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Staff member
So, you just went digging for ore, or for general spelunking purposes. You have come out of the Soul of Night or Light grind and find you have stacks of Crim/Ebonstone or Pearlstone.

What if you want it turned back into stone? I've found it rather silly that the only way to change stacks into something else, is to put the individual blocks down and spray them down. So I propose to you, the Clentaminabox!

Sold by Steampunker after initial spawn requirements are I met.

Price: 1 Platinum coin.

Function: Converts affected blocks into different biome related ones. (This is placed down, essentially like an anvil or forge.)

Now this is where the Poll comes in handy, I've been on the fence about this for a while now and am stuck between 27 for 1 solution, and 37 for 1 solution as well. "Wait Doylee, that's quite the odd numbers you have there." Indeed it is, but, rest assured, I chose them because they both go into 999. This is so we don't have to have an awkward stack of 7 or so sitting out.

So, let's take an example.

27(37) Ebonsand.
27(37) Ebonsand + 1 Blue Solution = 27(37) Pearlsand.

999 Crimstone.
999 Crimstone + 37(27) Green solution = 999 Stone Block.

Hope you guys like it, feedback is always welcome!


Staff member
What if the biome fountains were used to craft these items instead?
You know, that's actually a pretty good idea in itself, I like it. However though, we don't have access to those until Plantera is defeated.

The whole idea of "change your world" comes mainly from that stage in the game, and from that one NPC. That's why I chose to keep it Steampunker associated :).
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