that all of your hard-earned saves from the existing mobile version can move across seamlessly when the 1.3 update finally drops. To help make sure that happens, we are asking for your help – DRS need your saves for testing during the development process of this critical feature.

Help us help you be sure that you're ready to play on day one!

So, all that said, how can you help? Glad you asked!

First of all, we have to share that this will only work for Android users at this time – sorry, iOS fans, there is not yet a good method to get your saves off of your device/cloud and to us (but DRS are working to see if there is a way!).

If you are already well-versed in how to make a copy of your Terraria saves (.cs and .csworld), then you can go ahead and do so and then click the DR Studios logo below to start the process of uploading your saves to us.

If you are less familiar with how to make backup copies of your Terraria saves, download them from Google Drive, and/or upload them to us, we have provided some step-by-step instructions in the spoilers below!

This process is pretty easy and is the same for both players and words. Make sure you are signed into google before starting the process.

1. Open up the in-game menu for your player/worlds and select the cog icon. An 'options' menu should appear.

View attachment 216577

2. On the options menu, select backup which will open up another window

View attachment 216578

3. Press the "to Cloud" button. This should open up the cloud saves area.

View attachment 216579

4. Your player/world should now be backed up to the cloud! Please note that you will need to repeat this process for each character/world that you want to send our way.

View attachment 216580

Next, we need to get these files onto your device or PC so that you can upload them to the developers at DR Studios. Fortunately, this is pretty easy as well!

1. Using the Google Drive app, login with your Google Account you used to backup your saves.
2. Once, logged in, you will see a folder called "Terraria"
3. In that folder will be your World (.csworld) & Player (.cs) saves
View attachment 216581

4. Hit the Kebab menu and choose download, a copy will then be downloaded to your device.
View attachment 216582



1. Head over to Google Drive via your web browser of choice.
2. Login to your Google Drive account
3. Locate the worlds/characters that you just backed up to Google Drive (HINT: choosing Recent will likely be the easiest way!)
4. Select all of the worlds and characters that you want to send to us, then right click and select “Download”
5. Save these to somewhere that you can remember! :)

**NOTE: If you download multiple files all at once, they will be downloaded as a ZIP file. We are looking for .cs and .csworld files – so please be sure to extract these from the ZIP file first!**

Now that we have all of the files that we need to send on-hand, we are ready for the final step - uploading these to the developers!

To start this process, click the DR Studios logo below:

Once you do so, you should see the screen below:

View attachment 216583

To send DR your saves, simply fill in the Device box, and then upload each .cs or .csworld file individually (you can upload as many as you want per submission!).

Do the Captcha thing, hit Submit and you are all done!

That’s it – the more saves that DR Studios can get from you all, the more chances they will have to test all of the various worlds and characters out there.

As always, we want to end with a huge note of thanks for the work that DR Studios has put in thus far (it really is all coming together very nicely!) and to all of you for your patience and valuable feedback that you have provided on each spoiler. We look forward to sharing more - and reading more of your reactions - in the weeks to come!

Thanks in advance for your help!
I would really love to help but I don't have a pc or laptop
我是一名中国玩家,也是一个安卓手机用户。我很难过在中国没有正版的terrariaPE获取途径,中国有一个和你们签约的公司(iDreamSky Games)擅自发行了不完全的1.3版本并设置了内购。我们中国玩家希望能玩到官方正版,而不是带有内购的国服版本。你们可以在类似TapTap之类的中国游戏平台上发布自己的游戏并销售,给我们一个正版的获取途径!中国不支持谷歌上网,即使使用VPN也无法购买,因为谷歌的付款不支持银联,微信,支付宝或者财付通,谷歌只支持VISA和万事达。我们没有办法支持正版,请给我们一个获取途径!非常感谢!
I have a samsung galaxy s8. Will the aspect ratio be fixed on the s8 and s9 to fit the screen properly. I sent in my file that I started yesterday as I started over after a long break.
If they ever get back to me I can send them all my saves from my old I phone. But I'm not just gonna send them. They need to interact with the community.
I am a Chinese player and an Android mobile phone user. I am very sad that there is no genuine terrariaPE acquisition in China. There is a company in China that has signed up with you (iDreamSky Games), which is good at issuing incomplete version 1.3 and setting up in-app purchase. Our Chinese players hope to play official editions instead of the national version with in-app purchases. You can publish your own games and sell them on a Chinese game platform like TapTap, giving us a genuine access! China does not support Google Internet access, even if you use VPN, you can't buy it, because Google's payment does not support UnionPay, WeChat, Alipay or TenPay. Google only supports VISA and MasterCard. We have no way to support genuine, please give us a way to get it! thank you very much
The iDreamSky version is the only version permitted in China, they have the sole rights to the game there. It would be against the law for Re-Logic/505Games to make the GooglePlay version available to that market.

@樱华缘, please do not suggest methods that may be illegal to get around these restrictions. Your post has been removed. Thanks.

How? I need to send my ios files

This thread is specifically asking for Android saves, not iOS at this time. Please do not ask how to access your iOS saves, as those methods may well violate our policies regarding mobile hacking.
Hello, i have some questions.
1- Will the map size will be as large as the PC version?
2-Will we be able to zoom out further? It kinda sucks that i have keep changing my resolutiom to 1440p so Terraria thinks it a tablet so i can zoom out further and have 10 hotbars and i hope the screenshot on twitter isnt for tablets, it seems fine for 5.0 inch screensized phone. My fingers can press everything on screen, i mean im making the game think its a tablet and its so easy to use the hotbars and the joysticks.
3-Will we have customizable hud(for buttons, joysticks and map)? The joysticks are way too close to the middle and i dont like the place for the jump button as well. Also hud should be really close to corners like mana, health and minimap could go a little bit further to right, giving us more vision on where we mostly focus(hint: middle of the screen.).
4-Suggestion-Hud Opaccity. So we can see through hotbars. Also maybe an opaccity slider on the minimap or up and down buttons to set oppacity on the go so we can see the screen more when we need to, lile while fighting a boss and increase it while in caves and stuff.

How do you change the resolution of your phone?
To be honest, I couldn't care less if my current files get broken in the uodate. I hope they don't, for everyone's sake, but I'm probably gonna restart the game for 1.3. I sent my files in, sorry about the state of my world, I haven't played in it regularly for years and it's as organised as a demolished house.
When is beta version going to be released
[doublepost=1549746870,1549746649][/doublepost]I really want a update for android because I have all weapons and armors and defeated every boss more than 20 times.
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