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PC Collector (Minecraft 'Hopper' alternative)


I really think this should be a thing in Terraria, and the basis of this idea is a little block that stores 4 different types of items at a time. If an item falls on top of or within one block of the 'Collector' it will store it in its micro inventory. This would be extremely useful for star farms, as you could just build the platform out of Collectors for easy farming.

---------- [Directional Item Flow] ---------

Just like in Minecraft, you would be able to either make the items flow in one diection left or right or not. Hammering the Collector once would create a little pipe pointing left, twice, a pipe pointing right and a third time would put it back to normal. These are the sprites for the Collector. The direction the items will flow is marked by the black pixel.

Collector in normal form

Collector with item flow left

Collector with item flow right.

I greatly apologise for my awful spriting skills, this is a modified Demonite Brick sprite actually.


1x Demonite Bar
3x Cog

3x Collector

Type - Block
Tooltip - Collects and transports items
Rarity - Blue
Sell 40

Thanks for reading, goodbye!


Hi, I'm back. One more thing to add, this does connect to chests and all other storage systems. I can't believe I missed that detail out!

Also, You can connect these up to a circuit to toggle whether they collect or not. The sprite will turn red when they are not collecting.
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