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Though I can't speak for Chlorophyte Armor specifically [I skipped it in my recent playthrough], I can speak for the Hallowed Set and another set that wasn't being compared here, which would be the Tier 2 AAO sets. I personally consider them to all be the same tier, only because of the "unlock requirement(s)", which is, at least one or all Mech Boss must've been defeated.

This being the case, there are indeed strengths and weaknesses to these Tiered Sets that don't often get discussed, only because of a previously homogenized outlook on the game and it's Meta.
  1. Hallowed Sets
  2. Chlorophyte Sets
  3. OOA Tier 2 Sets (cause nobody asked)
If comparing the Sets respectively, I could at the very least, state that the weakness of Hallowed Armor at it's tier, when compared to the other sets, is that it appears to be a more "defensive option" in comparison to Chlorophyte possibly, but to most the OOA Sets, definitely. The Squire Set for example, is possibly one of the most offensive Armor Sets at this stage of the game [post Destroyer], with the luxury of likely the highest Raw Defense [Melee Class], and the added bonus of Health Regen.

At this stage of the game [post Destroyer], I suspect that "weakness" is measured in what a Set does or doesn't do, rather than any real measurable drawback, as each set is likely superior to anything the Player has obtained so far, prior to this point in the game [post Destroyer].

If you plan on making a "Sky Bridge" and running away, in a straight line, from most Bosses (which is pretty effective), the Hallowed Sets will allow you to do more of that, being as it's supposed to be a very low risk playstyle. However, it tends to lose it's effectiveness in Battles with a ton of Adds/ Mobs [of which you'll hear complained about often], and tends to be more useful in single, Player vs. Boss settings.

On the other hand, if you plan to use a more "aggressive style", Hallowed Armor can certainly work here, but I suspect that more Raw DPS, defense and Add/ Mob neutralizers would be the more desirable option, in which most OOA Sets excel at doing; especially if you take the setting in which the OOA Event takes place, in comparison to most other kinds of Invasions.

In summery, Hallowed Armor, at least in Terraria version, is slightly overrated. It's good in enough places in the game, that the spots it's not very effective in, can comfortably be ignored IMHO; will have get back to you about Chlorophyte Sets though... 🤔 ☕
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Let's look at and compare the offensive stats between Hallowed and Chlorophyte Armor

According to the wiki, the leaf crystal should have a base dps of around 150 (calculated based on the cooldowns of both volleys) which isn't all that much, though keep in mind it takes 0 opportunity cost to use while you whale on enemies with your other weapons as it's effectively a minion that never misses.

Hallowed's set bonus is not offensive focused but is arguably one of the most powerful set bonus effects in the entire game (the only ones that outdo it off the top of my head are the likes of post plantera heavy-hitters like beetle shell and spectre hood), so it outdoes leaf crystal in my opinion.

  • Classless/Mixed Offensive stats: Hallowed has 7% classless damage and 7% classless critical strike chance, while chlorophyte has only 5% classless damage (the more important of the classless stats as it can boost summon weapons while crit chance cannot, so having a lower value than hallowed is a weakness here) and 15% classless critical strike chance. Chlorophyte has higher total classless stats but hallowed has more classless damage. I'd say they're tied here.
  • Melee Stats: Hallowed has 10% increased melee critical strike chance, damage, and speed, while chlorophyte has 16% increased melee damage and 6% melee critical strike chance. Prior to 1.4.4 I would have said that melee speed is an unimportant stat and given chlorophyte the win here, but unfortunately for chlorophyte... True Excalibur and True Night's Edge are available at this tier and actually scale with melee speed now...
  • Ranged Stats: Hallowed has 15% increased ranged damage and 8% ranged critical strike chance, while Chlorophyte has 16% increased ranged damage and... No ranged crit chance? really? huh, never knew. Hallowed wins again.
  • Magic Stats: Hallowed has 12% increased magic damage and critical strike chance, while Chlorophyte has 16% increased magic damage and nothing else to its name.
  • Summon Stats: There is no summon chlorophyte helmet. Hallowed wins by default.
So is hallowed just better in every way then chlorophyte then? Not necessarily. The Leaf Crystal is usually enough to more than close the gap as far as total dps, meaning that even though hallowed has consistently higher stats across the board, you likely will take down bosses a bit faster with chlorophyte. Unfortunately this difference is not enough to compensate for hallowed's set bonus which has a reputation for a reason. You're likely better off picking hallowed for a balance of offense and defense, or picking one of the overtuned OOA sets for pure offense. (Unless you have absolutely utmost confidence that you are never, ever getting hit ever, and vehemently hate OOA, in that extremely specific case go ahead and pick chlorophyte.)
Okay, so this is a brief impression of Chlorophyte Set, it's effectiveness, & how it is that I came to my conclusion. ☝️🧐

For the sake of context, I didn't so much compare Chlorophyte Gear to Hallowed Gear, so much as I did compare Chlorophyte to OOA's Squire Set +Sentries. I did this only because I personally believe the Squire Set to be superior to Hallowed Gear in very specific ways; namely playing in an aggressive manner/ style.

With that in mind, here's what I've concluded so far...
  1. Chlorophyte Armor greatly benefits an "aggressive playstyle", the volley of auto Lasers is quite destructive!
  2. I wasn't expecting the auto Lasers to have strong "knockback", but this is obviously a HUGE deal!
  3. ...can't 100% confirm this, but it appears that the auto Lasers, increase in both intensity and repetition, with every successful hit/ strike that the Player lands?
  4. Chlorophyte Armor also seems to have great synergy with Chlorophyte Weapons [which I assume are rarely used], this is worth noting, because I'd honestly recommend those with this set, then something like True Excalibur or "improved Night's Edge".
Terraria Screenshot 2023.01.24 -
Terraria Screenshot 2023.01.24 -

For what it's worth, while wielding Legendary True Excalibur [same Accessories]:
  • Chlorophyte = 116 Melee DMG [34% crit]; 76 DEF.
  • Squire Set = 111 Melee DMG [28% crit]; 83 DEF.
In conclusion, with some testing, Chlorophyte Sets seems like a "more mobile" version of the OOA Sets. It's either a lil' bit better, or about equal, in which IMHO, makes it superior to Hallowed Armor. 🧐🤷‍♂️

The auto Lasers are a LOT more potent than I was expecting them to be, and in some cases, seemed to do most of the work for me; the knockback is a HUGE plus in my book, and the potential of its effectiveness being modified by how well the Player is doing, means that there's a possible high skill ceiling to be explored/ discovered. The next logical step is to test this set against Plantera before making a final decision, but considering the opinion that I have, it and Hallowed Armor being in the same Tier, I tested it against the Mech Bosses first, here's what I got...



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...can't 100% confirm this, but it appears that the auto Lasers, increase in both intensity and repetition, with every successful hit/ strike that the Player lands?
That’s kind if how it works… Basically the Crystal Leaf always shoots out one laser consistently but if you are attacking enemies it begins firing a second laser with it’s own seprate cooldown timer. The Wiki article on Chlorophyte Armor explains it better.

The auto Lasers are a LOT more potent than I was expecting them to be, and in some cases, seemed to do most of the work for me
The Crystal Leaf’s laser is a lot more powerful then people give it credit for! It takes care of weaker enemies with ease and can be really helpful when dealing with large crowds thanks to it’s extreme knockback. This is especially true in the Underground Jungle where the laser can stop Hornets from firing stingers and knock Giant Tortiouse out of their Spin Attack before they can get to you. I feel like a lot players dismiss the Chlorophyte Armor because of it’s bad reputation and have never given it a fair shake since it got buffed in 1.4.4.
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