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tAPI Cheating Death


Whilst I think the scene in question was quite stupid, I think that making the particles do some damage is a good idea. After all, the Doctor does warn people to 'stay back' whenever regeneration energy starts appearing. I'll see what I can do.
to be increasingly fair the regenerations of ten and eleven were both extremely violent. tens destroying the TARDIS and elevens practically leveling trenzalore, so it would make sense if the energy hurt enemy mobs


Hey, its me! (the guy that first requested this idea, Thanks a ton for making it!) so, being inactive for a while and finally checking around the forums again I noticed this was out but was a tad saddened when I noticed that 1.3 being out and all, I was wondering (and I hope I don't sound like a bother with this) is it possible this could be updated with TModloader any time?
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