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  • Since Mug isn't feeling well I shall do the quest and question today.

    Question of day 776:

    Who is your favorite band or musical artist and what is your least favorite song by them?

    Quest of Day 330:

    Find and complain to my manager about how bad today's quest was.
    I should be back tomorrow but I caught covid and I've not been able to think a whole lot since, much less do this. Sorry.
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    Sigmund Froid
    Sigmund Froid
    That sucks, hope you get well soon! Don't worry about it, just take care of yourself!
    Question of Day 755:

    What could you possibly do with foresight?

    Quest of Day 329:

    Choose one of each of these to make a dragon!
    -breaths fire -breathes gas -has gills
    -has scales -is stone -has fur -is just meat
    -wings -jets -levitation
    -legs -no legs
    Can I pick all of them?
    breathes gas

    sell gas

    Question of Day 754:

    What are the two types of people in this world?

    Quest of Day 328:

    Agree with me on any of these points.
    -Phase 4 of Marvel is a mess
    -Scrolling through Youtube comments can result in trauma
    Question of Day 753

    What something kids 40 years from now will say?

    Quest of Day 327:

    Put "osaur" at the end of a word.
    Something like: "How ya did on that math test my brody Zachar'iah!"
    "Did an A"
    "Yo coolsomo! Bt'way Zach, there's a new student named Sophie. Zhe says that zhe's a Semipansexual Purplegender."

    "Did a mom. XD"
    (Trust me they will still say this.)

    Bro I can’t wait till forty years from now when I hear the words “among us” and just start cracking up And look like I’m insane
    Fluxxation’s quest of the day, make-up:

    Post a comically low quality Garfield meme in an attempt to make me laugh.

    Fluxxation’s quest of the day, 7:

    Post your current favorite song.

    Fluxxation’s question of the day, final make-up:

    What’s your most used online alias?

    Subquestion: how long have you had/used this alias?
    Fluxxation’s question of the day, make-up question for huge gap in questions:

    What’s your favorite OC that you’ve made or character that you’ve used? Do you enjoy making or using OCs/characters more?

    Subquestion: how many OCs do you have?
    Main: at this point I don't have a real favorite. Esther is my main one, though. I enjoy making them just as much as using them.
    Sub: According to the (decently accurate) number at the top of my Google doc, 480 right now, including everyone separately (so Pokémon and alternate personalities are counted too)
    The VAR.2's no doubt! Their huge numbers and versatility is always favored. And their lack of plot armor makes them virtually super easy to kill/alter into new characters. They're disposable, handy, and me.
    First off.. when is the winner of all this stuff being determined..

    Second off..

    Fluxxation’s question of the day, 3:

    If you had to take 3 forum members as your squad in a zombie apocalypse, what one weapon would they have, and what would be their specialty?

    Please only use each forum member 3 times max, I want everyone to have a chance at recognition.
    gwens questions for the multiverse
    2. favorite mii youve made
    3. What isthe meaning of life
    4. why the hell do people think me being agnostic means that i worship satan-
    1. I don't know what a sandhill crane is and I haven't seen mothman in a while.
    2. I don't actually think I've ever made one.
    3. 42
    4. Because humans are stupid
    1. idk
    2. none
    3. die meaningfully
    4. agno (devil, latin) stic (to practice, or worship in this scenario)

    i made it up
    1. Same for the previous two.
    2. Same for the previous two.
    3. To reproduce and make better offspring... but I'm not sure if the same applies to intelligent life.
    4. It's the internet. (And according to their logic, this would mean that being an atheist is equivalent to being a descendant of Satan himself.)
    Question of Day 752:

    Can a game look more realistic than real life? (Supply reasons)

    Quest of Day 326:

    Use Incredibox.
    It depends on one's definition of realism.
    I don't even know what that is.
    Not for me, because every game is rendered in pixels, while real life is not. If we somehow made a game that was rendered in pixels the size of the smallest length, it would at least be as realistic as real life, but the existence of a game looking more realistic than real life is not realistic.
    Question of Day 751:

    If you could modify any 3 games with as much ease as possible, what would you picks be?

    Quest of Day 325:

    Post a voice actor meme.
    More of Gwen/gavinas questions
    1. Be honest: what do you think of me?
    2.is having a crush on your ex creepy?
    3.the best cars movie?
    4. Do you prefer Shaved or not shaved? (l)
    Mug Not Found
    Mug Not Found
    You make QoDs but don't spam them, increasing the longevity of it and giving me less to worry about.
    Oh thnx
    i’m a lil late
    1 pretty cool ngl
    2 i hope not i might be a little guilty
    3 original
    4 smoootthhhhhhh
    Question of Day 750:

    What monster design stands out from the sea of mainstream trash?

    Quest of Day 324:

    Do at least half a part of the blender donut tutorial.
    Idk why but I love the caco demon from doom

    And no
    Question of Day 749:

    If you don't want spoilers for rain world (amazing game btw), don't search any of this up.

    In a world where you could be named anything from "Droplets upon five large droplets" to "no significant harassment", what would your name be?
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