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Cheesing the Old One's Army in 1.4 with Boulder Statues.

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The title pretty much gives it away -- boulder statues make a downright deadly addition to your OOA arena. Even with a 15 second cooldown, the boulders do 60-80 damage with infinite piercing.
Garden gnome optional. ;-)

For Tier 1, especially with my imps blasting away, they just leave the flyers for me to deal with. For later tiers they won't completely wipe the field, but I expect they'll still seriously weaken everything on the ground.
If I really want to push this for later tiers, I might try two or three statues on each side, staggering their first activations.

ETA: Oh yeah, that Treasure Magnet makes collecting Etherian mana much easier too -- I can pull it in from the ends of that platform (the portals are just beyond).
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oh my bad, sorry. I assumed, they are found in the world, like the other statues.
Ehhh not really a problem, what was more of a problem for me is cringing on the memory of watching chippygaming and thinking one of the modded bosses where vanilla boss.
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