Mobile Can you make the Bunny Pet available?

Why have a bunny pet if it's a different console collector's addition? Wouldn't you rather be more unique and have a bird, duck, goldfish, squirrel...?

Well actually in the mobile pre 1.3 updates, the bunny pet and carrot actually was the Guinea Pig pet and cabbage respectively. Like I mean they replaced the carrot with the cabbage and the pet as well. They had the same ids.

Due to this, the Guniea Pig did Not Work. (It worked pre 1.2 though) and it was impossible to get the cabbage after 1.2 as well (No longer spawned in surface chests and D.Snatchers did not drop it).

Sadly, like all exclusives it was removed and replaced with a Gold Bunny.

If the Bunny were to come to mobile it would be in shape of Mr.Guinea Pig.
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Don't fight guys we can't decide what to put in the game bec. only the developers and other staffs involve in making the game has the power to decide that
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